Skaven Portal … Yep

I went over to Warpstone tonight to take a look around and I found some pretty cool stuff.

Interested in the soon to be revamped Renown System, I stopped by the Renown Trainer. Here’s what the new screen looks like:

It looks very straightforward. You can pick and choose what you want. I see this as a big improvement over the old system. I’ll have to login again and play around for different builds to see what I want.

Then I hopped down to Tier 3 where tomorrow night’s test will take place. Passwatch Castle in Talabecland was for Order while Stoneclaw Castle in High Pass is for Destruction. These zones lend themselves nicely to this as will Avelorn and Saphery. I wonder how the non-connected zones of Black Fire Pass and the Badlands will work since one can’t run between them in the RvR lake. When I arrived Order had 3 of the 4 BO’s and resources were already starting to accrue. What happens is as you own a BO, the icon for the BO will begin to fill from bottom to top. Once it fills up completely, a Resource Carrier will appear. I decided to follow one from Ogrund’s Tavern in High Pass. This guy must’ve been riding drunk as his path was anything but straight. He eventually made his way to what was the old Warcamp at Dogbite Ridge.

I guess the crickety, crooked pathing is to make defending them a bit more challenging. I poked around Passwatch and saw the lovely siege weapons at our disposal. Then I looked around and saw some griffin just chilling on one of the towers. Those are the Order bombers. So I hopped on one and took a ride. (Destro gets manticores.)

It was a lot of fun riding around but sadly … it’s like a Disney ride on rails. It follows a set flight path and at times you come low to the ground into range so the enemy can attack you. You eventually find yourself at the enemy keep where you will circle it as a part of your attack run. After a while, the Destro that were there manned the siege weapons and started blasting me.

I eventually died after multiple passes. It was a lot of fun and will be an interesting dynamic. The pre-determined path will lead to folks knowing where they fly over and will eventually lead to easy avoidance. I also got a chance to try the paratrooper effect which allows you to drift down to earth from your bomber. Cool! I wonder if this is a test run for us one day getting flying mounts? Just a thought.

Lastly, when I was meandering around Tier 4, I approached the Graveyard BO in Praag to see what was going on and saw this …

It’s Skaven-like appearance tells me this must be the way we’ll be accessing the new Skaven RvR Dungeon. As I clicked on it a message said it was unavailable. The Witch Hunter at the BO looked at me unapprovingly and facepalmed as I asked him: “Why Skaven?” You’ll notice hanging down in the middle of its arch is a mini doombell. Awesome! I went by a Destro controlled BO (Martyr’s Square) and there was one there as well. As I was checking it out innocently enough some Marauder ganked me. HEY! We’re all friends on the PTS! LOL

So if you can, get out there tomorrow night for North America players and on Friday if you’re in Europe! Also start checking the forums for Dev posts about items coming in Patch 1.4. Voice your opinions!

9 Responses to “Skaven Portal … Yep”

  1. It’s certainly looking cool, if Passwatch Castle in Talabecland = Order and Stoneclaw Castle in High Pass = Destruction that avoids my issue as Order can fly to high pass for WC or Tab for keep and vice versa for Destro.

    I think they mentioned the carrier pathing is also to make sure BO are equal distance from both Warcamps to avoid one side getting a advantage.

    • Tier 3 appears as though it will be different. If you’re Order and fly to Talabecland … you will land in Passwatch (guess no more flying to Unterbaum Cemetery). If I opt for High Pass it seems I will land in the old Order Warcamp. That would make it easier to go attack or defend rather than always landing in the Keep. As others have pointed out, it would be fairly easy to blockade people inside, not letting them out.

      I hope they do give options for where you want to land as the Tier 4 zones will be different where the old warcamp is on the same map as the keep.

      It does appear to keep things even, each zone will have two BO’s in proximity to each keep. That will at least start both sides sort of on even footing to gather resources.

  2. Go and have a look at tier 2, since I’d like to know how it works there? 1 fort.

    • There weren’t any player templates for Tier 2 toons … but I guess I could chicken it on over there. My guess would be that for the Empire/Chaos pairing Mandred’s would be Order and Stonetroll would be Destro.

      Things will have to be a bit different there as there are no outer walls to deal with and with no keep lord and minimal defense zone flips could get nuts and near ridiculous. The same problem I mentioned about Tier 3 would persist in Dwarf/Greenskin Tier 2 as those RvR zones don’t meet up.

  3. It would also be nice, if we were allowed to fly around instead of on rails. What I am trying to say is, yes if you need to have a predefined path, fine, but create a flyable space within that tunnel, in 3 directions.

    • I can see some real problems with the rails. I tried the Griffin Bombers a few times last night and there is one spot where you come down low to the ground. Once players figure out where this spot is, they can be waiting with siege weapons and a slew of people to bomb the crap out of you. Depending how much damage they can do you could totally take the bombers out of the equation.

  4. So you saw my hint thing? Did it take awhile, because I was changing zones for one hour trying to find it for a screenshot and it didn’t appear once =O

  5. Sweeeeet thanks.

    Maybe I just have bad luck.

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