That’s the amount of renown I earned in a city siege last night.

It’s no secret that city sieges have not stalled since the rollout of 1.4. In some cases they seem to have accelerated. On Iron Rock this is the case, as I logged in last night Destro was in Altdorf. And later to close the bookend of the evening we pushed to the Inevitable City.

I’ve been rolling in renown and am at 40% into my 79th rank. RR80 looms and I anticipate hitting that mark either by or slightly before the weekend if things continue at this pace. It’s frantic and the amount of purple numbers flying across the screen is intoxicating. Each night this week I’ve been up later than intended because the renown spigot has been spurting purple all over us (sorry, that sounded kind of gross unless you’re into that sort of thing). The next morning I tell myself “I’m going to bed early tonight … I’m not going to login”. Then what do I do? I login and stay up too late.

If you stumble into an empty city instance it’s possible to parlay that into three instances where you’ve just gained a ton of purple and if you’re lucky, some Sovereign, Doomflayer, and Warpforged. Last night was no exception.

The Inquisition
Patch 1.4 has breathed new life into my guild. Every night we easily field half a warband and many times more. We have an assortment of hardcore players sprinkled with some casuals and a bunch of us in betweens. My definition of hardcore is “playing all day everyday (or close thereto)”.

These hardcore guys are racing each other to RR100. It’s a friendly competition and keeps them all motivated and engaged. It also makes for some lively chatter in the vent. Some of them check the rankings to see where they stand on Iron Rock and across all servers. Many of these players aren’t simply renown sponges … they are very good players. You want them in your premade, you want them as main assist, you want them healing you.

Since virtually none of them read my blog or even know I blog, I’ll give them an anonymous shout-out. I’m proud to call these folks guildies. As of today on Winkl’s, here’s where they stand against all other Order players (on all active servers):

5.   Kliest, Warrior Priest
13. Nistin, Witch Hunter
21. Fare, Witch Hunter
31. Abissmal, Witch Hunter

The rest of us are pathetic slackers. I think that’s pretty impressive for one guild’s roster. I won’t be joining that race even after I hit 80. I’ll just clip along at my own pace … sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

Now back to that 65k city siege. The sieges are happening so often it’s not uncommon to zone into an empty instance. We flip Black Crag locking Dwarf/Greenskin and rush through the portal behind Butcher’s Pass enroute to the Maw. We enter the gates and there sits one lone Chosen in our instance.

A tactic many guilds like to employ is sending scouts into instances to gauge the competition. Was this Chosen a scout or some pug who wanted to run about the city? We’re not sure but soon Destro flooded into our instance. We were outnumbered 2-to-1 and anticipated getting an ass whooping. We held our own but were soon overwhelmed. To our benefit, another premade warband came to our rescue and filled in the remaining Order slots. We had a DPS advantage but were extremely squishie. There were many recognizable Destro names that we knew would make this a really good fight.

Stage I
Instead of BO farming, the sudden flood of players made this an enjoyable and highly contested city siege. After taking the Slaanesh Chambers we made for the center to try and cap the Emissary of the Changer. The center becomes that crucial hub in city sieges that either holds back attackers or opens the way for further incursion.

We’re unsure if Destro knew we gained reinforcements or not as we swarmed into the middle and eventually took the point. The next battle ensued at the Outcrop. Taking the point we then held off Destro at the Temple of the Damned which sealed Stage I’s fate for Order. We fought it out at the Citadel gates and eventually busted down the door. Winning the stage I received a cool purple staff to add to my collection.

Stage II
Sometimes you know you’ve lost and Destro knew Stage I was going to us after we swept most of the points successfully. Stage II is always a new start and as both sides quickly sought to down Warlords we found ourselves at a stalemate with the stage ending in a draw. Do you burn down a Warlord or escort your own? Do you split your forces or run as a zerg? So many strategies to ponder.

Stage III
You can get your butt kicked in Stages I and II but then come storming back in Stage III for the win. This is team PvP at its best when you have two equal forces squaring off against one another as the Kings go toe-to-toe. It truly is a huge improvement from the old.

