Titles … Titles … Titles

Do you give a crap about titles? I do. I like to collect them … along with other things. We all like to think we’re fairly normal, but I’ve recently come to the realization I suffer from OCCD (Obsessive Compulsive Collecting Disorder). And so you know, OCCD is a gateway disorder. Before you know it I’ll be stockpiling used tissues, buying up every bag of Silly Bands and Mighty Beans on my way to stacking boxes of useless crap in every room of my house. I’ll become a “hoarder.” I also assume there’s a disorder for going off on tangents.

The maniacal collector in me screams with glee at collecting things in WAR and the Tome of Knowledge is more than happy to assist (to a point). You can collect Titles, Pocket Items, Achievements, and Tome Tactics. And to make life even easier, there are players with either an insane amount of time to explore — or are just that good at finding things — who can give clues. Many sites exist out there that have lists of these for you to reference (the Warhammer Online Wiki is a good example).

Some titles are easy to achieve … like dying a specific number of times. Others take skill … like killing a specific number of players. While others are gettable by completing tasks, clicking on items out in the world, or walking within proximity to a specific area. I remember when I first starting playing WAR and knew squat about what was going on. TOK, what’s that? What did that pop-up mean … “Who Wud Murder”? I eventually figured the TOK out and how cool it is. And if there’s one thing many current and former players agree on, the TOK is hailed as a pretty nifty innovation in MMOs.

Playing since launch, I have slowly gathered a respectable number of titles. There are titles that can best depict your mood (Seriously Bitter) … while others can make you sound heroic (Champion of Morr). There’s more than a few silly titles (AHHHHHHH, Death By Pie, Ow My Eye). And there are titles that make it clear you’ve achieved something (The Renown, The Sovereign). There’s pretty much a title for everything in there and more than a few to please every player. Even so, there are plenty of players who don’t assign themselves one (or perhaps they simply don’t know how). In that case, a default title is given to your toon according to your renown rank. Of which, probably the Dark Elf Renown title of Dark Lord is the coolest (although Backstabbin’ Git is pretty cool in its own right).

I have titles I’ll never use and a bunch I like to rotate through. As a Bright Wizard, there’s a select few that just make sense:

  1. The Defrosted
  2. Fireborn
  3. Hot Stuff
  4. The Hotfoot
  5. Pre-Cooked

And then there are some that just scream out that they would work well on one class or another:

  • Dead ‘Ard (Black Orc)
  • Devotee of Khaine (any Dark Elf class)
  • The Fearless (Choppa)
  • Grimnir’s Own (any Dwarf class)
  • The Immovable Object (Tanks)
  • Isha’s Champion (any High Elf class)
  • The Mangler (Marauder)
  • The Stealth (Witch Elf or Witch Hunter)

And there’s plenty more where that came from. It does become a scavenger hunt. There’s some titles you just know you’ll probably never, ever achieve. I’m a 200 Cultivator/Apothecary … so unless I want to ditch either of these to try a different crafting profession … the titles achievable by Butchers, Salvagers, and Talisman Makers will be out of reach.

Then there’s titles that would make MMO grinders drool. Do you think you are “The Mighty”? Then go kill 10,000 Gnoblars. HAHAHA! Is there even a good spot where those little pukes spawn in numbers? There’s a bunch of these kinds of titles and I’d love to know how anyone back in early 2009 even knew about them. Kill 10,000 of anything?

There are some race-specific titles (Griffonslayer) and “victim” titles only achievable for one side of the war or the other (The Hexed … sorry Order, you can’t have it). And there’s those titles that were limited or available once and are gone like “King of the Road”. Apparently this one was only given to 200 players. And show some respect for WAR beta-testers who sport the awesomely cool “World Shaper” title.

I could go on and on and I’m not alone. Players like Gaar and Artie are also big title chasers. How about you?

What are some of your favorite titles? What one do you usually sport?

7 Responses to “Titles … Titles … Titles”

  1. I love my titles. I get genuinely depressed when starting a new character because I don’t have any unique ones to equip. I’m not a collector by any means tho. Too lazy for that.

    I like how some titles can only be achieved if you are playing a certain race/career/profession or if you played during a certain event. Helps to distinguish the veterans from the noobs and makes each character even more unique.

    I use “The Earthshaker” on my IB because the animation on two of his abilities are stomping the ground which cracks. Though one of my mates said that the ground shakes because the dwarf is fat. 😦

    “The Vale-Walker” on my SW because, well it fits.

    “The Bait” on my WP because her last name is Zergbait. I get zerged a lot. 😛

    “Destroyer of Lords” on my puny WL cause it’s awesome

    “Master Assassin” on my RP. Oh the irony, I can’t kill anything on that toon.

    “Darkbane” on my SM. Killing dark elfs and stuff, you know.

    And that’s just my rank 40 toons. I got a few titles that I’m saving for extra special characters or occasions tho. Not revealing them so someone doesn’t steal them, they are that awesome. 😉

    • Good titles!

      I always thought ‘Vale-Walker’ should be achievable by actually beating Lost Vale instead of how we can get it.

      And I’ve always loved ‘Darkbane’.

  2. My current favorite for my Slayer is “King Slayer” which (though I’ve participated in dozens of king kills) doesn’t come from killing the king. It’s a random “click the item on the ground and complete a short quest” unlock on the Destro side of Chaos Wastes. There were some recent changes that made some faction-specific quests and thus their titles unavailable to the other side, but I’m not sure if this was one of them. I kinda hope it was, because it would make my ultra-awesome title all the more unique. 🙂

    • I haven’t taken the time to cross enemy lines for the ‘King-Slayer’ title. I agree … should be gettable by beating the enemy’s king.

      There was a title you could get for killing the enemy king but only if you were in Altdorf when Tchar’zanek spawned after a king-kill. There was a basket of rotten tomatoes … you could pick one up and throw it at him to get ‘The Braggart’.

  3. I use “The Bait”. I like pulling destro to there doom.

    Atm I have 285 titles.

  4. gaarawarr Says:

    I got “The Mighty” back in early 2009 iirc. :p And to answer your question, no, there’s not really anywhere that tons of them spawn. I did find a couple decent grind locations though… Keep in mind, I did it as an IB. lol

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