Resigned …

… to the fact that I probably won’t hit RR80 before the RvR Packs come. True, we don’t know exactly when these “expansions” will hit but December has been mentioned. Patch 1.4 testing has been under way for the past few weeks with players being able to see much of the new stuff coming. Dev posts are up gathering feedback on what works well and what does not. Is there really enough time between now and then to make adjustments? More importantly … will there be some form of official announcement about these packs? Somehow I don’t see December as the actual target.

Still some uncertainty on the Skaven RvR zone … still many tweaks coming for the RvR campaign changes … no actual word on a release date … yeah … I could be wrong but it sounds like a delay coming.

Meanwhile … in game there hasn’t been a whole lot of worthwhile action. Reading the plights of other Iron Rockers, it’s true. Some nights you get good times while others not so much. Of late there’s been far too much of the latter than the former.

I’ve been eager to run scenarios vs. RvR as there is a chance for more renown per time played, fun, plus I still need 300 – 400 of those stupid Royal Insignias for my Royal weapon. Damn treadmill.

Also, there’s been a decline in the number of regular guildies on night to night so even getting into a dungeon run is not a given. Where we once had anywhere from 10 – 25 guildies on each and every night … there are only a handful here and there. It’s for many of the same reasons others cite: being RR80 capped, rerolling ALTs on other servers, or trying other games. Another is playing the waiting game for the “expansion” to finally arrive.

All of these are valid reasons, but still they make for logging in to be more often than not a deflating experience. All that and no Producer’s Letter for October … unless I missed it.

12 Responses to “Resigned …”

  1. Feeling exactly the same mate. RvR has been lacking, and scenarios are few and far between on IR. It makes for a sad state right now.

  2. Oh, you’re a tricky devil you are.
    Making me feel all blue inside with that post title only to find that, thankfully, you won’t be leaving us.

    I took a week off from WAR myself, just wasn’t feeling it. Finished reading three Horus Heresy books, replayed a few RPGs and now I’m ready to dive in again and be brutally murdered.

    And I forbade myself from reading too much about Skaven before it’s live. I want to be surprised, for once.

    • I took a class on headline writing! LOL Just in a lull at the moment and am looking forward to 1.4. I know a lot of players that will be coming back. I do still play but have been distracted by other things.

  3. Heh, it’s been the same issue on our side. Many of my guildies left/took a break, so a good night means we can field a full group, maybe a group and a half as a guild. Sad times, but in some ways I like it better. At least the few of us who are still around have learned to work well together!

  4. I’m hoping to motivate some old timers to return for 1.4. If I do that I expect a free year from Mythic for the effort 🙂

  5. I am resigned as well.

    I see myself leaving WAR in the not-so-distant future.

    I feel the game is changing its direction too much along with its improvements. Sure, alot of the changes are for the best – no more “Wait-Hammer” for example. But for Order to ‘have’ to have Skaven forces and equipment in the mix, just to maintain parity with Destruction is a ‘foul’ to me.

    Before Skaven, Order and Destruction had mirrored options of each other. Now the choice is to go with Skaven for parity’s sake or go without – no alternative.

    I find it strange that, storywise, for all the years that Warhammer has been around, the forces of Order have never resorted to Skaven aid, but I guess that “times are changing”. But the fact that Skaven gear is better than Order gear is break in logic to me. Call me a purist or whacked, it’s what I think.

    Yet, I have determined to live without Skaven skins and gear, suffer the consequences and leave those Skaven things to others to pursue.

    Now I have learned that the Progression Pack is required for faster RR leveling and to progress beyond RR 80.


    It seems like my $15 a month is no longer enough to reach the highest RR levels (despite suffering as a punching bag and doormat for RR 70+ Destro players for the past six months). Nor is $15 a month enough for me to progress as fast as others willing to spend some loose coin. To me, it’s the principle of the point more than the dollar figure.

    Is it really fair to be able to buy faster progression? If so, where does it stop? Why not just buy a level 40/80 character from the get go? What is the difference really? Eitherway, I have paid extra money for a more advanced character – one that I didn’t advance myself.

