Open Transfers, Mergers, or Nothing?

I’m not trying to start a panic train but …

Logging in the other night I hopped into the Vent and stumbled upon a strange conversation. The guildies were discussing other servers and if their main toons’ names were available. Uh oh … I haven’t heard talk like that since early 2009. Butting my nose into the back and forth I asked the million-dollar question: Are they merging servers?

Cross-talk, bullshitting, other conversations ensue … so I ask again. This time someone hears me and answers: “not officially … nothing was announced”. It seems a guildie with nothing better to do was playing around with the character transfer function on the WAR website. For us on Iron Rock … there were no options to transfer … until the other day it seems. The only apparent destination is Volkmar. Many guildies were discussing options should a merger occur. Guess it’s always good to be prepared.

Mind you … none of this is official. The guildie who found this also commented that they weren’t able to actually transfer toons there. This could be a number of things … a hiccup … perhaps the start of open transfers where players may opt to leave and go elsewhere of their own accord … or this could mean an actual server merge is coming. I’m not laying odds any which way. I dunno.

What I do know is that many players have rerolled elsewhere. We’ve lost a lot of RR80 Order and Destro players to other servers as they try different player communities, classes, and seek to continue their enjoyment of WAR. So if a merge is forthcoming for IR … I guess I’m not surprised … but it would be a shortsighted decision. It goes back to the RR80 dilemma of “What do I do now?” — the lack of new and fresh content to entice players to continue playing once they’re capped. Many of those RR80 players would come back to their main toons if cool new stuff were added. Here’s hoping the big end of Summer “announcement” is a doozy. It better be good or even the most hardcore might find greener pastures beyond other servers.

This could be all for nothing or perhaps there’s some smoke there. Those who regularly read my blog know I love to speculate about fun things, not these sorts of things. So we’ll have to wait and see. Kro’s optimism meter is currently around 85%.

5 Responses to “Open Transfers, Mergers, or Nothing?”

  1. That all sounds a bit scary to me. I was reading on Wasdstomp the other day how he feels that EU servers have so much more people than US servers and that the player base there tends to always move servers to join the winning side. Heaven forbid they should move to ours as we currently have a pretty stable and balanced player base on Norn and both sides seem happy the way we are.

    • Yes, I read Brian’s post, too. There has been a strange ebb and flow to activity on the U.S. servers. It is Summer, and many folks go away and admittedly I’ve not been playing as much as I normally do.

      It’s also true that many players will bounce from server to server trying to find the best spot … or in some cases to join the winning team.

      Much of this goes back to this two-sided war and straying from the three-realm dynamic that made DAOC so successful in keeping the game competitive.

  2. melponeme_k Says:

    I believe there was a post on the forums asking if a server merge was imminent. A Mythic rep denied it and said they were happy with the population balance.

    I do know Badlands has been getting a huge amount of transfers lately and the server is lagging badly because of it. So the transfer changes to Volkmar only may be an attempt to slow down the transfers to an already overloaded server (Badlands).

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