Mousillon … the Damned City

Getting ready for Games Day tomorrow …

More info has surfaced around the web. Thinking about this new RvR zone and how it could fit into the overall campaign. We know Domination is going kaput and the way VPs will be calculated will change and somehow this new zone will fit into the mix. Will it be a core hub or a step along the way? Unlike Land of the Dead, this zone will be solely RvR so why, oh why, will players be fighting over it?

Thinking about this zone … where could it be on the map? And what about it would be central to the Skaven?

A city in the kingdom of Bretonnia that was built upon swampy marshland. Each spring the rains bring floods leaving the city covered in moss, rot, and fungi. The city was the site where the Red Pox first appeared in 975 IC and with it, armies of Skaven emerged from underground. They were eventually defeated but much strangeness lingered. The plague returned causing more devastation and death. The ruler of Mousillon, Duke Jean-Luc, ordered all nobles into the city and all foreigners and traffic were prohibited entry. As the inhabitants died the royals held banquets and parties safely inside. On Geheimnisnacht a visitor garbed in red and black carrying a scythe spread the plague upon the nobles. All were found dead the next day.

Today it is known as the Damned City where its graveyards are larger than the city itself. Bodies are buried above ground in huge mounds. Evil energy emanates from unknown sources and those who still reside here are believed to be poisoned with warpstone and other foulness. Necromancers often come here to experiment, raising the Undead who haunt the city streets. Miscreants, refugees, and the deformed now inhabit Mousillon.

Well I’ll Be Damned
My initial thoughts turned to Mordheim as a compelling location … but its memory has long since been wiped from the Empire’s records. The Red Pox’s repeated appearances (Red Plague, anyone), frequent invasions by the Skaven, warpstone, Undead, disease … in the damned city of Mousillon is simply too coincidental. Sounds good to me. It’s a shot in the dark but would lay some nice groundwork for the possible inclusion of Bretonnia one day.

If this turns out to be true … you heard it here first! If not … LOOK OVER THERE! IT’S ELVIS!

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