Changing Direction

Up to this point I’ve written more than a few posts about ideas to expand WAR. Along the way, much of what I’ve droned on about focused on the typical, boxed expansion ideas that we’re accustomed to for MMO’s. With all the expansion envy we’ve had to endure the past year or so, it’s only natural to speculate on our own game.

Over the past month we’ve learned that WAR won’t be taking that traditional route. The idea of these ‘packs’ sounds good if it means more new content on a more frequent basis. The monolithic concept of the retail boxed expansion usually means a two-year gap between releases. For all the money raked in and resources at hand, even Blizzard doesn’t supply the WOW faithful with expansions quicker than that. Our first helping will be three RvR Packs to choose from (Power, Progression, Personality). Through various interviews and Q&As more info has been pieced together for what we can expect from these three offerings. What stands out is that players need not purchase all three to continue their journey.

I can’t stress enough how big a deal “choice” will be for us. Being able to select one, two, or all three packs gives us players options other gamers aren’t always presented with. Take Wrath of the Lich King for example. I won’t pretend to know all that came within its box but the two big draws were the addition of Death Knights and Northrend which added more content and raid material. What if you could give a shit about playing a Death Knight but wanted more raids? Who cares … you still have to pay full price to get the stuff you do want and accept the stuff you don’t. And maybe that was okay for WOW players. But a mere month later I recall reading how people had already tore through all the new content. Two years of waiting and all it took was a month to beat? This is an MMO we’re talking about, right? Maybe that was just how long it took hardcore players. (shrug)

I see Power being the pack that offers playable Skaven, Progression the one providing bonuses and buffs for quicker leveling, and Personality still sounds like the fluff. If Skaven don’t appeal to you, there are two other packs to choose from where you don’t have to pay “full price”. That’s a good deal. The plan for the future sounds like other content will be released this way. Allowing players to choose which packs we want to buy without totally shutting us out of the game is a dramatic change. We’ve already learned that players will be able to continue playing WAR without buying any of the packs. The only current drawback to that is a cap of RR80. For some, that may be enough.

Definitely some interesting news awaits us leaving ample time to speculate on what contents we’ll find in these packs.

4 Responses to “Changing Direction”

  1. Aye, i’m fairly excited to see how it all plays out.

    Should be interesting to see how the Rvr packs in future work out as well, I know it far to early to guess but what if you don’t fancy the “Power” back this time round but the next one includes something you want? Will you need to pursue this one in order to be eligible for the next or will they all be stand alone or include the one from before?

    • I got the impression that each of the three RvR Packs will grant access to renown ranks 81-100. I envision this delivery method being quite flexible and could see new races, classes, and other things being rolled out this way.

  2. Mythic is still talking pre-Christmas release for this stuff. Given the potential scope of the changes involved (Skaven, RR100, mobile siege weapons, etc.), I hope that they test the hell out of it and not just with Core testers and invited guilds.

    • I’m sure there will be many test events for Patch 1.4 like we’ve seen with other patches.

      As for the RvR Packs … I haven’t a clue. Those things won’t technically be a patch — they will be a lot of new content. My guess is that core testers are probably already in there working on all this stuff … but I’m not a core tester so I can neither confirm or deny.

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