    I get it that the Makers have to generate income and increase player-base – hence these changes I guess. But did the Skaven option really have to be an all or nothing deal and what is the value of having a hard won, high level character when the guy next to you has bought his character that high. Worse yet, how should I feel when I continue to get “Steam Rolled” by a guy who paid for faster progression?

    I guess I feel like the Skaven and Progression Pack changes could have gone a different way.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    • Skaven’s inclusion has been kind of a letdown. Many players wanted them as a playable race rather than as a pseudo-playable one. I’m in agreement that their allying with Order is a bad idea. The lore explanation has already been debunked as quite a stretch. That said … I enjoy the game and will give them a whirl but probably not all that often.

      Until we know how much the RvR Packs collectively will cost … it’s difficult to say if they will be worth it. I don’t foresee the pack making it an instant jump to RR80 … but we’ll have to wait for the specifics. If one plays regularly, getting to RR60 isn’t all that hard. Things get a little more difficult after that.

      My hope is that with Patch 1.4 the major overhauls will be done and we can get some reall expansion type stuff like new races, classes, etc. But we’ll have to wait and see.

      Thanks for posting!

  6. My highest boyo is RR40, so getting to RR60 is a ways off. But it is more difficult to advance after RR60? {sigh}

    But the new patch is why I like Warhammer so much (in fact, I play no other game). The new patch gives me hope that there will be a draw for the RR65+ folks to be off being busy dealing with each other rather than the lowbies like myself.

    I am also quite excited for the new dynamic of ORvR resource and realm flipping. I play with four others and we expect to be full time bodyguards for those little flunkies running hither and yon. Or maybe a Raid Team for the Destro ones…

    For the most part, I like the upcoming (proposed) changes a lot and look forward to them.

    If the Makers throw in new races, classes or other such stuff at some point – it would be like X-mas day for me!

    “Woo Hoo! I’ll take the Templar or Mercenary Captain please!”


    • It really depends upon how much you play. As you move up the amount of renown needed for each level gets higher. For a somewhat active player, getting to RR60 isn’t so hard. It’s after that where it gradually gets harder. I noticed it getting tougher for me when I got over RR73-74. I’m still at RR76 but have not been playing nearly as much as I once did.

  7. Mr. K,

    I felt the need to return to this blog given the recent news: “Addressing the Powergap” (

    I was stunned by the announcement! In one fell swoop, it allayed many of my fears and gripes while instilling in me greater hope and confidence with the developers. It has (seemingly) been a long time in coming, but for a two year old game, I think that it is a fair amount of time. After all, there have been a lot of changes in the last two years and accurately tracking them to anticipate improvements for the next patch is tricky work.

    So I just want to say that I am quite pleased with the initiative, ingenuity and responsiveness the Makers have shown by instituting these changes and I look forward to playing the game. Heck, I might even buy that progression pack now – it’s only one month’s rent and seems to be well worth it. I’ll look at it like I look at the Unlimited Trial: for ten more bucks, I can access the “Executive Level” of the game AND get a RR boost up to that point. If someone wants to keep the ten bucks to themselves, they can still play with a lot of folks of comparable level for as long as they want. The cost benefit ratio really favors the player, but gives something to the Makers, which I think is fair given all the patches they are doing. (can you see the change in my attitude?)

    The Skaven thing? Since I am a purist, I’ll leave that to others to enjoy. Sure, I’ll play the instance, but if I get a token for a skin, I’ll pass it along or not use it. I hope the developers have considered that point. If not, maybe they will now?

    Again wanted to come back and express my renewed faith and growing confidence in the Makers as well as share my giddiness with the news.

    That new gaming keyboard just got a whole lot more attractive…

    Thanks for the space to comment.


    • Nice to hear about your turnaround!

      These new developments are being very well received. I think they are a good thing. The Verminous Horde RvR Packs are the first of many … or so they say. Mythic’s goal is to release these smaller “expansions” every six months or so. That could be a good thing to keep the game fresh.

      As for Skaven … you mentioned your concerns about the new armor sets. Don’t fret and don’t think of them as gear from rats. Their names are just that … names. Consider them the next step up in the RvR armor chain that happen to have Skaven-esque names. I don’t think you’ll be seeing any High Elves running around in Skaven armor.

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