Skaven “Zone”

More information about the upcoming RvR Packs! This time we have some details about the Skaven “zone”. Bootae took one for the team by listening to Ten Ton Hammer’s grating podcast. Honest, it took about 5 minutes of dreck to get to anything in this podcast and then another drag of time to even get to the interview with Carrie. So, many thanks to Bootae! Combat pay is due! Werit also has a writeup about it on his blog.

I use quotes above because once you read about the “zone” you’ll quickly see it’s not really a zone at all. It sounds more like a 24-v-24 scenario that will feature mechanics similar to the current city siege. Call it city siege lite. The term RvR dungeon is being presented so perhaps this will be larger in scope with more interesting twists and turns than we imagine.

This instance will lead two 24-man forces of RR65+ players into a literal rats’ nest to fight it out in attempts to slay one of a handful of Skaven heroes. How many of these will be in the dungeon or if players will face more than one has yet to be revealed. The victor will gain access to the Skaven and will be able to use them for sieging keeps and taking BO’s in the RvR above. Definitely an interesting mechanic to unlock Skaven but still leaves a bunch of questions on specifics.

Since it’s instanced to 48 players, we may find ourselves with the problem of empty instances or highly lopsided ones similar to what we see in the current city siege. There could also be times when there simply are not enough players on at the time to meet the RR requirement. Not to mention that to gain access at all you’ll probably need to buy at least one of the RvR Packs. The lack of knowing how this will be made available it’s difficult to truly gauge. We know that whenever this comes out, players will flock to it … I know I will. And as mentioned previously by BioWare Mythic, this will slow the overall campaign. Perhaps a good thing to some players while not so good to others.

We’ve got a fairly nice picture of some of the items to expect in the RvR Packs. For me, there are two key things that will determine how awesome they will be:

  1. How much other stuff will be coming in the three packs? and
  2. How much will the packs cost?

Really, it should be one key thing and that’s the cost. If all the items we’ve been teased with to this point is spread across the three RvR Packs … what would be an acceptable amount to spend? $15, $20, $30? More? I don’t know. What would you pay for these items:

  • Pseudo-playable Skaven only usable in RvR.
  • A Skaven-themed RvR instanced dungeon used as a mechanism to unlock Skaven play.
  • Lifting the renown cap to RR100.
  • Access to two new sets of armor.
  • Vanity mounts and pets.

I don’t list the RvR overhaul as that is tied to patch 1.4. I also assume the revamp to the renown system comes with the patch part and parcel. I get the impression there’s more to these packs than has been revealed since we know more info will be released over the next few weeks (we can assume it will be an official PR type announcement). I am also guessing that the things I list above will be spread across the three packs. That’s how I’d do it to ensure all get a close eye when it comes time for players to decide which to buy.

It’s a Monday and I’m feeling a bit blah. I should be more excited by all this but the gaps in real info make it a little difficult at the moment.

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