Make Mine Sovereign?

For many players, Sovereign gear is not the bees-knees of choice for tricking out their toon. Other than its truly pimp look — Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. Ooooh … those do look pretty freaking sweet. You know you want to wander around wearing those — the set itself is not the pinnacle of awesomeness one would think.

The stats for the top set in the game leave many players lackluster at Sovereign’s worth. It’s not chopped liver, but compared to min/max combinations of Warlord/Dark Promise/Invader/Tyrant players can truly build up a formidable character.

For many players, Tyrant really was a Sovereign killer. Its addition into the game with such appealing stats … many players will simply stop there. When I added a fourth piece of Tyrant it made a big, big difference. And now when I look over at the full Sov I have sitting in the bank it reaffirms my decision to slowly coast to RR80. But that could soon possibly change.

Who wears a full set anyway?
Wearing a full set of any armor beyond the lower tiers is not usually a regular practice. Getting a full set of Devastator is nice when you’re in Tier 3. Annihilator will carry most players through their 30’s and into the early 40’s. But as Sentinel and Conqueror items get into the mix … it’s easy to be seduced to min/max your stats. And with many sets, the set bonuses don’t always make it worth wearing the full set anyway. Is it really worth the extra 10′ to range for my BW to wear full Invader at the cost of Intelligence? (Some will argue ‘yes’ … I say ‘no’.) And what will that minor set bonus to Toughness really do for me … I’m squishy either way.

This leads me back to Sovereign … is there anyone out there who rocks the full 8/8? Is that 8/8 special ability even worthwhile? I’ve been told not so much.

Choice is good, right?
The impetus for this post comes on the heels of the June Producer’s Letter that mentioned the ability to choose between two different Sovereign stat sets. Options are always a good thing and depending upon how you feel after reading discussions on the current forum thread … you may not like what’s coming.

The first archetype set leaked was Tanks. And depending what tank class you play will determine how you feel about these proposed stat sets. What’s admirable is that after the thread grew to 10+ pages … Mythic came back with some tweaks to their initial proposal. The new proposal looks like this (items in bold are updated from original proposal).

Defensive Set
Toughness – 232
Wounds – 134
Initiative – 116
Strength – 106
Spirit Resist – 294
Corp Resist – 289
Element Resist – 289
6% reduced chance to be crit
4% block
60 hps/4 seconds
4 AP/second
2% reduced armor penetration

3-Piece Bonus – 85 Toughness
4-Piece Bonus – 85 Wounds
5-Piece Bonus – 200 Hps/4 seconds
6-Piece Bonus – On being attacked, 10% chance to reduce all incoming damage you take by 6% for 10 seconds
7-Piece Bonus – On being attacked, 10% chance to parry/block/disrupt/dodge by 10% for 10 seconds
8-Piece Bonus – Up to 9 targets within 20′ radius have movement speeds reduced by 60% for 5 seconds

Offensive Set
Strength – 232
*Weapon Skill – 134 (IB, KOBS, BG, BO)
*Initiative – 134 (SM, CH)

Toughness – 116
Wounds – 106

Spirit Resist – 294
Corp Resist – 289
Element Resist – 289
6% melee crit chance
4% parry strikethrough
40 melee power
3 AP/second
2% parry

3-Piece Bonus – 85 Strength
4-Piece Bonus – 85 Wounds
5-Piece Bonus – 5% DPS
6-Piece Bonus – On hit, 10% chance to increase melee power by 130 for 10 seconds
7-Piece Bonus – On hit, 10% chance to increase parry/block strikethrough by 10% for 10 seconds
8-Piece Bonus – Up to 9 allies within 20′ radius have movement speeds increased by 60% for 5 seconds

As more info is released I can only assume we will see other slight customizations depending upon the class. Will we see these types of groupings:

  • Bright Wizard, Magus, Sorcerer
  • Engineer, Shadow Warrior, Squig Herder
  • Choppa, Marauder, Slayer, White Lion, Witch Elf, Witch Hunter
  • Archmage, Rune Priest, Shaman, Zealot
  • Disciple of Khaine, Warrior Priest

Or will Mythic slice it a bit thinner so as to truly differentiate the classes rather than muddling them all together?

2 Responses to “Make Mine Sovereign?”

  1. Wow, that 8 pc bonus looks insane. I wonder though, is that on hit?
    Given, I don’t play a tank for the most part, but that has some huge group utility.

    • It seems all the revamps to Sovereign will be far better than before. The goal is to make them more desirable as they are easier to get then Tyrant.

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