Where Will You Be … ?

Just where, exactly, will you be this Thursday? I’ll be at work … but rest assured as soon as I get home I’ll be logging in to purchase both RvR Packs!

I’m looking forward to the renown boost as that should be just what I’ve been needing to finally get my sorry butt to RR80. And just in time to stare straight up the hill at RR100. I’m curbing my enthusiasm as getting through to buy the Verminous Horde might be backed up. I might have to wait, or one can hope. I think many longtime WAR faithful are hoping the packs will breathe a whole new life into the game we enjoy. I do expect many old-timers to return. I also hope to see a bunch of new folks who have been sitting back waiting to dive in. WAR will truly be a new experience and it’s a shame the game wasn’t what 1.4 will bring back when it first launched. Would’a, should’a, could’a.

As Bootae mentions, players should not be overly surprised if we find some glitches here and there that interrupt our fun. The last few patches have been fairly smooth but this one is crammed full of all sorts of goodness. And having just gone through a nightmarish upgrade to a software application I’m in charge of at work I can say there is usually nothing routine about such things.

That said, let’s hope for a smooth rollout and good times a plenty. I’m guessing there will be more than a little RvR going on.

2 Responses to “Where Will You Be … ?”

  1. Yeah. I will be at work as well. I will try and purchase the packs while at work so that I don’t have to try and do thay while everyone is else.

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