Thanquol’s Incursion … Fail?

It’s been out for about a month … is it too soon to cry ‘Fail’ on Thanquol’s Incursion?

Since it went live I’ve run the thing four times. The first time was me and a lone Warrior Priest running around trying to disrupt half a warband of Destro. That worked out as well as you can imagine.

My second journey through the Skavengate was with over half a warband of guildies as we ran around fending off less than a party of Destro while we killed the bosses. That worked out as well as you can imagine.

My third and fourth forays were roughly a warband of Order — no Destro — as we burned down all three instance bosses in what seemed record time. That worked out as well as you can imagine.

Your results may vary but so far despite the cool look and feel of the Incursion, the interesting boss mechanics, and the potential loot one can win, this new addition to the game neither slows the RvR campaign nor does it provide a new outlet for fun and competition.

Guildie 1: “Hey, wanna go do the Skaven thing?”
Guildie 2: “What, turn into a Skaven?”
Guildie 1: “No, the dungeon thingie.”
Guildie 2: “It’s open?”
Guildie 1: “Yeah.”
Guildie 2: “Ok.”

That’s how a conversation will go in my guild vent as someone happens to notice the Incursion is open since the 20 other players online didn’t even know nor seem to care.

I know I’m not always the most observant person when I’m in game, but shouldn’t there be some big announcement or billowingly obnoxious horn sound a la Land of the Dead with words on the screen to let us know the Skaven are running amok? Does that happen and I just don’t hear it because my guildies talk too much? I even recall seeing in region chat that it was active in a zone that no one was really fighting in.

I’m sure a lot of work went into the dungeon and it’s a shame to see it under used. My view is, of course, not the view of everyone but other than the occasional “yeah, it’s pretty cool”, no one is truly ZOMGing about it. And honestly, other than the chance to win some loot I really don’t yearn for it to open. And if it did, I wouldn’t know it was open anyway.

It’s easy to complain but what can be done to improve the instance?

Actually draw attention when it “appears”. Bells, whistles, huge text on screen! Just as we can’t miss when Destro has gained access to Land of the Dead, we should know that Thanquol is up to his shenanigans.

When it becomes available allow players to queue up for it rather than needing to find a portal. I know they look cool, and the thought was to place them at BO’s so one side or the other could guard them … but when they also appear in the warcamp that eliminates the need to fight your way to them.

Springboard this general concept into more. The instance is a lot like a scenario only with NPC boss monsters. So go ahead and make it a scenario. The items in there are pretty nice but ease of entry is not condusive to there being multiple successful battles. When you get 2-on-20 or 16-on-4 or 2-on-0 it really doesn’t make for a whole lot of fun. Take this mechanic and use it for new scenarios in the future that add a little spice to fighting the enemy. It’s fun to fight other players but mixing up the experience helps to keep players on their toes. Dare I even say make Forts into something like this with boss NPCs running around while players are trying to take the area.

What are the results on other servers? I’m guessing this doesn’t happen on say, Badlands. In fact, I’m sure players run to the instance to get away from the lag. Is my experience an aberration or is it the norm? I’m hoping my experience is not what others are seeing. If so, let’s hope for more of that quick Mythic magic to revamp and turn it around.

12 Responses to “Thanquol’s Incursion … Fail?”

  1. You see, it’s the same old issue of polish or the lack of it.

    The dungeon didn’t excite me when I tried it in Beta and I was reasonably scathing then, so why it will pack any kind of punch now is beyond.

    People just don’t seem to care. How many rewards from the dungeon can be obatined from stage 2 & 3 of the city seige?

  2. melponeme_k Says:

    I ran it once on Badlands. And it was just me (Sorceress) another sorceress and a zealot for the destruction side. We fought against a Witch Hunter and an Engineer. We were the only players who showed up. There was a lost looking Bright Wizard but he left as soon as we got the jump on him.

    People do know when it opens, it just seems there isn’t too much interest in leaving the field for a dungeon.

  3. I like it when the enemy is there. But the most hardest thing for Mythic is how to ensure that players will enter and stay, insted of leaving and try another empty instance. Yet again problem with the randoms vs premades

  4. […] chopping block. Thanquols Incursion as an event, which I think we all have agree is poorly heralded, appears to have shot wide of the […]

  5. I reckon delete the thing. It was considered and then rejected as unworthy. However it did spur a new line of thinking, when I took on board bootaes, 1.4 Honeymoon over. Sometimes all it requires is a little nudge.

    Read the bottom half of my Path Of Least Resistance post.

  6. It’s a complete fail IMO.

    But I was against this way of adding in Skaven in the first place. So I am biased in all shapes and forms.

  7. Yes, I think the implementation of the Skaven and Thanquol’s Incursion shows everything we the players need to know about the current level of design competency at Mythic.

    In short, it’s gimmicky, not very fun, full of loopholes and bugs and altogether forgettable.

    I was in love with WAR for 2 years but I have to say that since Carrie took over as lead, my contempt and outright frustration at the game’s direction has built to a breaking point.