I’ve been a champion a few times, as typically there are other DPS with more Sovereign. I’ve been steadily gaining in renown rank and as I’ve ascended I’ve been putting on my Sov. To my surprise I was annointed Champion. Don’t choke.

Fortunately, I was matched with some fine players and we worked well as a team. Despite the chaos around me I was instrumental in burning down my RDPS adversary and helped bring down their Champ healer before falling myself. Destro knew they needed to burn my uber toon down or they wouldn’t stand a chance. HA! It was quite a brawl and in the end we came out on top. When it was all said and done I had accrued well over 65,000 renown. Amazing.

Seeing Purple
Getting to RR80 isn’t the steep climb it once was. As I’ve read on the forums, someone posted that RR80 is the new RR60. They may be right. I’ve gone from RR76 to the cusp of 80 in just about two weeks through moderate play. The RvR Progression Pack has lived up to its name and has been worth the money. I’m going to enjoy the boost while it lasts. I’ve been told that after RR81 the crawl begins anew, as it probably should.

Is it wrong to be able to fly through the ranks? Some may say ‘yes’ … I’m going to say ‘no’. In a PvP game where higher level equals more power it is important to keep the playing field as level as possible, within reason of course. There’s always that balance between those who play more than others and the perception that it’s now too easy and allows the more casual to be nearly as strong.

A debate for another time as I can understand both sides of this argument. For now … I’m going to enjoy this purple rain.

10 Responses to “65,000”

  1. I think I ran into you guys in a couple of scenarios last night. Good to see you back out here fighting, hadn’t seen ya in a while.

    Pre-grats on 80! Now good luck on getting that sov ;P.

    • Yep, we came across you guys in the Battle for Praag and Serpent’s Passage. I’d stop to say hello but your guildies are busy staggering, slowing, and stomping me. I am really hoping I can hit 80 sometime this weekend. I have a lot of real-life stuff to do so we’ll see.

      The Sov has been in my bank since March. I’m hoping to start getting some Doomflayer but have one piece of Warpforged.

  2. I wonder if you want to reply to this comment or not. Obviously no pressure.

    The group of five I play with is an interesting mix of players. Two are very close to your definition of Hardcore, two are regular players and the last is very casual (twice a week for 2+ hours each).

    We range in RR from 35 to 65 and have found that the battles and scenarios we participate in as a group have proven too much to bear in T4. We have essentially abandoned our characters there and have restarted new ones (Destro no less) on a different server.

    We simply ran out of patience with getting slammed as a group waiting for our RR to increase. So we are restarting. We hope to discover the nasty things that Destro characters do and enjoy more balanced play in T2 and T3 (the T1 twinks are really too much). I also fear for the “T4 Effect” with the newly expanded Level ranges in the lower tiers.

    I think most of us would have rather stayed in T4 and continued progressing, but this change of tact seems to offer us better days – perhaps until T4 is finally split into three tiers (imagine that!) or something else changes (thankfully we CAN hope for that!).

    Given that you have done so well to get to RR 80 (congrats by the way!), I wonder what your thoughts might be on our (not so uncommon) situation or change of tact.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post!

    • I’ve learned that to be truly successful in WAR you need to believe in teamwork. Sure, there are some classes that make one-on-one easy but overall, this is a team game. Renown rank is important as you gain more renown abilities and unlock access to wear better gear. Unfortunately, since this is an MMO there is a treadmill to progressing and moving up to get more powerful.

      In many ways there sometimes is no way to avoid taking your lumps. I’ve been crushed plenty. I simply try not to let it get me down, I try to learn from it, and try to improve. Some nights are a ton of fun where we win … while others are the opposite. Perhaps growing up playing team sports I learned that you can’t win ’em all and know that losing is a part of things and makes winning more sweet.

