Doomed and Warped

There’s a couple Dev posts on the forums revealing initial stats for the new armor sets (tanks and healers) that will make Sovereign look like Precursor gear. Those with even a slight acuteness will see from the post that the names of these two new sets are Doomflayer and Warpforged. Sounds pretty cool.

The names say a lot for how we will probably be acquiring this gear. If you’ve had the chance to read Gaarawarr’s epic post on the anticipated addition of Skaven to WAR (and I suggest giving it a read), then you will see in the lore where “Doomflayer” comes from and the Skaven’s fondness for Warpstone should be a clue for “Warpforged”.

Arms Race
I don’t have a problem with gear getting progressively better as one moves up through the game. There’s much concern that adding two sets of gear beyond Sovereign will further widen the gap, thus leaving those in the lower ranks even further behind. That leaves me wondering what would be fair? Should a RR80 be on equal footing with a RR50? Nope.

I expect a higher level toon to be more powerful otherwise why would anyone continue to level? Same for the gear. If Sovereign was the end of the road (as it is today), what incentives are there for players to continue playing their RR80 toons? Despite all the things I’ve mentioned before that one can do, we’ve seen what it’s like the past six plus months. They roll ALTs, try other servers, or leave the game.

Keep ‘Em Separated
The new Skaven RvR Dungeon has been called a Tier 5 by some … I can agree with that. Since there is a renown restriction for entrance it will separate the powerful from the less powerful. RR80’s will have new purpose in the game with another 20 renown ranks to go through and two new sets of gear to acquire. Who knows what else is awaiting us that has yet to be announced. This dungeon, when available, will siphon the RR65+ players away from the main campaign leaving a much more even battlefield. Honestly, until we know what the renown will be like in the new campaign, what other incentives would there be for high-renown ranked players to fight over keeps?

If you’re ranked under RR65 would you cry if those players weren’t in the fray? If you’ve gotten trapped in a scenario with a premade of RR80’s you know how ugly it can get. That translates onto the RvR lake as well. So when those Doombells chime we can anticipate an exodus of those players which will give way to a more even battle for those left behind. And that should be good overall for the game.

Chasing Cheese
As Gaarawarr eluded to, these new sets will probably be available via some sort of Skavenesque mechanism. You don’t think we’ll just be fighting for the right to run around as a rat, do you? Even though there are a huge number of players who want Skaven as a permanent playable race, there are still a lot of others who could care less. What exactly will be their motivation?

Gaar mentions some sort of Warpstone tokens which sounds quite feasible. We’ve been told that the endgame city siege will still be the centerpiece and of most import in the game. But we know what’s at the end of that rainbow. So if Karl and Tchar’zanek drop Sovereign, where exactly will Doomflayer and Warpforged come from? And if these sets are beyond Sov does that dimish the two kings?

The Warpstone token concept would make sense considering that’s a method for buying other armor sets. That doesn’t sound appealing unless this currency will be dropping left and right. As we move up the scale from Decimator to Sovereign … the prices go up considerably as the tokens used to buy them become less frequent. You can buy Sovereign but it will take you a lifetime. We can only imagine these two new sets will be even more expensive. So there’s that to look forward to.

Beyond tokens, I can see these 5-piece set pieces dropping off of the various Skaven bosses we will face in the Underway. Will they drop in abundance like they did in the old King instances or will there be more gold bags to hope for? And just as losing a gold bag to a RR40 in the current city can be frustrating, how will it feel for a RR85 losing out to a RR65?

More Frustration?
BioWare Mythic does surprise us. When we think we’re going one way, they take us another. So whether it’s tokens, loot drops, or gold bags, the frustration of getting loot in WAR will most likely continue. The surprise could be perhaps a new way for gear to drop? Maybe these sets of armor won’t actually be a set to “get” per say. What?!? Imagine if Sovereign will still be king and needed as we accumulate Warpstone. The mineral will be used to upgrade our Sovereign into Doomflayer and eventually Warpforged. That would be different, a rat armorsmith. It would get players to still want to take part in the city but would make us go for duplicate pieces of an already difficult set to acquire. Scratch that idea … I hate it and pray this isn’t what we have in store.

Here’s hoping to some formal announcements soon.

One Response to “Doomed and Warped”

  1. Oh I very much like your idea of upgrading. Gather some token, upgrade your sove, and voila!

    I dont’ think it would create a gearing problem honestly. True, Sovereign is a nightmare to get these days, but if they could chuck in a fix to separated opting out (opt out only for gold, only for purple or for everything) most of that would be fixed. Consider also that a player has 9 renown ranks before he can wear full sovereign, and a possible 5 more before he can start wearing the next set, and you’ve got plenty of time.

    On the subject of needing two sets; with the mentioned fix it should be much easier to get the gear. Plus, if you want gear for an offspec, you should work for it. Since mixing the sove sets is usually dumped in favour of a full set or other (TovL), I don’t see any other reason for getting two sets.

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