WAR’s 2-Year Anniversary

Hard to believe it’s been two years of WAR. There have been many ups and downs … good times and bad. For those of us that stuck with it we can finally see some cool stuff on the horizon. For those just recently signing up … you joined at just the right time!

Side note … is there anything else planned beyond the meager weekend of Double XP/renown? Or is that it?

Just wondering …

7 Responses to “WAR’s 2-Year Anniversary”

  1. I would love another fun item, like the Aegis, for the two year veterans.

  2. Afaik there are further plans for celebrating the anniversary.. but no details yet.

  3. Mythic really stinks at relaying information to the players. Here we are, five days past the actual anniversary and they’re still refusing to share any information on what is planned.

  4. Up on the herald today, new aegis, new cloak, new reusable fireworks display! http://herald.warhammeronline.com/warherald/NewsArticle.war?id=1304

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