The Excitement of City Purple

Why does the Royal purple bag come up lame compared to the Warlord purple bag?

Way Back When
In the old days of city sieges there was many a player hoping for that elusive purple bag in Stage 1. Why? It offered up a pretty nice purple jewelry item (Onslaught) with some pretty nice stats. Here’s the versions I received:

Those aren’t too bad if you’re not into TOVL glyphs. Everyone wanted that Stage 1 purple. I can’t speak for purple bags that dropped in Stage 2 within the Warlord PQs having never taken part in them.

Within the King Instance there wasn’t a PQ dropping bags, the various mini-bosses would sometimes drop very desireable purple weapons. Ooooooh … aaaaaahhhhh. And woe be to the lowbie who rolled on those! I was never fortunate enough to get one and for the many months I repeatedly ran the instance … not a whole lot of them ever hit the floor.

In the Now
Today, Stage 1 (Invader) still awards purple bags that have those same Onslaught items as the reward. Being a fine addition to any up-and-coming toon, these should still be desired items.

Stage 2 (Warlord) is where we get some real loot! Hidden in these purple bags are some really nice purple weapons that once lived in the Warlord PQs. I was fortunate enough to get one recently… not too bad (lame talis I know … all I had on me at the time):

It seems that Stage 1 is still a single purple and the Warlord offers multiple. So while you’re grinding scenarios trying to get the 800+ insignias needed for your Royal weapon … slotting one of these Warlord purples should work in the interim.

Getting to the Point
The new three-stage city siege offers more opportunities to win goodies. (That lowbies can partake and reap those same rewards is a debate for another time.) Nixing the King Instance where did all those weapons go? One assumes that during Stage 3 (Royal) in addition to Sovereign gear, there would be sheer awesomeness awaiting the winner of purple. What, exactly, might the “winner” have to look forward to? One of these, perhaps?

Wha? Stuffed in Royal purple bags is lackluster purple gear that’s on par with Invader. Would you don Overlord? No. And despite the fact I have all the Primeval “set” pieces that drop in TOVL … they won’t ever see the light of day on my toon. I suppose they could be used as filler gear as you attain missing set pieces.

As far as a purple bag “treasure” in the third and final stage of the city … it’s more often than not a purple bag booby prize. I’d have more use for a duplicate piece of Sovereign or clutching those Royal crests than ever thinking about using Overlord. (And as I type that, some reader’s feelings were hurt as they are rocking Overlord and like it.) Don’t get me wrong, but the purple equivalents in the Invader and Warlord stages actually make players want them.

It seems that in one of these purples (maybe the very top one in the winners list) … these King instance weapons are available. All I hear from guildies in vent after a Royal Stage win as they open their purple bags: “Overlord … great”. They sound like Charlie Brown on Halloween. And then they choose the crests. Perhaps only dropping a few purples with these weapons would be better than peddling near useless armor. But I guess we can’t get everything. So if you “win” purple in Stage 3 … curb your enthusiasm.

Does Overlord at least look different than other armor pieces or is it more of the same?

UPDATED: I’ve made some updates to this post thanks to details provided by Blaq.

13 Responses to “The Excitement of City Purple”

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I add some information to your post. 🙂

    Stage 1 purple bag still drops the jewelry, but it seems that on both, offense and defense, the jewelry is the same (you used to get a hp regen one on defense and a crit one on offense). The problem is that you are lucky if one purple bag drops in stage 1 and then you need to win it out of 24 other people. I’ve been chasing that jewelry on my WP since forever, at least in the old IC you could get someone to roll on it, and pass it to you if he already had it.

    As for stage 2 purple bags, I believe that they drop weapons that used to be in the warlord PQ purple bags. And stage 3 purple bags drop weapons that used to drop from Citadel sub-bosses. They seems to vary tho, depending on wheter you are attacking or defending (I’ve heard Altdorf tends to give shields/offhands, while IC gives weapons for order, I’ve certainly gotten three stage 3 offhand books in Altdorf while trying to get my weapon, so it seems true).

    In my experience, the drop rate isn’t THAT bad. I’ve gotten my greatweapon on my SM in my first run, on my WL on my second run or so and I’ve gotten the nice offhand and the worthless 1h hammer on my WP. Of course, I did get about 5 Overlord pieces on all my toons. I guess I’m just lucky enough?

    • Thanks for the updated info!

      I never roll in Stage 1 so didn’t know it was still a single bag. That’s pretty rough. So the weapon I got in Stage 2 is from purples in the Warlord PQs … hmmm. It’s a nice addition to my collection but it rarely gets used.

      I only know one person who received a weapon from the purple Stage 3 bag. Everyone else seems to get stuck with Overlord. At least knowing there’s an even better weapon in there, I guess it’s just a matter of extremely good luck to get it.

  2. Last week, I was hoping for a Gold Warlord bag; but, I got a purple instead with the Staff. :(. Not too bad of a trade off, though. I need to experiment with it.

    • Gratz!

      It’s a nice staff. As you can see, even with a +22 INT tali it grants nice INT and the wounds are nice plus some Magic Power.

      I really don’t use it all that often as I rotate Enrateus (purple staff from LV) and one of the Sandstorm staffs.

  3. Here is a great link on the forums that is tracking this info. I am pretty certain that stage 3 bags with useful items in them come from the 1st or 2nd purple bags only. And are dependent upon attacking or defending.

  4. I totally won the 2 hander for a royal purple bag. It’s freaking sweet. I do, however, know the pain of the crappy purple bags 😦

  5. I’ve won four Stage 3 purple bags now and they’ve each contained Overlord junk. (Two boots, a helm, a chest). I’ll never wear any of it. The armor values are nice enough and there are some decent stats, but the lack of set bonuses is a killer.

  6. Interesting about the purple bags

    Won 2 purples in City Siege this morning, and thanks to the items being bind on equip, they went to my wife’s KoTBS (was playing my Knight alt…lol). One I did not pick up…and it was Stage 1 (now I am excited, as I had never seen a purple in Siege)…and the next one was 3rd stage. Luckily, the wifey is a PvE player, and has no Renown gear…so actually, that purple armor is going to rock for her.

    Lovely stuff

    • Overlord isn’t bad … but it falls short of the sets that offer bonuses. After I posted this folks helped fill in some of the gaps for me so now I have something to look forward to in Stage 3. I hope to win that first purple bag and get a King Instance weapon.

      Good stuff! Your wife must’ve been happy with the new items.

  7. In regards to looks, at least in the case of the hammer I won, it looks identical to pretty much every other 2 hander besides the scenario weapons, which have new artwork.

  8. I know I am late writing here, as I have been taking a little break from Warhammer while I sort some things out at home, but just to toss this in, I managed to get two of the warlord weapons on my white lion and I was lucky enough to get the king weapon on my Knight. My knight got a pretty damn nice two hander of the king, but i had to get a lot of overlord before that. Overlord isn’t terrible, it’s just terribly dissapointing, because it really isn’t any where close to the upgrade that the weapons are. Oh yes, and the two hander for the knight uses the wonderful “sigmars Justice” graphics, which I have always loved so point sfor style too!

    • No comment is too late. I noticed I haven’t seen you around. Overlord is disappointing when you figure it’s something you win for Stage 3. So-so stats and no set bonuses make them an “only as needed” piece of gear.

      Gratz on the weapons! That’s what I am hoping for from Stage 3.

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