The Verminous Horde (Pack Your Poison)

Alright … so … more info. Or you can skip straight to the Verminous Horde page.

I wanted to know what, exactly, we’ll be seeing in the packs and most importantly what they will cost. The Letter has shed some light on both of these questions.

There’s been much discussion concerning the EA Store and the pricing we see for the new Entitlements being offered to WAR players. Some of the prices seem fair while others are kind of steep for what you get. I like the proposed pricing for these RvR Packs.

Choosing to buy one of the Packs will cost $10 or $15 for both. Everyone’s financial situation is different so each player will need to determine if that is fair for what you get. For me, that’s easily lunch during the week … I can pack a sandwich one day and be good to go. But again, that’s my situation.

The Packs shake out like so …

Access to Renown Ranks 81 – 100.
– Access to the Doomflayer and Warpforged RR81+ armor sets.
– Access to the RR81+ scenario weapons.
– Renown acceleration from RR1 – 80 for all characters on account.

– Barber Surgeon tokens (4) to change character appearance.
– Vanity Pets (4).
– Heavy Mount for RR60+ characters granting 70% speed boost.
– Expanded dye options.

Is that enough to earn your $10 or $15? I can’t answer that. I hope that opening up progression for the RR80’s will bring back a lot of players. The new campaign mechanic should improve the core of the game and again, bring back the fun.

I feel it’s what happens after these packs that will truly give us a glimpse of what to expect. I am all for this approach to add new things to the game in a quicker fashion. If they add worthwhile things to make the game better then it’s a good thing. However, adding ranks and armor will only go so far. We’ll need more substance … new classes, races, zones, dungeons … real expansion stuff.

So … about the Red Plague … no mention.

8 Responses to “The Verminous Horde (Pack Your Poison)”

  1. Isn’t the Red Plague soemthing in the lore that ties into Skaven? I have a feeling it will be mentioned in dialogue boxes on NPC’s that 1% of the population will read. It could also be tied into the new RR95 epic quest.

    • It was a reference to a disease the Skaven unleashed previously and was subtlely referenced that got the hype meters going earlier this year.

      RR95 Epic Quest? What’s that?

      • They announced some place that there will be a new epic quest available at RR95. No details on rewards or anything yet though.

  2. I really have no complaints about the pricing. Like you I will have that heavy mount, since I’m cheesed off with being left behind.

  3. Agreed. 15 for both really is not bad.

    Haven’t yet looked at the heavy mounts, but as long as they don’t have giant F***ing wings I will be more than pleased.

  4. Well that’s kinda meh. $15 isn’t bad at all but right now it feels like more of a “please insert more quarters into the machine to keep playing” thing than a “look what I can do!” kinda thing. BUT I agree on the “it feels like they are holding something back” thing, and some of the changes in 1.4 are looking mighty nice. I hope this gets people to come back 🙂 I’ll probably be back later this month when I get my paycheck. Hopefully in time for 1.4 🙂

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