U.S. / European Merger?

Coming off my last post I’ve been thinking about transfers/mergers a bit. Other than some nights of little to no action, the current number of servers seems about right. From what I understand, many of the servers have some good fighting — especially Badlands. I can’t speak for the European servers but reading some of my fellow bloggers it sounds as though those servers are pretty rocking.

Despite this, some nights there isn’t quite the amount of action we’d like to see. I attribute this to the following:

  • Summertime, summertime, sun, sun, summertime!
  • RR80 players rerolling elsewhere.
  • Limited incentives for high renown ranked players to RvR.
  • Limited incentives for players to RvR.
  • RvR incentives.
  • Incentives.

Summer is a nice time to vacation, enjoy the warmer weather, and to otherwise just bum around. I’ve talked about the RR80 dilemma … many players opt for rolling ALTs on other servers to either join the winning side or to try and turn the tide for the losing one. The big one is simply incentives. Despite what players say, they like to chase carrots. Playing for fun will only go so far and at higher renown ranks unless you’re getting a zone flip, capping BOs and Keeps isn’t really worth the effort. One can run a scenario and get ample renown and have more fun for the same if not more.

The incentive thing cannot be solved by the players. Mythic is currently working on the RvR revamp and we have the mystery announcement to look forward to. So just like scenarios … one can assume there will be some added incentives to RvR.

The title of this post is for an idea I was pondering … what if there were a server for both American players and European players? Depending on where the server would be hosted poses some problems with performance for one continent or the other, but if that could be resolved, would that be a good thing? If the population was about right so as not to lagout, I think yes.

If you’ve ever logged into WAR from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., odds are you were bored out of your mind looking for action. There’s just not a lot of population on during that time. Sure, Tier 1 is bustling but what about the rest of us? For the most part, unless you have folks to run some PQs or dungeons, scenarios don’t pop all that often and other than small groups the RvR is not very epic. I’m a 9 – 5 business suit and when I get a weekday off and envision a full day of action … it just doesn’t happen. And if your schedule has you home during the day and working at night your experiences in WAR will not be that exciting.

Since Europe is a good 6+ hours ahead of the U.S., that flexing of schedules would allow for round the clock throwdowns and action. A stateside player could login before noon and be swept up into all sorts of European primetime and vice versa for the Europeans. Sure there’d still be some hours each way where thingsĀ aren’t happening, but overall there’d be considerably more fighting and things to do. New alliances and rivalries would be formed, and players would learn whole new vocabularies of slang from each other.

Just something I was thinking about.

3 Responses to “U.S. / European Merger?”

  1. I think we need to have an all out WAR on the PTS. I have seen so much smack talking on the server forums between US and Euro I would like to see everyone play on the PTS one night, and have a blast.

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