Bump, Bump — Mirror, Mirror

Two new items posted on the forums late last week. First it was announced that Friendly Collision will remain. The other is a thread discussing the new Appearance Slots for changing your toon’s look.

Players Collide
Mythic said they will not turn off friendly collision. The initial mention of this caused much debate on the forums and blogs. It’s one of those things that when you’re on offense … this would be a great thing — no more getting stuck in keep doors. Although defending … this makes the job more difficult to hold off the enemy with chokepoints and terrain.

The initial thought was to boost performance. It’s hard to argue with that. But would it be worth it if much of the terrain used for defense became near useless? It was good news to hear more testing needed before a final decision. Mythic listened to the players. I give this decision an ‘A+’.

Appearances Can Deceive
Players will soon be able to wear one piece of gear for stats and slot a separate for looks. The catch? You have to own both pieces. So if you like the look of that Invader belt but want the stats for Warlord … you’ve gotta have both. Makes having the extra bank tabs more worthwhile, doesn’t it? Also makes you regret destroying that Obliterator piece way back when.

What has the thread on fire is that enemies won’t know how pimped out you truly are. So if you’re wearing a DP / Tyrant combo, that’s what they’ll see … even though you took meticulous time to primp and preen each and every piece of gear. Why, you ask? Mythic doesn’t want players to exploit their look to deceive opponents.

I guess I’m not that astute as there are few pieces of Destro gear that scream to me what level they are. If I see a Marauder with that giant ‘Adell’ backpack thing … I know they’re a high RR. However, I can’t tell if that Sorc is sporting a Royal staff or some greenie. Sorry, I’m simply not that good. And I’m guessing a large number of players are the same.

How can I tell if I’m facing tough competition? Names. If you’ve played long enough you know who the tough customers are. As I enter a scenario I look at the list of players. I can tell right away if we’re going to have a hard time or not. You also can look for guild names. None of this has a thing to do with appearance. Most players look for names over gear. And I’m pretty sure seeing my name in a scenario doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of Destro … but my Tyrant gear does! In the forum thread someone mentioned that Mythic might consider adding a toggle that could allow players to show the enemy their clothes. Let’s hope they listen to that.

Care to Elaborate?
The other disgruntlement I have with this is all that new artwork we’ve been teased with for a year isn’t going to be readily available. I posted a comment asking for specifics. The Dev’s post mentions that they are going to be “out there in the world but need to be found”. Clarification, please?

So … do I hit some Tier 4 PQs and they’re in the loot bags?

Or will they drop off mobs out in the world somewhere?

Or do I need to spend tokens on old armor pieces to get the new art?

Or heaven forbid I need that Dark Promise piece that took me 50 runs to get … I need that to drop again to get the new art?

Wouldn’t it have been easier to add an armorsmith vendor like the one who’ll trick out your Sovereign gear? Plug all the new artwork there and give us something to spend all our useless tokens on. If you’ve been playing WAR for 6+ months you’ve probably got a slew of tokens just wasting away in your bag. Does Mythic think we’re hoping their value will increase like all those folks who bought the state quarters? Suckers.

For now I give this feature a ‘D’. It’s really not as awesome as it should have been. Perhaps for some classes it will be but for us Bright Wizards it kind of stinks. Unless you like choosing from the same chest pieces from Sentinel through Warlord … or the same gloves, boots, and belts since RR40.

So if you really want to look cool … explore the world and maybe somewhere under a rock someplace you might find that sleek, cool new artwork. If not the only way to get really cool art is to step into TOVL where loot drops are like Leap Years or grind the city hoping for a gold bag sith Sovereign.

I’m sour now but maybe I’ll have a change of heart once this goes live tomorrow.

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