Pimped Out

Some of my fellow bloggers have been posting pics of the new RvR armor sets for your viewing pleasure.

If you dig on super-sexy Witch Elves … go over to Blog the Witch! And once you pervs stop drooling at that, cower at the hugeness of Black Orcs over at Mmmmm Gud. No pictures, but surely some dismay over at GoGo Rogo for the White Lion sets. WL’s get screwed again. And for an overall surveyance stop by Bruglir’s Blog as he has posted pics of all the Warpforged sets. And if you like commentary with your fashion viewing, Ekalime at Hypothetical WAR has several posts up looking at both Order’s and Destro’s new gear.

Overall, I think the sets look pretty sweet. Appearances are an important thing in MMO’s and to those who play them. I can’t state it with the flair that Spider Love does, but I agree with what he’s saying. We do want to see progression in our characters and that goes beyond one’s stats. For me, it’s about getting as pimp as possible.

The visual road for Bright Wizards, like many classes, has seen some repetition. Not sure who was in charge of creating unique looks for armor itemization but they either ran out of budget or ran out of time. Through the lower levels this isn’t quite as noticeable as there is a fairly good variety between items although boots and gloves clearly got the “copy and change colors” route to differentiate.

Players that are in it for the long haul are more concerned with their endgame appearance. So how does that go?

If we just focus on set pieces that incur bonuses, Tier 4 should be ushered in with Annihilator. And for those new to Tier 4 it’s not a bad look. Your Bright Wizard should start to appear all grown up and ready to contribute to the cause. Once you hit 40, your next set options are Conqueror (RvR) and Sentinel (PvE Dungeon). This is where the BW gloves and boots all begin to look the same (as do the belts). The respective chest pieces look different with the Sentinel getting the nod for being cooler.

Sadly, if you dislike the Conqueror chest, oh well. That’s how you’ll be looking if you acquire Invader (RvR) or Dark Promise (PvE Dungeon). Warlord doesn’t do you much better as it looks the same as Sentinel. Sure, base color schemes are different for these but still the same “look” for all makes your progression trip a boring ride. So rather than seeking out a progressive new look it’s really about adding to your stats.

Tyrant can give you hope, it’s a nice looking set. I especially like the back piece. But for those who loathe the thought of running TOVL again and again and again and again and again, full Tyrant might not be in your immediate future. I’m still needing the chest.

If you really want to look pimp … if you truly want to look over the top outrageous … it’s got to be Sovereign. A majority of the Sovereign sets are worth it but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. For us Bright Wizards, this is it! The current endgame set is well worth the wait with its overly flamboyant helm that looks like the fire pit in my back yard. The shoulder pads with the mini BBQ grills on them. You want a cloak that looks like a Persian rug? You got it! And how do you shake hands with those impalers on your wrists? It doesn’t matter — you look cool! In fact, you look better than Patriarch Thyrus Gormann himself! And he’s the top firebreather in the whole damn Empire! Don’t believe me, check him out next city siege.

With two new sets coming, one can only imagine how much more insanely opulent a Bright Wizard can look strutting down the streets of Altdorf.

Well … so much for that crescendo. The new sets look nice but as you’ll see, Doomflayer and Warpforged aren’t quite as Liberace as one would’ve expected. I like them, but was hoping for a bit more panache. However the stats will more than make up for that.

Lastly, I’m not a fan of the weapon glow effect. I’m hoping there’s a way to turn that off in the preferences. Why add it at all? I’m guessing this was placed on the highend weapons so lowbies will see the ass-whooping coming from a distance.

5 Responses to “Pimped Out”

  1. “I’m guessing this was placed on the highend weapons so lowbies will see the ass-whooping coming from a distance.”

    Hahaha… best line of the post.

    I have to agree with you on the BWs though, although I like the detail and patterns, the “obvious” parts of it aren’t nearly so interesting as the Sov.

    That said, I’m somewhat partial to the Zealot Warpforged, though it may take me until two years from now to see it on my toon…

    • The Zealot definitely has some pretty sweet looking gear. Some of your helms are down right scary. I’m looking forward to getting this gear but fear how long it will take me to both acquire and then be eligible to wear.

  2. I love glowie weapon effects…:(

  3. I really feel that the Sovereign sets for all classes are the best looking (BW head piece aside in your example, Krosuss). The Doomflayer and Warpforged are mixed bags by all means – for BWs in particular I think the downgrade in the grille size is good, but the chest loses some style.

  4. For Marauders particularly, anything else (not Sov) is a downgrade. That cloak/helm combo looks SO BADASS, and really fits the class. I love it.

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