What We Know … Not Much …

Day 1 of GamesCom and Mythic was giving out interviews. As expected, not much tangible information was released which furthers both hopeful and negative speculation. Mythic has been extremely reluctant to mention anything concrete about the future. We can take this as being gunshy from all the hype garnered before the game’s launch to the uphill climb they have had to undertake to fix the numerous issues endured since launch. It’s been a long road and today’s model is a far superior game than the one we started with. Even so, the secrecy and caution continues leaving diehard fans, former players, and doubters plenty of hypotheticals to ponder.

A short and succinct interview is available over at OnRPG.com. You can read it here. What we do know officially is Mythic will be releasing what they call an “RvR Pack” and here are some bits of info on what it will contain:

  • The Renown Cap will be raised from 80 to 100. This makes sense and many of us have speculated this would be coming at some point. Good news for the lowbies in that leveling at lower renown ranks will be made easier.
  • Skaven will be featured in some way but not as a standard race one could play from Rank 1.
  • WAR will not be moving to a Free-to-Play model.
  • Mythic wants to advance the game in other ways rather than a boxed expansion every few years.
  • It sounds like a name changing feature may be coming.
  • And lastly there could be some flexibility with server transfers.

Not bowled over. But then again I really wasn’t expecting them to reveal everything today or even much detail since they planned on a presence at Games Day this weekend. It’s a little odd in flying twice as far all the way to Europe to make this announcement … when it was closer to do so at E3. Unless there’s much bigger news to come, that was a pricey trip to say so little. In the end, this is a game based on Games Workshop’s world so it’s only fitting that the details on this pack be made known there.

I’ll write more over the weekend once all the details are revealed and I return from Games Day.

6 Responses to “What We Know … Not Much …”

  1. Aye not bowled over is one way of putting it. I’m right by you in deciding to try to wait out the trip before deciding but…gnah painful dude.

    • I look at it this way … we’ve waited nearly two years for a sniff … what’s another two days? Whatever the official word is I will post about it. Good or bad I’ll have something to say but I get the sense this thing will fall someplace in between.

  2. I think they are more likely to win subscribers from an enthralled fan base that would be attending Games Day. Gamers move on fast, and are less likely to visit an old MMO they haven’t tried before even if it has a new expansion.

    • That would be the audience to market to … although it’s funny how many players in WAR know very little of the game’s lore or origins in tabletop gaming. And there are many table top gamers who do not play video games.

      I’ll be at Games Day this weekend so I’ll get a feel for the cross pollination.

  3. Have they given you an interview?

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