August Producer’s Letter

When the last day of the month rolls around, we know we’ll be getting Carrie’s letter. This one might have been more highly anticipated than some in the past.

I’m finding the letters to be more a general summary of information we’re getting from various other sources around the web, game mag interviews, and dev Q&A’s. I agree with Bootae that a large percentage of WAR players don’t read the blogs or other online gaming resources. Their main source of news is the WAR site and especially the Herald. Maybe us bloggers need to do a bit more advertising!

For those of us keeping track, there really isn’t a lot there for us that’s new. Even so, here are some of my thoughts on what Carrie discusses.

Free-to-Play … NOT
Many people perceive the RvR Packs to be a precursor to F2P. Mythic has been pretty clear they aren’t interested in that model. I like having choices and I’m sure many players agree. If you just want to play and have fun, not caring about how your toon looks, then not having to buy the Personality Pack is a good thing. If the RvR Packs have the right amount of substance, are priced accordingly, and do add nice value to our gaming experience, I look forward to future packs. F2P can be implemented well … LOTRO … or it can be done not so well … Allods Online. I hope WAR doesn’t ever go this route.

Skaven … Again
I’ve written so much about rats since I started blogging I should just change my blog name to “Krosuss says rats”. Carrie stresses that the new Skaven RvR zone is not meant to detract from the overall Tier 4 campaign — it will be a part of it. When Land of the Dead went live, there was a noticeable dip in RvR action to where the campaign came to a halt. I have no inside knowledge, but I keep getting a feeling that this won’t be a zone like we’re accustomed. Could the “zone” really be under all existing Tier 4 zones? That would be impressive.

As far as the rats being playable, I’m still perplexed at how this will work. With no firm details other than what we’ve been given, they still sound like ‘Monster Play’. That both Order and Destruction players will have access makes them sound akin to a Third Realm of sorts. One assumes to help turn the tide during the overall campaign. I’m forced to hold judgment until we know more but I get the feeling those crying for Skaven will be left disappointed. I hope I’m wrong.

All I can say is ugh. The renown rank bus slows to a crawl around RR 72 or so. I know because I’m working on RR76. I can barely imagine what it will be like trying to go from RR90 to RR100. Can you? All I can say is at the end of that rainbow it better be worth it. What should give players some hope is a lessening of the grind to reach RR80. It at least gives me some solace to know I can get ALTs up there without the same life drain. I agree in Carrie’s statement that to reach RR100 it should be a challenge. What good would it be if players could attain that rank in a month or two? I never played Dark Age of Camelot so I can’t comment on this RA system referenced but it sounds like it will add some flexibility, more options, and hopefully more incentives to rank up.

So overall a nice summary of things we already knew. It sounds like we’ll be getting more info the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to see what is leaked at Games Day UK. Nice to hear some of our European bloggers plan on attending.

5 Responses to “August Producer’s Letter”

  1. I hear ya on the RR gain… I’m just shy of 73 atm, and man does it take forever. I’m afraid to get over the hump and see another 350K rps for the next rank… it’ll make me cry a little bit inside. That said, I’m pretty set on bashing my head against the wall to get to 80 before that RVR pack comes out.

    I can’t even imagine getting multiple toons to 80… god what a timesink.

    • Since no renown will be held retroactively … you might want to gradually roll into RR80 right around the time the RvR Packs are slated to release. Each point of renown becomes so precious … I don’t want to waste any.

      I’m hopeful that in one of the RvR Packs there will be some sort of boost to help players get to RR80 … but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Well, I’m a casual player, so it’ll probably be that way anyway. I play two, maybe 3 nights a week, and at least one of those is in LV, ToVL, or both. So, I don’t have a ton of time to go grabbing RPs. I think that’s what makes it seem like a drag to the next RR too, since I only play a little per week, I’m on the same RR for a while. I’m STILL not over the 73 mark, though the next time I sit down to play for more than 30 mins I will be. That said, you certainly have a point about not wasting the RPs.

    • Weird. I’m about to hit 73 and I’m surprised because it’s not that big of a deal, I expected worse from what everyone told me. I was thinking that they probably meant the last 3 ranks or so. Now that I came this high I’m just screwing around and having fun. No pressure and all that. I think that might be reason.

      I do have plenty of other things to occupy me in WAR though, so maybe that’s the real reason. Regardless, to 80 and onwards!

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