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Dark Millennium Online

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What seems like a lifetime ago, back in August when I attended Games Day Baltimore 2010 I not only got a chance to talk with Mythic about WAR but also got to talk with some folks from Vigil Games who are developing the Warhammer 40,000 MMO, Dark Millennium Online.

Since DMO isn’t on the near horizon — planned for 2013 or so — the guy I talked with wasn’t sharing the secret soup recipe or any firm details. I’ve seen a few interviews online where they simply aren’t talking. Fair enough. It’s what I would expect of a developer working on a product not slated to release for several years. What we do have is a pretty neat trailer that shows game footage. Game footage. This goes with my complaint about WoW, Star Wars TOR, and WAR with their super-slick trailers as opposed to how their games actually look in game. My talk with Vigil went something like this. See the tap dance? And here’s a neat interview with Joe Madureira (the creative director at Vigil … you might know him as the former kick-ass X-Men artist).

For those who don’t know what Warhammer 40k is … it’s a futuristic vision of mankind’s struggles in the 41st millennium (started back in 1987). Mankind is trying to reclaim its empire across the galaxy as they face the threats of their former brethren turned evil, Chaos, and various threatening xenos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Necrons, Space Orks, Tau, and Tyranids. No one gets along in this universe so there is basically non-stop war everywhere. Thus the game’s long standing catch phrase: “In the 41st millennium … there is only war.”

At this point all we have to go on is this confirmation: the first race announced for the game will be the Imperium of Man. Classes mentioned were Imperial Guard, Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and Black Templar Space Marines. (You know that every freaking schmoe out there will be gorked out rolling Space Marines.) To satiate you SM geeks, here’s an interview discussing them (sort of but not really … actually discusses a bunch of other stuff). Okay, this is a better interview that will give far more details on the Black Templar Space Marine. Hey, I’m just trying to wet your appetite with all this info!

I’ve been reading that DMO is going to be more action oriented than other MMOs. And if you watched the interviews linked above, the main producer speaks to this. I like what they’re saying. I hope the playstyle equates to some nice PvP action. He said it will be somewhere between an MMO and a twitch-based FPS. I assume that will require some skill in the aiming department but will be tied to your toon’s stats (ballistics, initiative) moreso than your own eagle eye. I don’t envision there being many one-shot kills between the eyes a la Call of Duty.

The developer has said they want to move away from the action bars and other UI elements that have become an MMO mainstay. For a more action-based game it will be interesting to see how far they stray from that reliable look. Players are comfy to that when they play … familiarity.

If the world doesn’t come to an end in 2012 we have this to look forward to. I’ll be writing further posts on this MMO soon as it will be the next timesink I intend to spiral down.


Ultramarines: The Movie

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This movie had been on my radar but sort of fell off the map for me. Walking the floor of Games Day I came across their booth where they were showing the new official trailer. The movie is CGI and let me tell you … it looks top notch! Listed as 2010 they better get moving … only a few months left. I didn’t take the time to chat with those there so perhaps there is an official release date.

The trailer itself looked sharp. I won’t describe it as it goes from a space shot of a planet … to a huge Imperial Starship with a Thunderhawk flying from it. Then there’s fighting … Ultramarines getting killed. I simply couldn’t do it any justice. I assume this trailer will hit the web at some point. So keep your eyes open for it. There’s some pretty good voice talent on this project … Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee, and John Hurt. Not bad.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the official website.

Two It Is … Es Sind Zwei … Est Il Deux …

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No matter the language of the WAR server (assuming my translations above are correct) … Games Workshop has officially ruled that their Fantasy Battle gaming universe is a struggle between two factions — Order and Destruction.

This alignment pretty much seals the deal on a Third Realm — there won’t be one. It doesn’t get any more official than GW putting it into their Fantasy Battle rulebook. Sour grapes aside, let’s focus on what we have and what may come.

To recap, the Warhammer universe is now defined by a constant battle between these two competing forces:

High Elves
Wood Elves

Dark Elves
Vampire Counts

Granted, no official announcement has come out declaring anything from a WAR sense … but with the game already a two realm matchup and this clarification it’s clear where any sort of racial expansion could go. The only oddity is the Lizardmen aligned with Order. Imagine tossing back some ale at the Blowhole Tavern with a Kroxigor … or inviting a Skink to help clear Crypts. I mean, snakes and reptiles aren’t to be trusted. My phobia of cold-blooded creatures notwithstanding, we can discuss lore every which way. Would they have been a more interesting neutral party along with the Ogre Kingdoms and Tomb Kings? Perhaps.

The deck is heavily stacked in Destro’s favor in terms of coolness. My former post on the Forces of Disease looks pretty good right now having the Vamps on board — except for the whole third realm assertion … and that I didn’t mention vampires. Should WAR expansions start rolling out with new races, Destro has it made and should see a surge in numbers.

  • Skaven are by far, the most requested race players want added to the game. People would sell their children for a chance to play as a rat. Honest, they would. Read the forums … if you can find the threads … which I sort of can’t … because they’re new and sort of suck. Oh wait, you can’t! All the old posts appear to be gone!
  • Vampires, in general, are popular. Whether you like Twilight or not (I think it’s lame plus those aren’t real vampires), the aristocrats of the undead, rule. I mentioned the lame-o movie series, there’s also True Blood, The Gates, and The Vampire Diaries … vampires have never been more cool, hip, and mainstream. (And that’s why they will fail.)
  • Chaos, in a sense, is four armies in one. Current Chaos players all follow Tzeentch … whether they like it or not. That still leaves Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. Would we see a future expansion that simply allows players to select their mark? And in doing so would each class become different depending upon the mark?
  • The Dark Elves are already one of the most popular races having two of the most popular and powerful classes in the game (Disciple, Sorcerer).
  • Greenskins are zany, hulking, sneaky, and also contain some nasty classes (Choppa, Squig Herder).
  • And lastly the Beastmen … well … they’re beasts … who walk like men. Destro can’t have all the stud races … they can manage one dud.

