Time of the EA Season (Layoffs)

News from the EA front with their unfortunate ritual of letting folks go in the 4th quarter timeframe. Not the kind of post I like to make but …

I wonder how long before EA has no one on the payroll who actually does the work. All development, design, execution will be done via external studios and contractors while the only actual employees are the distribution and marketing administratum. My cousin once worked in the video game field tangentially some 5+ years ago. He said it was common for much of the work to be outsourced. Video game developers are no different than most American companies these days. But it’s all good for corporate profits and executives’ compensation plans.

No word on any BioWare Mythic layoffs but then again … EALouse mentioned November as the death knell. Hopefully he/she was wrong but we’ll know soon enough. I assume with Star War: The Old Republic in major development mode and the still needed work on the WAR RvR Packs they could squeak by … one hopes.

Best of luck to all those who were let go. Hopefully things turn around soon and jobs become more plentiful.

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