Mythic’s 11/17 Q&A … RvR Pack Day!

Last night Mythic held their first Live Q&A session (that wasn’t tied to a PTS event). Unfortunately I was indisposed and was unable to attend but I did find links that will provide you with a recording of the event.

Q&A Link 1

Q&A Link 2

I’m not sure how the actual live event went, but in the recording, the first 20-30 minutes are WAR-inspired music … some such about Heavy Metal … Blackguards and Knights of the Blazing Sun. There’s also some Slayer hitting you in the face and drinking beer.

Once the actual event gets started there’s some goofing around, problems with the microphones, some stragglers getting logged in … but eventually they get into some of the questions. I won’t run through them all just the ones that I found interesting. If you want a detailed transcript stop over at Hypothetical WAR as he has a full transcript posted.

The questions were not pre-screened nor were they grouped together by subject. So my summary below will be all over the map.

Will we be getting any new scenarios?
Yes! A revamped Grovod Caverns could be on the way. Grovod has been on hiatus since the Weekend Warfronts went live and truthfully, I haven’t missed it. It’s a capture the flag mechanic based in what appears to be Skaven tunnels under Praag. It sounded as though they plan on adding some more Skaven to it.

In addition, Carrie mentioned that we will probably be seeing more Skaven stuff coming in the near future beyond Patch 1.4.

Will we receive more mastery points at RR90 and RR100?
The answer to this was a bit foggy but the dev said we will get something similar to what we do now at RR80. That means a passive plus to all mastery paths. Once beyond 80 we should get these bonuses every 4 ranks at 84, 88, 92, 96, and 100. I feel myself getting more godlike just thinking about this.

Will more gear be added to the game for more customization options?
Yes although Carrie did mention they want to try and keep these as sets rather than one offs. This would be a good thing … more customization is good.

What are some of the new colors in the RvR Personality Pack?
All that was mentioned was a “better” black. Cool.

Will a healer be added to keeps?
No. The rationale is that defenders would have a huge advantage if they get wiped defending only to respawn in the keep and come back at full strength. Players can opt to respawn inside but they will be weakened and would need to wait out battle fatigue or choose to respawn in their warcamp and run back at full strength. Makes sense.

Will we see a permanent 6 vs 6 scenario?
Sounded like a ‘yes’ to me. It may be coming and could revolve around a slightly revamped Ironclad.

Any new classes coming?
Not in the short term. So if these will come at all, probably not until late 2011 or most likely 2012.

What’s the liklihood of another RvR Pack in 6-8 months?
Very likely. Carrie mentioned that it is not decided if it would be free or purchasable. That is to be determined. I am guessing it would center around the return of Fortresses. Speaking of which …

Any plans for Fortresses?
They are still alive and on the table.

Will we see duels?

Any updates to Tier 4 RvR Influence Rewards?
There are some plans but nothing concrete.

Will we see more items added to the EA Store via Account Entitlements?
Probably not in the near term. They understand how buying things via this method can be perceived and do not want to overly perpetuate that.

After a Keep is fully leveled, will it lose ranks if BO’s are lost?
Keeps will not degrade once they are leveled up. So expect RvR to go like this … both sides taking, holding, losing, retaking BO’s. Both sides gathering resources and leveling up their keep. Once one side or the other hits the max … it’s all out attack the keep time.

Definitely some good stuff and always nice to have an opportunity to chat with the team. Big day today so good luck with your purchase and patching. I look forward to getting home so I can do the same.

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