Night 1 … Patch 1.4

By the time I got home, purchased the RvR Packs, downloaded the patch … it was dinner time. (mmmmmm … spaghetti and meat sauce … raaaryhhgjjgmmmm) Then I had brought some work home so my time in game was brief with me resetting my Mastery points and picking new Renown Abilities. I also opened all my mail. You get quite a few things when you buy the packs and they were all waiting there for me. Still need to select my new mount, some trophies, and which pet(s) I want. Fun stuff.

I logged, did some work, and then logged back in around 10 p.m. Destro was in Altdorf. Wha?!?! So much for slowing down the campaign. Some guildies got a chance to try Thanquol’s Incursion and said they had a lot of fun. And it seemed as though there was a lot of RvR. One guildie received 20k renown on a Praag flip. There appeared to be a few little hiccups as some zones flipped when they weren’t supposed to.

I dabbled with the new dyes … wondering which one was the “better” black they mentioned during the Q&A the other night. There were some interesting additions including a green that will make you stand out even in the sooty haze of Thunder Mountain. Over to Gorfang to play around with my Destro toons and Order was in the Inevitable City. Wha?!?! Just how many city sieges were there yesterday?

My hope is that I’ll be able to corner some time over the weekend to really get settled in and have some fun.

3 Responses to “Night 1 … Patch 1.4”

  1. There were A LOT of sieges. With full zerg going on a given side, (there were so many there was no need to “watch BOs”, because it wasn’t like the other side could get anywhere anyway without getting zergstomped), the zone locks were happening fast and furious.

    One happened just before I logged in, a few hours later we were in city AGAIN, and then when I logged Order was pushing IC (I think they were pissed because of our double city! ;P).

    That said, it was good to see some old names out there, there were some fun fights all around.

    They’re definitely going to have to tweak the timing though… nobody bothered with keep ranks after 4, because it was just “smash the door down and call it a day” at that point.

    • I’m hearing that much of the insta-sieges has been players not understanding the new RvR Campaign. It will take a little time for folks to get it. And given time the crafty players will come up with ways to split things up and make for some interesting battles. I’ll get a real chance this weekend to dive in. I’m hearing there are people that already have multiple pieces of the new gear. I WANT SOME!

      • It is not your destiny to have any of the new gear.

        My RP is whoring it up in the RvR zones. RP’s coming in faster than new clients.

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