Okay … So There Is More (Celebrating Two Years of WAR …)

As soon as I asked … I was answered. For the 2-Year Anniversary of WAR we get a new, cool cloak … a new Double Aegis … and a Fireworks Launcher. There’s also a video.

4 Responses to “Okay … So There Is More (Celebrating Two Years of WAR …)”

  1. A nice little teaser at the end there. A possible look at the playable classes (if that’s even applicable)? I don’t know much about warhammer outside of the mmo, though, so I’ll count on you to figure out what kind of skaven those are 😉

  2. So Jeff and Paul are still alive !!!! Jeff being elevated to a Bioware Mythic Title, Paul creative director of Warhammer, still.

    Carrie talks of success. So lets see the subscription numbers please.

    Nice tease at the end. For godsakes lets see the detail. I will be very annoyed if nothing significant isn’t forth coming this weekend in the UK.

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