Heal Me!!!

This is not the typical whine in scenario chat begging that lone healer to throw some heals … this is a post about the newest Dev item discussing the proposed changes to healers’ Sovereign gear. The post is here for your viewing pleasure or displeasure depending upon how you feel about the proposal.

As I thought, the gear is being split into two main groups: Magic Healers (Archmage, Rune Priest, Shaman, Zealot) and Melee Healers (Disciple, Warrior Priest). Overall we can see the trend being applied to increase the viability of this set to make Sovereign more appealing to players.

The thread is full of praise and complaint as expected. For the most part, there are some very rational opinions being expressed which is a good thing.  An overall observation since these Sov threads were started … players want everything. They expect their top gear to provide as much power as possible without giving up much.

For all those greedy players who want everything, there are some who make sense. So take a read and make your voice heard. I’m hopeful we’ll get some more Sovereign threads soon.

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