She Bleeped Skaven!

There’s a new video up on the main WAR website with Carrie and Andy discussing their big trip to GamesCom and Patch 1.3.6 which goes live later today. Towards the end of the video where it seems the new stuff is done being mentioned, Carrie goes into a rant that quickly gets bleeped over. I can’t tell all that she said … but the first word was “Skaven”.

Check it out for yourself and any lip readers … use your skills and tell us what she said!

UPDATE: After she says “Skaven” … does she say mounted combat?

6 Responses to “She Bleeped Skaven!”

  1. I think you are right, she says mounted combat

  2. She says wounded wombat. Duh.

  3. Hmmm…

    It may indeed be “skaven” and “mounted combat”, though I wouldn’t be too surprised if they were just messing with us too.

    Here’s hoping! Something like that would be exactly the boost this game needs to bring back many, many subs!

    Heh, and I’ll cya in the lakes Kro, try not to burn me down too fast.

    • If all the secrecy and super-selective hints and hype turn out to be nothing … I have some pitchforks and torches in the trunk of my car.

      If that second tidbit is “mounted combat” … does that mean Bretonnia is also along for the ride?

      Were you in Dragonwake last night? Awesome RvR — good stuff! What are the names of all your toons so I can check my Dammaz Kron and cry for how deep a hole you’ve probably got me in.

      • Ah, for now just the one Zealot named Rikker, though I’ve been working a few others up so that I have options if I dislike the changes that much (about the only thing I liked in theory was the Ritual changes).

        I guarantee you’re up on me in kills, though I may have 1 or 2 depending on how good I was at killstealing that day ;P.

        I completely agree, if she did say Mounted Combat that definitely points to Bretonnia, which could be a good pairing.

        Didn’t make it in to game last night, decided to go rock climbing with the girlfriend and pretend I have a life :). Good to hear that RVR is still alive and well though!

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