Yesterday afternoon during a siege of the Inevitable City … I finally dinged renown rank 80. I guess it was as proper a spot as any … we had just downed Tchar’zanak and won Stage III (I have a screenshot for my own posterity).

Definitely a nice accomplishment but understandably not as momentous as it once was. I’ve heard on the forums … RR80 is like the new RR60. That’s probably a fair statement. Those who have purchased the RvR Progression Pack will notice the significant boost to their renown gain in the upper levels. Since the release of the packs with moderate play I went from RR76 to the ripe old RR80 (78-80 was in less than a week). That’s some renown! Much depends upon your timing and contribution but catching zone flips and taking part in multiple city sieges doesn’t hurt.

Those ahead of me say I should enjoy RR80 as once RR81 comes along … the long crawl hits and those incredible renown numbers get less and less. I suppose that’s to be expected. There are many players out there grinding away and have gotten over the hump inching closer and closer to RR90. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be achieving that.

In the siege mentioned above, I received my first piece of Doomflayer (the helm). Since the set cannot be worn until hitting RR90, I have a ton of time to try and acquire the remaining pieces. And in even more passive fashion, I’m in no hurry to add to the one piece of Warpforged I’m sitting on.

What now?

Sure, there’s those additional 20 renown ranks staring at me but what’s the hurry? I know I won’t be first to 100 but I sure won’t be last. There’s always my Royal weapon which still sits around 250 emblems away. My Warrior Priest ALT could also use some love and as other WP’s have told me renown flies even faster for healers. I could probably get him close to 80 as well.

10 Responses to “RR80”

  1. Well done on RR80.

    I think your comment on RR80 being the new RR60, is really dependant on how much time you play. If I am really really lucky I may do 2 RRs in a week and I’d imagine that will drop to 1 once I’m in the 60’s. So it’s still a long old slog from RR54 – 80.

    • Thanks!

      It does boil down to how much time you can play. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the renown ranks go as you get higher. The Progression Pack is amazing. I was getting 15-20k renown on zone flips. String a bunch of those together with some nice scenario renown plus a few city instances here and there … the ranks fly by.

  2. Congratulations on your first(?) RR80. Even with the renown boost it’s still an acommplishment.

    The boost is quite substantial. I remember seeing guildies get a few hundred more renown than me in scenarios when they were RR75+ and my Slayer was RR50+! However once you ding 80 the renown boost disappears, and suddenly instead of getting 5k you’re getting 1k. Sort of like it used to be at RR79 pre-RvR packs.

    I can tell that a lot of people are experiencing apathy and boredom when they see how slow the ranks go after RR80. It is quite discouraging. The trick here is that you shouldn’t rush it and should just enjoy the game. The people who play the game for what it is, PvP can do that. Those that are there just for the usual treadmill+carrot combo are the ones having the most difficulty.

    • Thanks!

      I do wonder other than completing two new sets of armor and the opportunity for new weapons … is that all there is to play for? I’m hoping there’s more on the horizon.

  3. Congrats matey! Can’t wait to get there but still languishing at 63 atm, need to start focusing lol!

  4. Hooray for kro! I also hit 80 myself last night! There’s quite a few guildies closing in on 80 now as well, and some are on their 2nd or 3rd. I think instead of starting that long ass grind to 90 and 100 I’m going to split my play time between my IB, WH and WP depending on what I feel like playing. I don’t want to get burn out after all.

    Also, rr80 may be the new rr60, but I was most of the way there (and I think you were even closer than I was) before the xpac, so I think it still kinda counts 🙂

    • Thank you and a bigtime gratz back at you!

      I am perplexed at what toon to play next. I am in no hurry to hit RR90 or higher. All there is for me are the new armor and weapons. I am not barred from doing anything at 80 in full Sov.

      And laughably with the recent changes to WP … should I ponder something different until that all settles in? MDPS might be fun.

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