RvRat Pack of POWER

The expansion direction of WAR should come as no surprise. Mythic mentioned long ago that they liked the “Live Expansion” and “DLC” methods of delivery — smaller chunks of new content released more frequently. And who wouldn’t want more, faster?

What we know as being concrete is the impending RvR Packs slated for later this year. Of which, we should expect some sort of overall theme name entailing the Red Plague. Have you so soon forgotten the little disease that started all this expansion madness? If things hold true, we’ll be able to enjoy the packs at some point in December … either soon after or coinciding with Patch 1.4 which will totally revamp the RvR campaign. (And if we’re lucky a Live Event to boot.)

What is Power? The first RvR Pack is named “Power” or at least that’s the name of its “theme” … and depending upon who you ask, their impression of what this name might entail will probably vary.

What ‘Power’ Should NOT Mean
Mythic has stated that none of these packs would enable players to buy their way to uberville. Let’s hope they mean it. I can’t imagine granting those who purchase it unlimited power or dramatically reduced cooldowns on their most lethal abilities. Although it would not surprise me if it did unlock a long path towards such goals. Meaning, no instant gratification but a grindy path towards empowering your toon. You’d still have to earn it rather than being handed it … step on the treadmill.

What I feel ‘Power’ Will Be
I feel this pack’s main goal will be granting buyers the ability to play as Skaven. The power of the limitless brood of rats is at your command. The power to derail the RvR campaign. The power to turn the tide of battle using a red-eyed chittering horde. Face it, players have been screaming for Skaven since before the game launched. Rodent fetishes aside, this should be an easy slam dunk on an 8-foot rim. Right? There are so many questions left unanswered and so many possible answers for each one. Would it have been easiest to just add the Skaven as a levelable race from Rank 1 — aligning them to the side of Destruction calling it a day?

Snippets of Fact
Andy and Carrie from Mythic have stated that Skaven:

  • Will not be ‘Monster Play’.
  • Will be available to players from both Order and Destruction.
  • Will not be playable from Rank 1 like other races.
  • Will not be available with the typical archetypes we’re accustomed.
  • Their “zone” will be a part of the Tier 4 campaign only.

That second bullet is the one that helps keep third realmers alive. How so? Since either side of the current battle can don the matted fur of the rats, this leads me to believe Skaven will be fighting everyone. And just like a rat to do so … they simply can’t be trusted. Could this be the third realm folks have been clamoring for without actually adding a full-blown third realm?

Questions That Need Answering
Still, we basically know squat when it comes to the implementation of Skaven. I could run a series of posts on how I think they will be added but when you see this list of questions I have, you’ll understand the minefield of rabbit holes one could spend time going down.

  • Will players start as a R40/RR40 Skaven?
  • Will Skaven have any rank at all?
  • Will players be able to level-up their rat?
  • Will Skaven accrue renown?
  • Will they have customizable appearances?
  • When “starting” a Skaven, will players get to select a clan (Eshin, Moulder, Pestilens, Skryre)?
  • Will there be gear they can achieve or get?
  • Will they be an option that players can play all the time or only part of the time?
  • Will they be able to lock zones?
  • Will locking zones even be a goal for Skaven?
  • Will they be limited to the RvR lakes?
  • Will they be able to take part in city sieges?
  • If not, would there be anything for Skaven to do while a city siege is taking place?
  • Can they queue for scenarios?
  • Can they be taken into instanced dungeons?
  • Will Skaven have access to Land of the Dead?
  • Will there be a reason to want to play as a Skaven all the time?

All I can say is this better be good. For the longest time I’ve thought that the Skaven were a silver bullet. They are the one trump card to be played that would bring back long lost players and draw in new ones. If put into WAR in the right way … Yatzee! If not, it could wind up being a huge facepalm moment.

In my mind, this has potential to be a hit. I’ve said it before, I don’t care if Skaven are playable … but many players do. For their sakes I hope Skaven’s addition to the game is a homerun.

5 Responses to “RvRat Pack of POWER”

  1. I’m with you on the Skaven part, but I think that the ‘Power Pack’ will have more to do with unlocking the Skaven-related RvR vendors. Carrie and Andy have made comments about equipment and goodies from the Skaven zone that will not be usable to characters that had not purchased the packs.

    My guess is that there will be a series of vendors (like the LotD ones) that will offer equipment and consumables in exchange for barter items gained in the zone. Those vendors will only be functional for your characters if you’ve purchased the packs, and I’m guessing more specifically, the Power Pack.

    • I did hear that and it would make sense. Andy had mentioned that there would be things in each pack that players would want. If they were smart, they’d split up all the best features into the three packs so as to not load up one. You want to ensure you sell as many of each as possible.

      I do feel Skaven themselves will be within one pack. I can’t fathom their access being split across them all … that would be dirty pool. Buy this one to play them … this one to advance their level … and this one to customize their look.

  2. Maybe, I guess we’ll see. I’m sort of thinking that if you buy any of the three packs, you’ll get access to Skaven, but who knows what will come of it. It’s not as if it matters to me personally, as I’m almost certain to buy all three anyway!

    • I think there may be a few things “unlockable” buying any of the three packs. One would think that RR81-100 would be one of them but then again … the RvR Pack called Progression might be where that lives.

      What I’ll be interested to see is how much the packs will cost. Will they all be the same price or will they vary depending upon what’s in each?

      Games Day UK is this weekend (I think) so I’m hoping we get some new info.

  3. […] Progression Pack In a previous post I floated the idea of Skaven being a part of the RvR ‘Power’ Pack. As we’ve just learned, Skaven […]

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