Ultramarines: The Movie

This movie had been on my radar but sort of fell off the map for me. Walking the floor of Games Day I came across their booth where they were showing the new official trailer. The movie is CGI and let me tell you … it looks top notch! Listed as 2010 they better get moving … only a few months left. I didn’t take the time to chat with those there so perhaps there is an official release date.

The trailer itself looked sharp. I won’t describe it as it goes from a space shot of a planet … to a huge Imperial Starship with a Thunderhawk flying from it. Then there’s fighting … Ultramarines getting killed. I simply couldn’t do it any justice. I assume this trailer will hit the web at some point. So keep your eyes open for it. There’s some pretty good voice talent on this project … Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee, and John Hurt. Not bad.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the official website.

2 Responses to “Ultramarines: The Movie”

  1. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s already out there. I found the trailer myself a couple of weeks back, and was pumped until I realized that I really don’t think they’ll make it this year. I predict spring of 2011.

    • The one we saw at Games Day was different than the one you’ll find on their official website. This trailer had more in it and looked pretty cool. This one also referenced 2010 so I wonder if this is a direct-to-DVD film? I don’t know but when it is released I will be giving it a watch.

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