July Producer’s Letter

And so it was that the latest Producer’s Letter hit the web.

I’m not an overly jealous person … BUT SCREW YOU, EUROPE!!! Double XP and Renown — FOR 2 WEEKS! You lucky bastards. Seriously, the transition from one provider to another has had its hiccups, so it’s nice to see Mythic giving the European players a little treat to be patient. And it sounds as though not only are current players benefiting … a swarm of new and returning players are boosting populations on the European servers making for some sweet action. I was vaguely aware of this XP/Renown bonus for those playing across the pond … so Mythic knows … us on this side wouldn’t mind some of that action. Hint-hint-hint.

When Mythic didn’t attend E3 I voiced my disappointment and felt it a bad move. It seems that timing is everything as they will be attending the GamesCom convention in Germany and Games Workshop’s Games Day in Baltimore, MD in just a few weeks. Many are guessing that the timing is that Mythic will finally announce an expansion. If I were an odds maker I’d say those chances are a firm 3:1. Anything less will be a major disappointment unless it’s something really cool. Only a few weeks to wait.

We’ll be getting our first Live Event in months. The Wild Hunt makes its return and I definitely want to get me that Stag Cloak. I missed my chance last time on my main … but my “main” ALT got his. Good news that the pig chase PQ won’t be making a return. How frustrating was that thing? Another 6v6 scenario is coming, this time reusing the artwork and zone for the Eternal Citadel from the old Inevitable City King instance. Should be interesting and makes me wonder if we’ll see a return of Karl Franz’s palace for something in the future.

This letter wasn’t as chock-full-o stuff like some past letters, and much of what’s there are things we’ve been aware of for quite some time. The 1.3.6 patch is a nice one and will probably go live in a little over a week’s time (two at the latest). By then … we’ll probably be getting word on what the big announcement will be.

One Response to “July Producer’s Letter”

  1. Double xp and rp was wild … 😉

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