Power, Progression, and Personality

What does that mean?

Some more news from GamesCom to think about … Vizo over at The Price of Wargh! has a post that shares a note from Andy Belford. Andy’s aware of how Wednesday’s “news” was received. And true enough, folks’ comments have ranged from over the top with their complaints about the “news” to meh. I use the “quotes” because rather than news … it’s been all brief mentions … nothing concrete.

Andy’s note is a good one … and it seems that most, if not all, of our questions will be answered this weekend or sometime before summer’s end. There might be a few stray items but we should know a heck of a lot more. I love WAR as much as the diehardiest diehard but I’ve also learned to keep things in perspective and to try my best to keep an even keel. I know I said I’d wait to talk more about all this until after Games Day …  but I wanted to discuss my initial thoughts on this “Power, Progression, and Personality” thing. What info we have seems to lead that this will be a tiered purchase plan giving players options for what they want to buy in an expansion. Similar to when you buy a new car, you can get the standard, luxury, or opulent options packages that not only meet your budget but also what you want in a car. If implemented the right way, this could be a good thing.

So let’s assume the packages go: Power (standard), Progression (luxury), and Personality (opulent). Rather than staring at a boxed expansion where you are purchasing everything, this tiered system would give you what you want and you feel is important. As a part of this one has to believe that your toon’s abilities, firepower, etc. would not be compromised. No one wants WAR to become a pay-to-be-uber game.

TIER 1 — Power (standard)
Power would give you all the base functionality and coolness you need to still play WAR, to compete, and to have a good time. So if you bought this option, you aren’t going to get face-stomped by those who bought one of the other packages. Making people pay to be better geared or more powerful is fail, pure and simple. Many free-to-play games have proven this. One would think that access to zones, scenarios and such would all be kit and kaboodle with this package. The goal of this is to give players new stuff and reasons to stay with WAR and access to a majority of the game, not locking them out of the things that they’ve had access. The name of the Tier says it all … POWER. That’s what you get for buying it and at the low end everyone remains equal.

TIER 2 — Progression (luxury)
As you move up … more items become available to you. So when they say that Skaven won’t be playable from Level 1 like other races, that might mean to gain access … you buy this package. Would you be excited for this expansion if all that was in it was Skaven? Sure, if you liked Skaven. But if you’re a player who could give a rat’s ass (literally), would you want to pay for it? Most likely no. So by moving up, you get all the stuff in the Tier 1 (Power) package plus you get the Skaven as a playable race from Rank 1. Makes sense? And from what we’ve learned this Skaven addition will not follow the quartet of archetypes MMO players are familiar with. Is this a move towards a skills tree or other mechanism where players can rank up their characters in different ways? Would buying this package allow players access to reimagine their existing toons? Buying this will give you a different way at PROGRESSING your characters.

TIER 3 — Personality (opulent)
This option would have everything that Tiers 1 & 2 had plus all the trimmings. As I’ve mentioned, this would not grant an “I Win” button or anything else that would give buyers an unfair advantage. This would add superficial adornments … fluff. Vanity items, vanity pets, a library of armor and weapon skins, player housing, and other “look-at-me” items that would be desirable but would not be game-changers. So those players who want to express their PERSONALITY will be able to do so.

I can hear people complaining already about being offered a tiered expansion … but how much, exactly, do you think these would cost? Boxed expansions can go for anywhere from $40 – 60. How much would these cost if there wasn’t a box? Would the price be different if it were downloadable? Either way, depending what comes in the RvR Pack will determine if the price is right. I could see a $15 or $20 per tier pricepoint. Just thinking what I’d consider paying if all the goodies are abundant enough.

All of this is me meandering and taking a stab in the dark. I’m no more in the know than you. Carrie said a full presentation will take place at Games Day … so I’m excited. Read the chat thread over at One Man Waaagh! and see all that’s been mentioned. And hang in there … one more day and we’ll all be in the know!

7 Responses to “Power, Progression, and Personality”

  1. This might fall under EA’s “Project Ten Dollar Bill”, each tier of crap costing 10$ a piece would put it at 30$ for the bundle. Take into consideration that LotD and everything included was FREE, and we might be getting ripped off a little bit.

  2. With games going the direction of DLC you may be right. I think the price and whether it’s okay will depend upon what they offer in each tier. If there’s a lot of goodies and such, $30 could be a steal. But we won’t know until we see all that’s coming.

    I am hopeful that these different bundles will not give players an advantage for buying one over the other. Odds are I would consider all of them but let’s see what is being offered.

  3. If you go and say you are going to make an annoucement. Then you do so. What you don’t do is drag it out. Mythic created the occassion, with there video and other little comments. To then come out and basically give out bullet points, is quite frankly a waste of time.

    If you have a pre-xmas release, you’d better know exactly what you’re going to putting on the table and it better be 75% coded by know.

    On the subject of the 3 RVR packs. I think of them more as vertical columns, each covering a segment of the game. Not each one building on the other one, since this would imply that you need the previous one. I think they will be trully independant.

    A. Progression = Leveling
    B. Personality = Fluff
    C. Power = ORvR . Now this one is the one I am most unsure about, since can’t be anything that would an advantage in ORvR. Which kind of confuses me and I wrote it.

    PS – Why not give us a taste of what each pack was about on Wednesday. Its not building tension, it’s just annoying.

  4. Yeah … their method of releasing info could’ve been a bit better planned. I wasn’t expecting much of anything major until today … with the rest for tomorrow. That’s the tough thing at a three-day conference … do you release all the info on Day 1 or wait till Day 3 … probably the best would’ve been to trickle out bits over the three days.

    We’ll get the full scoop tomorrow …

  5. My first take it on it was –

    – everyone gets access to new zone and the devs are on the right path with the game overhauling RvR bit by bit, so the players should be thankful for that at least.

    – $10 each unlock, would most likely have to include at least 1 carrot for both the crusty old players and newer players:

    Power – unlocks access to whatever mechanic will be used for obtaining the new top gear (ie a new Fort/City instance), comes with account-wide power-boosting items similar to stuff they’ve already given away (AP/HP regen trinkets, etc)

    Progression – primarily unlocks RR 81-100, comes with account-wide grab bag of several different +XP, +RP buff items

    Personality – unlocks Skaven ‘Monster Play’, comes with account-wde fluff items (Mutant Rat pet, Bret War Horse, Plague mask)

    Just my first impression without much thought.

    • All good thoughts!

      Yes, it appears what’s next will be the final step in totally improving the game. Patch 1.4 will be Part 2 to the RvR revamp. I think the RR81-100 will be available to everyone whether they buy a pack or not. What I like about your comment is that the Progression pack would have buff items to make renowning easier.

      And the Monster Play is probably how Skaven will be introduced. Those crying for Skaven may or may not like that but it seems the one apparent option from what we’ve learned.

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