      Getting to where I am has been a two-year journey that has seen smooth sailing and some rough roads. I pug a lot of scenarios and find I have a 50/50 win/loss percentage. And even running in a premade guarantees little. We know who’s who out there and if we stand a chance or not. There are some really good teams and players who know their class, what makes them tick, and how to work together to win. I envy them because that doesn’t always come easy for me. Despite our success there are times we see who we face and know it’s gonna hurt. All you can do is try your best and come back for more … never quit.

      I’m unsure what server your Order toons are on but with the new RvR Packs out it really does make gaining renown a lot smoother and faster. Hopefully your guild is in a good alliance where you can buddy up with others. I am very fortunate at the longevity of my guild and the alliance we’ve been in. We try to treat others with respect no matter who they are because we want to be treated the same. There are surely some dicks out there and we simply steer clear of them or ignore them.

      Starting over, though, is not always a bad thing. I find that T1 flies by so I really don’t worry about the twinks. Plus with the new overlapping tiers you can stay in T1 with your toons up until Rank 15. So get some better gear and go back and give them some of their own medicine. I just try to mix RvR with scenarios and the renown will come.

      It’s tough to go solo in WAR as not all classes are as easy to master. But in the end it all amounts to want you want and what’s fun for you.

    • Unfortunately SCs in T4 are gonna be hella hard until you get better gear and, as Kro said, better coordinated, however ORVR is a little easier. Yes you can still get stomped, it’s just the name of the game, but levels matter a little less. The best way to gain reknown at lower ranks is to defend or assault a keep, especially for healers. Zerging may be boring, but it does make it less likely you’ll be targeted. (besides, people tend to go after well known players in RVR for max RPs, being a lowbie isn’t all bad).

      Coordinate your targets with siege weapons and ranged DPS, spam heals on every living thing in sight, and most importantly keep fighting to the bitter end! You may lose in the end, but you’ll be stronger for it, and next time the enemy won’t have such an easy time of it.

  3. You’re still having a lot of city seiges? I play a couple of hours a night, 8pm – 10ish and since Mythic changed the amount of resources to flip a zone, I have been in ONE city seige since that time and that was last night. It has really seemed to have slowed down on Karak Norn. We can spend a couple of hours on a zone, let alone flipping 3 in the same pairing.


    The only thing I can say, is you have to stick at it. You will get stomped, that’s the nature of the game. What you have in your favour is you are a team and that counts.

    The problem with scenario’s is, if you are doing okay, you will be matched against potentially very good guild teams and it’s very hard to make headway. You need to be looking at zones where the action is slower, less zergy and there’s a nice AAO bonus. Kills there count for more and allow you to work on your team work. Of course you will be steam rolled by Warbands, but that’s life again. Your RR spread is well … large, but at least the lower RRs will move up quickly.

    • Yep … the other day we were in the IC three times. It seems as though our populations are never in synch at the right times. Although last night was a pretty good example of how competitive and fun RvR can be when there’s plenty of both Order and Destro on at the same time.

      I logged in between 8-9. Desto had Dwarf/Greenskin locked, Empire/Chaos was a Chaos Wastes, but the fighting was localized in Eataine. Up until around 11 we fought over that zone. I received close to 10% of a renown rank just in trying to take their keep and then when the tide turned in trying to defend ours.

      Destro eventually took the zone and my guild went to defend Altdorf. I had to log.

      • Don’t worry Kro we owned face again after you logged. Destro won Stage 1 but we killed both of their WLs in Stage 2. Stage 3 the champs were Kliest’s WP, Andee’s Tank, my Slayer and an AOE BW. Severe pwnage of Destro ensued. We didn’t lose a single champ. We finished up in time to run a second instance and win our stage 1 and 2 bags.

  4. @ Pren

    Good to hear! I wanted to stay online but was waiting for my IT team to complete an upgrade I had to post certify. I would’ve preferred grabbing some more renown although I was locked out of the city loots. Hope you guys got some good stuff!

  5. Wanted to say thanks to all who threw in their two cents. I appreciate the support, advice, comiseration and plain truth. This sort of dialogue, in game and out, makes playing MMOs worth coming back to.

    Regards to all and may your battles be fierce and brief!


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