Patch Notes & Ponderings

The patch notes for 1.4 are out.

Definitely a lot to read through — some items we already knew about and others we’re seeing for the first time. What jumped out was that there will only be two RvR Packs. The initial discussion centered around there being three: Power, Progression, & Personality. So much for Power.

There are some good things in these but it seems as though there’s more not being mentioned. How do you price these things? Checking out some of the prices on the EA Online Store it makes me cringe at what the complete packs will run. It’s nice to see the Server Transfer but $19.99 is a little steep for only one character, no? If you have yet to start some ALTs the ‘Mount’ packs sound appealing since each and every toon you ever create will have the access. The Trinkets of the World is fluff but is the price cheap enough that someone will pull the trigger? The WAR Tract for $9.99 on every toon you create could be nice if we can still get the “free-level” quest in game, too. Is $10 worth the time it might take to actually level? Depends upon the person. Lastly, the Herald Pet might appeal to many but I’m left wondering if everyone gets a snotling? Even Order? What happened to the Powder Monkey and the Dwarven Pitbull? I didn’t complete the process but it looks like these items are available right now. As for the RvR Packs themselves, when they will be available and what they will cost? Dunno. So far, the feedback has not been pleasant on these prices and some wonder if this is the feelers for an eventual F2P model. Mythic said otherwise but one has to wonder.

Back to the patch notes which go through the changes to the RvR campaign, that scenarios will no longer contribute, the Skaven RvR Dungeon zone, playable Skaven classes, the revamp to the Renown System, various fixes to classes, etc. What are these “container items” being mentioned that are made available through the Personality Pack? The description makes sense only in that it will function like a PQ loot bag but then pzzzzt.

What popped out was the section on RvR armor sets — something I had pondered about previously. With so many changes to the overall RvR Campaign armor acquisition was most likely to change. And it has.

We’re told that the Annihilator set will no longer be available via Keep PQ bags and will not cost alternative currency. I take that to mean it will cost gold. Something similar was mentioned for Conqueror in that Conqueror Crests would no longer be required. Does that mean gold or will they be available with Officer Medallions?

Invader items are seemingly skipped over but Invader Crests will be attainable via Keep PQ Bags or for players who do not win a bag. So again, one is left to assume the RR50+ set is only purchasable not winnable. To purchase will that method be changed or the same?

The big surprise is seeing Warlord dropped into gold Keep PQ bags. So now rather than bitching at the lowbies in your city instance for winning, you get to roll against everyone around the keep … which could be a ton of people. And should you lose, your consolation prize will be Warlord Crests for the zone flip. So if your luck is as bad as mine … you’ll be buying your Warlord.

As the lower sets have tumbled so has Sovereign. Once the end-all-be-all it is now the prize for Stage I of the City Siege. Royal Crests are also attained here for both winners and losers.

What isn’t mentioned is what the prizes will be for Stages II and III. Thinking what Skar is thinking … will the two new RR81+ sets be found here (Doomflayer, Warpforged)? All the patch notes say are that they will be made available via the Quartermasters and via “drops” in game. Does that mean via Stage II Warlord drops? Or off of defeated players in the City Siege drops? What about drops from killing Skaven RvR Dungeon Bosses? Pretty vague. How and where do the new currencies come in (Captain Medallions, Doomflayer and Warpforged Crests)? More info needed or has this all yet to be determined?

The Stage II Warlord purple weapons will become a part of taking Keeps and the Stage III weapons are bounced to Stage I. So are there new, more apocalyptic weapons taking their place in Stages II and III? How about those missing mythic King Weapons?

And so you don’t feel left out … Overlord lovers … you’ll still be able to acquire this set via Stage I of the city. So you can sleep easy.

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  1. My guess is that we will see the other pets as part of the Personality Pack.

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