  8. Greetings!

    I had an idea that came to mind while I was trolling the bulletin boards. It kind of applies here, but it is an indirect connection and I wanted to ask you and your readers what they might think about this idea (if you will allow me to do so). I feel that I will get an honest and respectful answer and I hope that if it sparks something, that it will be heard by the “right” people… (you seem to be in that particular “universe”)

    For the longest time I have been grumbling about the disparity of the T4 levels and how the lumps are very hard for the 40’s and such. I have heard lots of good comments in the past, especially on this website. For the most part my grumblings have come from the tiered armor & weapons aspect of the game and I have seen various ideas about how to “fix” T4 so that it is a bit more balanced.

    Now the tie in to this post.

    Thanquol’s Incursion was supposed to ease the pain for T4 lowbies by drawing off the highest players and leaving the T4 lowbies to fight amongst themselves. It appears that hasn’t happened as hoped, as is being discussed in this post.

    Since we are not likely to see a new Tier (like T5) and tweaking the weapons and armor doesn’t really make sense from a character development perspective (you have to develop / strive for something with all this play time right?) and new abilities is likely not a good idea (maybe even a bad idea if they are commensurate with RR level), why not consider this idea?

    Have RR point awards be commensurate with the player defeated?

    For example: when a RR80 person fights and defeats an RR40 person, they get 500 points; when they fight and defeat an RR60 person, they get 750 points; when they fight and defeat an RR80 person, they get 1,000 points; and when they fight and defeat an RR100 person, they get 5,000 points. (points and percentages are just for illustration of the concept)

    There would be some in-game mechanic that would apply this sliding scale, perhaps just like the RR Booster that currently in place for those choosing to spend the extra $15.

    Likewise, there would need to be some sort of identifier for the different RR levels so that the players looking for RR points could choose their targets appropriately.

    Already I can think of abuses and interesting standoffs that may come from this mechanic – if it doesn’t exist already in some fashion.

    But I was curious what you all might think to this idea, as a nacent concept. It seems to offer a fairly straight forward fix, without taking away anything from the game, but perhaps offering something new as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post and for any comments!

    Merry Christmas!


    • I am the worst person to talk about numbers and stats with. LOL

      The RR65+ players aren’t going into this instance because the allure of renown outweighs the 2-in-24 chance they have of getting one of the new set pieces. The renown was your in the 70’s is sick. If you’re helping out at a keep when it flips you can get 15k-20k renown.

      The scale you mention is sort of in place in that the higher your renown rank is the less renown you receive for killing a lower renown ranked player. And that works vice versa for lower killing higher.

      If I’m not mistaken, there is a way to identify your opponent as the little circle that is a part of their name when you target them shows their Rank (Level 1-40) and will say if they are a threat or not. The circle will also have a color in it to let you know if they are more or less dangerous to you. This is used for mobs out in the PvE areas as well. It’s not always as apparent but eventually it sinks in and you know who is dangerous.

      I think we will see a Tier 5 at some point as lowbies are at a big disadvantage. It’s a tough thing to do as Mythic wants to separate players but doesn’t want to. At some point you won’t have enough people in a particular Tier to fight. Tier 3 suffers from this greatly today. Players have fun in the first two Tiers then try the darnest to get into Tier 4.

      I’ve found that over time I know who will be tough to bring down and who will not. In scenarios I don’t always target known names, I try to coordinate with my teammates to win. I don’t care about my damage or killing blows, I care about winning the scenario. If you do that, the renown will follow.

      I can’t stress enough the need to work as a team. A well-coordinated team can drop more powerful enemies but if they are also well-coordinated then it’s going to be tough. The scenario matching system is supposed to work that stuff out and my experience has been that I find myself in scenarios with people around my rank.

      • Thanks for the comments!

        I wasn’t sure if the ‘threat’ and color indicator applied or cared about higher RR foes vs computer threats. Seems like it does. Now I’ll pay more attention to that.

        Good to hear that someone has already thought of and implemented a scaling RR reward mechanic. Also good to hear about a possible T5 fix. Understanding the need to keep populations high to manage RvR, I can see the conundrum. The counterpoint is that there are those who simply leave / quit before clearing RR60+ due to the pain and slog to RR60 viability. So I am hopeful for something to break the deadlock at T4.

        Agree that Team play is critical for T4 – more so than for T2 & T3. Perhaps if the tiers were all 15 ranks wide, then the lowbies in the Tier would learn the practice sooner and build the mindset before the reality of T4. Then when they hit T4, at RR46, they are closer to better gear and are in the practice of actively looking to work together.

        In any event, there is a lot of flexibility along these lines (tweaks to existing rules) for the developers to consider before going ‘whole-hog’ into a T5 course of action, which may create the feared player desolation (on off hours).


  9. Hi, sorry wasn’t able to read all of the comments, so this may be a repeat comment. Badlands often has empty TI’s. Depending on the time and day it occurs quite often. Last night on prime time there was an empty instance, after having spammed it to all of T4. Very much a lack-luster.

    I’ve played Warhammer on/off since it launched, but I’ve been a veteran Everquest 1 player since MMOs were first starting. There’s a significant difference in that “polish” factor when Mythic releases new content. After this latest patch I’ve already decided I’ll be leaving the game in due time. It just doesn’t hold any grip on me like it used to and the severe imbalance of some of the classes just kills my will to play.

    It can be fun when you have a premade, as I think mythic intended things to be played as, but finding 6 people to hook up and work together is often very difficult, even on Badlands.

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