Order needs some sexy. So I suppose as some sort of consolation … they get the Lizardmen. Which have also been mentioned a great deal on the forums (try and find those posts … YOU CAN’T! THEY’RE GONE!). The other two additions to the Order tent are lackluster on the surface. Dwarfs and High Elves are population miscreants … lowest in the game. And if not for the Warrior Priest and Bright Wizard, how awesome would Empire be? So to boost their numbers they get Bretonnia … more humans, and Wood Elves … more elves. Does that WOW you? A new army of polite, well-mannered humans on horses and redneck elves. I mean, feral elves who have an affinity for nature.

If Skaven are to be the first new race we see, Order needs something added in order to keep them viable. And the only race I see as being sexy enough to draw new players for them are the Lizardmen.

A Skaven/Lizardmen pairing makes a lot of sense from the rodent/reptile perspective. And Bretonnia with all its grailing, questing, and chivalry make them the goodie-goods of WAR and therefore should be paired with the evilest of evil, Vampires. And where no one should argue, Beastmen/Wood Elves make sense.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll devote a post to each of these new races promising to take a positive outlook on their viability and potential if added to the WAR as well as some other thoughts this official grouping could mean for the game.

40k? Yes, Please!

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This will be the next MMO I play devoutly. I am calling it right now and odds are … it will be the MMO that makes me leave WAR. At E3 today, Vigil released a trailer for the game and in trying to keep things cool and collected, it looks promising. Will we have vehicles at our disposal to fly around in? Will the PvP and gameplay be twitchtastic?

The trailer opens with what appears to be a Tech Adept going through tomes of some sort. We then see a bloated Nurgle Daemon wielding a massive clublike weapon. It then cuts to an overly exhuberant Space Ork obviously ready for a throwdown. Next is a Chaos Cultist. The trailer then kicks in and we’re treated to some sweet action as a Warhound Titan stomps forward.

Then come various Space Marines — those of the Imperium, those that appear to be followers of Khorne, and lastly I would venture a guess they are Grey Knights. Will the game be focused on select SM Chapters or will players get to choose from a lengthy list. Or … will we get to create our own? How cool would that be?

Vehicle images ensue which make me ponder the possibilities of vehicle “mounts” and maybe vehicle combat. And unlike so many games, it should be mandatory in an MMO for 40k that vehicles be as customizable as your main character. Who wouldn’t want to be an Ork Biker Boy with the option of adding some huge, fire-spewing exhaust pipes, blades off the wheel axles, and big dakka-dakka shootas on the handlebars?

We get a glimpse of the Imperial Guard … more vehicles … more titans … and a cool looking Chaos Dreadnought. There’s other coolness flashing in the trailer and an image of a man in white robes I can only assume is an Inquisitor? He’s projecting a psychic shield as protection from purple energy. Purely a guess.

I’ve watched the trailer many times and it leaves me wanting more. I played the tabletop game and am still enthralled with its story and lore. There’s so much potential I hope Vigil can come close. I don’t expect perfection, but please come close. I expect massive amounts of customization options on both characters, trophies, weapons, vehicles, etc. Learn from other games and give us these choices.

I couldn’t resist checking out the announcement article over at Massively and especially the comments. Overall lots of excitement but the usual naysayers were present. And I can’t resist … for any Blizzard lovers reading … 40k came first, not Starcraft. The humans in SC are rip-offs of Space Marines. The Protoss? Eldar. The Zerg? Tyranids. So between now and the 40k launch I can’t wait to read all the ill-informed claiming 40k is a rip-off of Starcraft. I love Starcraft too, so no hate intended just the facts.

I’ve given it some thought and feel this game should be totally different than WAR. No alliances. Period. I’d expect to see the Imperium, Chaos, Space Orks, and Eldar. Sure, the Eldar don’t appear in the trailer but every MMO needs elves of some sort, right? The Eldar are simply space elves. The Imperium would be the most versatile … there’s so much to choose from: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Adeptus Mechanicus. Chaos is also a conundrum as the four Chaos Gods (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch) all hate each other and never ally. Orks would be quite versatile as the different clans all exhibit different characterisitcs. One could be a Bad Moons (wealthy), Blood Axe (use human tech), Deathskullz (looters) Goff (toughest), and Snakebite (feral). Why have Eldar? Think of the different classes we could have to choose from … Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees, Shining Spears, Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders. And those are just the Aspect Warriors. Can you say ALTitis?

Before anyone flames me, we can’t get everything at once and sadly, I’d say there are some races that simply are not a good fit for playing (in my opinion). Tyranids and Necrons cry out as good candidates for NPC only. Both are mindless drone armies led by single minds of some sort. But who am I? Dark Eldar, Tau, Eldar Exodites, Eldar Harlequins … think expansion. And what about one of the best possible re-introductions in tabletop gaming history? Bring back the Squats!

As I said, this game will become my MMO of choice but alas, we’re probably staring at a 2013 release for it. Initially there was word it would be 2012 but how often do these games ever release when they say they will? Yeah, never. So for the foreseeable future, WAR is stuck with me.