The Tyrant

I don’t typically post about my in-game accomplishments. I’m not “leet” in any form or fashion. I’m a moderately decent player who has good nights and bad but moreso just enjoys playing WAR.

The other night I finally completed my Tyrant set! It’s the first PvE dungeon set I’ve finished. The number of times I’ve run Sigmar’s Crypt, Lost Vale, and Tomb of the Vulture Lord it would seem that I should’ve finished at least one by now. Nope. And that shows the sheer luck involved with getting PvE gear in WAR. (Or in my case bad luck.)

I know that PvE isn’t for everyone, especially in a PvP-centric game. PvE is what it is and once the mechanics and boss behaviors are figured out … the dungeon becomes easily farmable. And unless you’re one lucky bastard, you’ll need to go farming … a lot. I guess that’s the point.

RvR gear may be straightforward in its acquisition but it takes time to grind those medallions/crests to make the purchase (or more luck on loot bags). For some pieces of gear it can take a looooong time. So the chance to get gear quickly via PvE is enticing and with an experienced group who knows what they’re doing, it can make getting gear a much better experience.

My guild spends time in RvR and running scenario premades. We always make time to run dungeons whether for mains, ALTs, or to help fellow guildies. Our main tank is a real trooper. I have no idea how many runs he’s been on but he’s very patient and knows the ins-and-outs of each dungeon like the back of his hand. Our guild leader has also logged a ton of runs on his toons to help guildies get their’s. Our guild officers (myself included) also sacrifice time to go on runs and will often pass on gear so others can get a small slice of PvE happiness. We have a good group of people in The Inquisition and I think that’s why we’ve survived while many guilds have not.

Our core TOVL group participants fluctuate and I’ve been a part of runs many times going back to when we couldn’t beat Boss 7 (changing color auras anyone? you’re dead). TOVL can be a big time commitment that can span a few days. If the instance is being “nice”, the bugs will be few and one can proceed at a fairly quick clip. And if no one invades your instance that makes it even better.

We took our lumps, vented frustrations, but finally figured out what works to beat the damn thing. So then it all boils down to luck. Killing each boss yields a 50% chance a Tyrant piece will drop. The good news here is that drops are archetype- and race-specific rather than class specific (e.g., if DPS Boots drop … any DPS can roll on them, repair them, and use them). The drops are like so:

Boss 1 – DPS Boots
Boss 2 – Healer/Tank Boots
Boss 3 – Dwarf/Greenskin Shoulders
Boss 4 – Empire/Chaos Shoulders
Boss 5 – High Elf/Dark Elf Shoulders
Boss 6 – Healer/Tank Helm
Boss 7 – DPS Helm
Boss 8 – Chest and Class-specific Backpiece

This would be a welcomed addition to the other dungeons in game.

All groups employ their own loot rules while some groups don’t care. With TOVL we have a loose set of guidelines to follow when taking people through:

Is this your first run?
Newbies are given PQ bags to accumulate golden cartouches to purchase the glyph and cape set at the Land of the Dead warcamp. If they are the only representative of their archetype/race present, open rolls on set pieces (boots, shoulders, helm), glyphs, and backpiece.

Next time …
As players begin to accrue more Tyrant, we defer rolls to those who will be getting their third piece or more. We master loot Boss 8 bags to players so they can gain Funerary Masks to buy the belt and gloves.

About that chest …
The toughest piece to get and of course the most coveted. We typically see who has enough Tyrant pieces that warrant rolling. On my early runs, even when I had a number of pieces, I’d opt out for someone who had made more runs or was closer to completing their set. They paid their dues. I’d get mine some other time, fair is fair.

I’ve gone on many a TOVL run where nothing would drop … at least nothing anyone could use. Despite 50/50 odds we would be on the wrong end of that virtual coin flip. I’ve been on many runs where I didn’t roll at all. It’s a part of paying your dues, helping others, and waiting your turn. Well … it became my turn.

I had everything else … all the other Tyrant pieces, the backpiece, all the glyphs. The run takes a little longer than expected and we lose one of our healers to the sandman. Checking the Guild roster we find one of our Rune Priests online who joins.

Loot rules are explained with the promise of Funerary Masks. “If the chest drops … Pass.” This was the first time this RP ever set foot in TOVL. After two quick wipes, we got our collective act together and success. Loot the boss! Loot the boss! The Chest! And two backpieces! SWEET!!!

As I clicked ‘Need’ I sat there with a sense of relief at finishing the set and feeling appreciative of my guildies helping me. Why hasn’t it landed in my bag yet? Not everyone hit ‘Pass’ … they are slow … no worries. A really long pause goes by … no … no … NO!!!!! The RP botched the loot roll even after it was explained to them … ‘Needing’ on the chest while unbelievably ‘Passing’ on the RP backpiece. WTF?!?! Not a bad haul for their first foot in the dungeon: belt and gloves plus the chest!

Needless to say I was upset. I logged out in disbelief at what just happened. The RP rarely plays anymore but their member note states the Tyrant pieces they still need. LOL When any Tyrant item drops, it appears to be for your class. It shows a familiar icon and text that makes it look all yours. So it’s easy to understand someone clicking for it. So I don’t blame them for the mistake. The anger faded as I came to my senses that this is just a game … get the hell over it. And I did.

It takes a few weeks but I got back on the TOVL horse. We try more runs and alas, no chest drops. I’m online one night putzing around when I get a tell. “Want to run Boss 8.” You’re on Boss 8? I get to avoid the rest of the dungeon? Heck yeah!

I join my guildies plus one alliance member. After my arrival our group leader goes over the loot rules. “If the chest drops PASS on it … Kro gets the chest tonight. Okay? Okay.” The fight goes well, down goes the Vulture Lord, and OMG! The chest! It dropped again! This is it! Finally! NEED!

