Thoughts On the Eternal Citadel

So the latest new Weekend Warfront has come and gone … what’d you think? Overall I had fun with this new scenario but could readily see some flaws after only running it a handful of times.

PUGged to Death
If ever there was a need to run in a premade … this was it. My first 10 runs in the Citadel I went PUG. I enjoy completing these events and usually find it easier to do so on my own, repeatedly queuing up the special scenario of the weekend. After running the gauntlet 10 times I came out with roughly a 25% win rate. That’s not so bad for being uncoordinated and having virtually no team communication (and at times no teamwork).

The other 75% of those runs were brutal. There was one instance where I didn’t even crack 5,000 damage. How is it that a Bright Wizard could crap the bed so badly as to not break that level of DPS? Heck, we can sneeze and cause that much DPS! For each moment I was alive … I was pummeled, focused, and gang raped to where I spent most of my time respawning. There was nowhere to kite to and nothing to hide behind and sadly, no focused heals to help me stay vertical. But that’s what can happen when you PUG. So I don’t cry about it.

You can win in some instances where you have players who know their role and who on the opposing side is the greatest threat. When I PUG on my Warrior Priest I know my role … I spam group heals like there’s no tomorrow and throw out HOTs where I can. As long as I’m protected we do well. People seem to forget that this is a team-oriented PvP game.

Group Up!
My guild was excited for this scenario so we had several premades going. I got myself into one and we had a lot of success. We didn’t win every single time but I’d say my win percentage flipped from when I went PUG. Running this scenario in a group was a much better experience.

Whether in a guild or not if you play long enough you can make friends and as I mentioned above, this is a team-oriented game, so make some friends, group up, and if you don’t have access to a Vent server try using Skype. There is this misnowmer that running in a premade guarantees victory. It does not. It merely gives you an advantage. I’ve run in some pretty good premades where we underperform or lose to a group one would perceive inferior. It happens. Or sometimes you run into a group that’s a bad match for your own. One scenario over the weekend no one on either side got a kill for what seemed like forever. There was an overabundance of healers on both sides and simply not enough DPS. We wound up losing 500-491.

The Good
For those who complained about the tight closeness of the Ironclad, we got the opposite with the Eternal Citadel. There was no place to hide, it was just wide open so RDPS could have a clear line of sight but it gave MDPS ample maneuvering to smash the squishies. Adding to the fun was a bottomless abyss that you could get punted into … that lengthy Blackguard punt sure came in handy for more than a few players. The scenario was over before you knew it and I was able to garner 50+ Royal Insignias in about 3-4 hours of play. It was an insignia farmer’s dream.

The Bad
There was nowhere to hide, no cover, escape really wasn’t an option, it was die then respawn. If you enjoy a long, drawn out rumble … this wasn’t your scenario. The first time through I was amazed at how quickly it was over. “Was that it?” There were times it bordered on being too fast. Due to its quick duration, renown gains weren’t all that great. After the initial spawn into the “arena” respawning back in was a mixed bag. The worst was respawning at the door right there in the fight zone which gave enemies a few good seconds to target you and pounce as your screen refreshed. Oh … adding to the fun was a bottomless abyss that you could get punted into … that lengthy Blackguard punt sure came in handy for more than a few players.

Overall Assessment
This could be the answer many have been looking for to segregate PUGs from premades. This, just like the Ironclad, can be a brutal 10-15 minutes for PUG groups running into solid premades so it could be labeled a PUG at your own risk scenario. Personally, I feel double-premades are the real problem but then again … I don’t expect to win everytime I log into one. I wouldn’t add this one to the regular rotation instead perhaps a flipping of this and a revamped Ironclad to satiate many a desire for 6v6 action. On it’s own, this one would wear thin on me with its limited space and wide open arena-style game area.

I like that Mythic repurposed the interior from the old IC King instance and perhaps we’ll see something similar done with the Altdorf Palace, the Undercroft, the War Quarters, Bright Wizard College, Monolith, etc.

8 Responses to “Thoughts On the Eternal Citadel”

  1. Hey, hey. No picking on the BGs without mentioning the IronBreakers 😛

    Yeah, when I ran into you I was running with at least 2 others (might have been a full premade) and I don’t think you were with anyone. Oddly enough, BWs/sorcs in that SC = Freenown! Woot! Rather than helping the bomb, it gave them nowhere to go and the mdps were only too happy to drop them. (provided your healers have mastered the “detaunt and kite like the wind” maneuver to stay out of the other side’s mdps.)

    Oh yeah: whoever thought it was a good idea to do 3 WP/1SL/2KOTBS: not funny.

    • Technically, the BG has the longest punt in the game … it sends you for miles. The IB has a nice punt but BG’s put them to shame.

      Yeah, when I saw you I was PUGging. Later that night I hopped into a premade. I don’t really spec for bomb as I’m a bit more tactical so usually run single-target or DOT. I’m always squishie but got my butt focused a ton in the Citadel. That stupid melee range issue really needs to get resolved … I hate getting stabbed from 50 feet.

      That’s a tough party … we faced a group with 3 DOKs/2 Chosen/1 Choppa … that was fun.

      • People like to complain about the IBs punt, but often forget that we need to accumulate some Grudge before using it. Straight out of the spawn, an IB cannot punt unless his Oathfriend is out there getting hammered first.

      • Unless I’m mistaken, the IB and BG punts are mirrors… that nice long punt is, I believe, “Exile” which requires 100 hate, and scales with hate at the time of ability use.

        Though I don’t play a BG often, so I could be confusing things.

        And yes, I am also sick of being hit when they aren’t close enough to punt!

      • I’m guessing the mechanic is a mirror (Dark Guardian/Oath Friend) that builds Hate/Grudge to enable punts. However, the BG punt is longer while the IB punt sends you higher into the air.

  2. xXJayeDuBXx Says:

    I ran EC a few times with my fresh faced rank 12 engineer, that was a bad idea. I got my face crushed so badly that I began to wonder if I should have stayed in T1.

    But things were better when I played the Black Orc. Still, most of the battles were not even and were extremely one sided. It’s great when it’s your side, not so much on the receiving end.

    • When you reach the end of a Tier you should stick around and enjoy being top of the food chain. Then make the move back to being the lowbie again.

  3. I just kept thinking of the insignia as the face of my BW was ground along the arena floor. Very much a love/hate relationship. Love the insignia, hate the scenario.

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