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T-Minus 4 Weeks … or So

Posted in Warhammer Online with tags , , , on February 3, 2011 by krosuss

If you’re ever going to pull out a trick play … it’s now. Rift is slated to launch on March 1, 2011 here in North America and on March 4 in Europe. I’m not here to say Rift will be good or bad but it’s the next big lamprey that will be sucking players away from WAR.

To date it’s no secret that the natives are restless, myself included. A communications glut and a recent significant departure have left the doom slightly ahead of the gloom in the wake of Patch 1.4’s flop.¬†And why shouldn’t players feel that way? We need to be coddled, consoled, and told every single little plan that is hatched. The secret squirrel, hush-hush stuff is old — TOO OLD — and we wants us some firm plans so we can plan out how we intends to plan to play.

That’s where Mykiel comes in. He’s definitely different and has a unique perspective on things. Mykiel loves him some PvP and he simply enjoys playing. He wants to get out there and fight which will lead to him having fun. Meeting him last August at Games Day Baltimore it was refreshing to hear his thoughts on WAR from a rather interesting angle. Some say he’s too rosey but I say he’s realistic. But that’s me.

Mykiel was at Mythic recently and writes about it here. The astute will recall that it was Mykiel who started the whole Red Plague rumoring last year in April. That led to other bloggers chiming in and a flurry of speculation, theorycrafting, and excitement that led up to the RvR Packs. Okay … so things haven’t been that awesome since those packs launched but the build up to them was fun. Right?

Mykiel eludes to what he heard. And because he’s under an NDA he can’t mention specifics. Fair enough. He says that he was really surprised by what he heard. He also says to watch the forums over the next few weeks. Quote: “Good stuff is coming.” End Quote.

Okay, Mythic … it’s now or never. With some thinking F2P is on its way, others saying that the expected exodus to Rift will surely crush this game, what ace is up your sleeve? Can you pull off some of this kind of amazing shit? That’s what it’s going to take. You’ve got until Rift launches and then … perhaps only the crickets will be listening.