RvR Pack Q&A Thread!

In case you missed it, as promised Andy has an RvR Pack Q&A thread up on the forums. His directions are pretty simple and the players are asking some good questions (which actually saves me from having to ask a bunch). And Andy is providing some pretty good answers. The thread is 5 pages deep and there’s a lot in there to sort through. Sure … there are some things he’s not willing to discuss but there are a lot of things being explained that should pique a player’s interest. Here are some things that stood out to me:

  • Carrie’s Producer’s Letter is coming this week and should provide more details on how the Skaven will be implemented.
  • Sounds like Keeps, BO’s, (and Forts?) will be dramatically changed with Patch 1.4 and these packs’ release — a total revamp of the RvR system. This revamp is inspired by the new city siege mechanic.
  • The new Skaven zone will only be a part of the Tier 4 campaign.
  • The upcoming RvR changes intend to help disperse the zerg and will be implemented across Tiers 2-4.
  • These changes to the RvR Campaign will be accessible to players whether they buy the RvR Packs or not.
  • Those who buy all three RvR Packs will do so at a discounted rate.
  • Q: Will Patch 1.4 or the RvR Packs add any new scenarios? A: No comment! Me: LOL

Skaven In Tier 4 Only
We know the Skaven will not be like the Balaur in Aion (NPC Third Faction), Andy and Carrie have eluded that it won’t be ‘Monster Play’ like LOTRO, yet they will not be like a standard race starting at Level 1. Hearing that the new Skaven RvR zone will only be a part of the Tier 4 campaign leads me to believe they are only a Tier 4 race. I’m a real Sherlock Holmes, aren’t I? That solves the “not a standard race starting at Level 1” stuff. Does that make them an unlockable R40/RR40 toon when you purchase one (or more) of the RvR Packs? One can only assume these will only be playable in the Skaven zone or are they able to appear above ground? In scenarios? Will we “own” these toons and be able to grow, nurture, and gear them out like our current toons?

We’ve also been told that they will not have the typical archetypes we’re accustomed to playing. My brain hurts with all this swirling info about rats … but it has me wondering if the new renown system and whatever other DAOC-esque RA system we can expect will allow us to Build-A-Skaven to our heart’s desire (like Build-A-Bear with matted hair, lice, and stench). I’ve been off the mark with my superfluous brainstorming so perhaps it best for me to wait till “more details” are released. Should be soon …

RvR Campaign … Blow It Up!
The changes to the RvR campaign are the most intriguing and sound like we can expect a total revamp of the game. Will we see keep sieges with NPCs as part of the fun to help out? A swarm of rabid snotlings ravaging the Forces of Order as they try to take a Destro-held keep? Will there be multiple capture points in or around a keep needed to storm the lord?

Need help defending a BO? Do Dwarf Gyrocopters come to the aid of brave defenders while a Destro zerg bears down? Andy’s mention of the focus borrowing mechanics from the new city siege to enhance RvR leaves all sorts of ideas on the table. And how exactly does Mythic intend to bust the zerg? I hope the one mechanic from the new city siege they steer clear of is an instancing parts of the RvR campaign.

Last Thoughts
Even though a price has yet to be mentioned, hearing of a discount for those who buy all three RvR Packs sounds good. Economies of scale are a nice incentive. We don’t know the price-point nor how the “expansion” will be delivered — as a box or as a download. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a code one applies to their account which unlocks the content like those Skaven Skin Cloaks or Endless Bowls of Custard. Hidden in the thread is the most compelling and promising tidbit: hypothetically, getting new “packs” every 6-8 months is not out of the question. Chew on that.

We can expect lots more news over the next few weeks so hang in there!

2 Responses to “RvR Pack Q&A Thread!”

  1. Can’t wait. This is exactly what the game needs to bring some new life.

    Side Note: Only saw ya in one Eternal Citadel this weekend (partially my fault, I didn’t play a ton), but good to know you’re still out there playing!

    • I am hoping that these packs are as chock full of stuff like Mythic keeps eluding. If the Skaven are done right … it could be a nice boon for the game.

      I did see you in that one scenario and admittedly was gunning for you. Nice heals as I couldn’t put a dent in you. But there’s always a next time …

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