Who cares what happened last time? We all know what’s what and look, other cool stuff dropped again. More backpieces! I can’t wait to run my full Tyrant. Wait for it … wait for it … check your bag …

No …

Not again …

No …

((( rage … growing … blood … boiling … )))

You’ve got to be kidding me! Let me check chat … NO!!!!!!! … yes … again. Our alliance mate ‘Needed’ and my shitty roll ensured I would be thwarted on that Tyrant chest yet again in the same exact fashion. My guildies were in as much disbelief as I was. Surprisingly this time … I wasn’t as mad. Schleprock is as Schleprock does. Fortunately this player, who inadvertendly swiped my Tyrant chest, plays more and I like them (I’m indifferent to the RP from before). So it’s going to good use. While my inner asshole raged.

Much time went by before we really got into that misbegotten dungeon again. Patch 1.4 and the RvR Packs were dominating our time. A TOVL run gets posted on the calendar and we pull together an assorted cast of characters.

We get a good group together and after we wipe a bunch on the first mobs it’s found that we’re running the wrong tactics. The run proves fruitless for the most part as jack shit wants to drop. Having started a bit later than planned, it was getting late. Boss 8 wasn’t being as cooperative as usual and we wiped a lot. One more try … if not, let’s finish tomorrow. No dice.

I don’t like picking things up the next day. With LOTD’s locking mechanism and when people decide to be on, it’s easy to get subbed out of a run in favor of finishing it. That wasn’t going to happen! I login a bit earlier than usual, RvRing and running scenarios. I get a tell that we’re going to finish. Off to LOTD.

We picked up a few new folks to help us wrap things up. Honestly, at this point I figured the chest won’t be dropping any time soon. One shot we drop Amenemhetum. We all stand around waiting for someone to loot the body. Someone? Anyone?

And there it was … and this time everyone involved knew the procedure and what button to click. ‘Need’ and finally … success.

It’s the little things that sometimes make your day. Who knew that winning some computer pixels with numeric stats on them to complete a set of pixels would make mine. I guess that’s what MMO’s are about. Little or big milestones out there online that your toon chases. Sometimes you reach them and sometimes you don’t.

I have more little achievements to strive for. I’ll continue running TOVL to help my guildies get their Tyrant and that “Mummy’s Boy” title needs to be added to my Tome. RR80 is around the corner, a Royal scenario weapon, full Doomflayer. There’s plenty more to keep me going.

Hope this story gave you a chuckle … it’s easier to look back at it now and makes the achievement a whole lot sweeter plus I got a new title.

8 Responses to “The Tyrant”

  1. WOW. I still haven’t hit lvl 40, or gone to ANY dungeon in this game. I end up playing RvR all the time and leveling goes so slow. Its good to hear that you finally got what you need.

    Does the PvE gear have RR requirements? If not then it may be a viable way for lower RR folks to gear up.

    • The allure of the PvE dungeon gear is that there are no renown requirements. The gear itself is not bad and is actually better for some classes. Healers often want Dark Promise as that set is a good heal set. The DP set for BW’s is also a good one.

      I haven’t played any of my lower tier ALTs yet to know how XP and renown gain is flowing after 1.4 and the RvR Packs. I’ve been focused on finally getting to RR80. If you can hit those Skaven rat spawns and grind a little that should help you level fairly fast. There’s also a huge quest in T3 that will get you around 2 levels. Once in Tier 4 there is a lot of action and if you can get into multiple winning city instances the XP and renown will be plentiful.

      Another help is the “free level” quest … see this link over at Gaarawarr’s site:

      Go get it and save it until you hit R39. And if you’re so inclined, you can buy a WAR Tract from the EA Online Store. That will give you another free level. LOTD grinding is a viable method as well.

      As you’re doing RvR keep yourself queued for scenarios. Winning those yields a huge chunk of XP in addition to some nice renown. Worry more about the rank vs the renown rank. Getting to 40 is the big goal and the renown can be gained in chunks later.

      Until you hit R40 the lower dungeons aren’t really worth your time unless you’re looking for something to do. They can be fun and some of the gear is nice but you’ll face the random loot drops that can make an hours long run fruitless compared to gaining RvR influence for gear or getting items of keep and zone takes. Once you’re 40 your path should go Bilerot Burrow / Bloodwrought Enclave for Sentinel … then Lost Vale for Dark Promise … and lastly TOVL for Tyrant.

      Getting your first 40 is the tough part … after that it gets easier to accrue more.

  2. Congratz dude! Still slogging away at it, have a grand total of 1 so far!

    • Thanks! I went for the longest time and nothing would drop — for anyone. 50/50 aren’t bad odds but we’d always get the 50 where nothing drops.

      Would be nice if PvE medallions/crests were implemented so folks could get those elusive missing set pieces.

  3. Heh, I had this issue with my DarkPromise gear… I still don’t have the f’ing chest out of that place.

    Congrats on the phat lewts!

  4. A crisp salute to you and those like you (ie. CryofDeath et. al.) who patiently work with the T4 newbs and the uninformed on PVE farming.

    Too many times I have wiped with nothing gained or foolishly taken what I have should not. It is a good thing to read about you and your guildmates being patient and generous to those learning the ropes and trying to progress.

    Thanks for the patience and great (mature) example for others to learn from and emulate!


    • It’s all about playing with the right people. I’ve played with some that are all about themselves and what they want and they an get. My guild tries to steer clear of people like that. We’ve had some bad apples — haven’t we all — where some folks seem nice, get what they want, then bolt. Karma can deal with them.

      It’s a game so is supposed to be fun. Some people don’t treat it that way … that’s a shame.

      Thanks for your comments!

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