Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and is ready for a hopefully better 2011. I’ve been on a little hiatus from WAR since before the holidays. They are a hectic time of year for me with a lot of family activities and going here, there, and everywhere. It’s a busy time of year and despite intentions, getting into game just didn’t happen.

I did check in on the blogs to see what’s going on and sadly, it sounds as if my Iron Rock home is hurting. What is troubling is the lack of formal communications from Mythic. I totally understand not getting info just before and through the holidays. Heck, I didn’t even login and missed my first Live Event since launch. I’m referring to the monthly Producer’s Letters we’ve come to expect the last day of each month. The last one we received was back in October.

With the high hopes of Patch 1.4 not panning out communication is important to let the core players know what we can expect in the future. Wherever the population of WAR is there are a diehard group of PvPers who enjoy the game and haven’t left because there really isn’t a lot of PvP competition in the MMO genre. I’m hoping they throw us a bone here soon.

The other thing that’s miffed me is the broken Realm War on the WAR website. I use that as a gauge for logging in to play. I like to see who from my guild is online and what’s going on in the zones. Without it, I’ve been blind and frankly, too lazy to login to check. LOL

I’ve heard that many North American players are rolling on European servers. Other than Badlands it seems Iron Rock, Gorfang, and Volkmar are hit or miss and we could be leading towards some sort of server consolidations. That may sound like a bad thing but for a game that is dependent upon people fighting people … you need a decent population. I would welcome this.

So hiatus is over.


8 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Why would Mythic do a server merge when people are spending serious amounts of cash transferring their characters.

    I would expect them to milk this. The loss of subs vs. the amount of immediate cash flow would be too great. And server transfers is going to be months from now. If your server is dying, they’ll take the gamble that you will spend money to transfer, rather than assume they can save subs for the long run.

    Mythic now has access to more than just subs to make money. They aren’t going to fight that.

  2. Also, Andy commented on the last lack of P. Letter for Nov. He said they didn’t have much to talk about. Since everything was about 1.4, they needed a new approach to actually report on future plans. They will have a letter when they have something to write about.

    Which is a mind tease. Many PLetters were just reiteration of something just already communicated. “We are excited about 1.4 and we will be working on balance as we have made a drastic change to the game.” How hard is that to write in many paragraphs?

    The lack of P Letters probably means either someone’s job is in jeopardy or other out of game issues have erupted. EA has been more than just a little demanding of the prior EPs for WAR, so I doubt she gets any other treatment. Stress might be high. Also, there is real life. So … she could be preggers, or on leave, or sick, or … many other things.

    But yeah, an “Oh hai, we think we may do stuff,” would be nice. Even if you didn’t have something really to write, you certainly don’t admit that. Wing it folks, wing it.

    • I know they aren’t going to do anything in the near term with the paid transfers sitting there. I refuse to pay that expense to move. I’ll let me account lapse in the interim.

      I agree with you, I think that with 1.4’s fallout Carrie may be in trouble. She was in charge and to this point had lead some good moves. This was the first “expansion” and not knowing the sales results the in-game results have not been so good. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get a new producer soon.

      I don’t look for the meat of info from the P Letters but they are at least something to say “Hey … we’re still working on the game.” It’s hard to feel like there’s much of a future in WAR. Bummer.

  3. I’m noticing some increase in the amount of players online during North American times on Norn. Last night there was some T3 action between 4am to 6am GMT. I myself am in North America so these play times are perfectly reasonable to me 🙂 And by action I mean there were around 4 of us against 8 or so of them…. (T3).

    Its not quite 24-7 but I do think there are some coming over to the EU servers- that or the holidays have people up at odd times.

  4. Well, the rest of my guild up and moved to Gorfang.

    Rather than kill my account, I paid the server transfer fee, and boy do I feel dirty doing it. I won’t be transferring any of my alts off of IR, but my main now resides on Gorfang… for now.

    I’m not pleased with the state of IR, though apparently the competition level is fairly high (due to the low population I assume).

    Long story short: I hear your decision not to move, but for me it was “move or unsub”. Good luck on IR, and here’s hoping that they give server merges soon!

    • That’s a bummer. I don’t know that many Destro players … it was nice to kill and be killed by someone you know. I really don’t want to drop coin to transfer.

      I have some Destro toons on Gorfang already so wouldn’t be able to move my Order toons there.

      • Well since the main is still Destro over there, feel free to say hi sometime!

        Wouldn’t mind fighting alongside you either, we’ve spent a little time with some of the Sons of Sigmar who rerolled, it’s been an interesting experience. Always cool to find out how the enemy works, ya know? Come say hi, name is still the same, or talk to anyone in Top Flight Security and tell them to pass it on.

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