About that Producer’s Letter

As I was basking on the fine beaches of Nordland … I missed the June Producer’s Letter. While not under a rock I was pretty much unplugged from the crap of reality and went through some withdrawal pangs from not getting to play me some WAR. I did plugin to the Interwebs and read a post here and there as well as the letter itself. (If my wife can play Farmville while we’re on vaca … I can read about WAR.)

There have been some nice posts on the letter out amongst the WAR bloggers, so I won’t rehash too much. I agree with much of what’s already been posted.

GOA to Mythic
Since Dark Age of Camelot moved from GOA to Mythic, one should not be surprised that WAR was making the move, too. I don’t know that much about GOA or how they handle the administration of games across the pond … but I get the sense players aren’t torn up about this transition. All I can say is I hope the move is smooth with minimal issues.

Armor Appearance
I’m looking forward to the whole armor appearance slots addition. Per the letter we should be getting a Dev post with more details on how this will all work. I’m left wondering how extensive the selection of armor and weapon skins will be (yes, weapons are part of this too). Will they be unlockable or simply for purchase with tokens? The new armor designs will be a nice addition … having endured the Bright Wizard chest of lameness since Conqueror I’m looking forward to some different options and RR80 is way in the distance so the slick coolness of the Sovereign chest won’t be adorned any time soon. The Tyrant chest? … tough enough to get in on a successful run let alone having the darned thing drop. Customization is a big deal to some players. I can see myself putzing around with this feature for quite some time. If Mythic does this right … we should be able to preview before accepting a switch. Right?

RvR Updates
What’s mentioned is a step in the right direction. To fully overhaul the spine of the game can’t be done in one patch, and Carrie stated this as the case.

Cheers were heard throughout the zones of WAR, as PvE and prior tier will no longer affect the Tier 4 campaign. Back when the game first launched, it made sense to all be in the formula, but as time has gone by it has shown not to be the best mechanic for a PvP game.  Focusing on the RvR, Skirmish, and Scenarios makes the most sense and will finally be reflected.

Alas, all would-be mailbox guarders can still guard the mailbox … but you won’t be getting any bonuses for doing so. Honestly, I wasn’t as hardcore on ripping players for squatting in a warcamp. Sometimes you need to AFK and if so, why not get some freenown. No matter who you are or how long you’ve played, you’ve done it too at least once. Admit it! True enough, but what this will do is make those blatant abusers of this practice wake up and have to get into the thick to garner the benefits others enjoy. This only makes perfect sense.

Against All Odds
No, not the moderately average mid-80’s movie starring Jeff Bridges that featured the Phil Collins ballad, this is the new reward incentive that grants up to a 400% boost to XP, renown, etc. for outnumbered armies. So instead of going out into the lake and getting facestomped for nothing … you now have the chance to get a potentially huge boost. So while you’re desperately trying to delay a zone flip by capping a remote BO or two, you’ll get more XP and renown (then you’ll get facestomped). I like this.

Pick Your Stats
Lastly, we learned that a new armor vendor would be added to change the stats on Sovereign gear. It’s no secret that many of the Sov sets don’t necessarily offer the best stat choices. So this new vendor will allow players to pick their poison … the example in the letter mentions a Shaman who might opt to run DPS spec … so they can change their gear to accommodate that style of gameplay rather than settling for healing stats on your gear. Again, a very nice addition. Will we see this for other sets and items as well?

We’re basically looking at two new vendors … an appearance armorsmith to change the look of your toon, and a “magic” armorsmith to adjust the stats of your gear. Doubly nice!

The Future
Beyond 1.3.6 and 1.3.7(?) not much else as far as the future. I appreciate Carrie’s candor as she makes it known that they do, indeed, read the blogs and forums. On a side note, I love her comment about the snarky posts. For now, we don’t have anything concrete about new stuff. I’m taking Carrie at her word concerning an end of summer announcement — that has them so excited they want to shout it from the rooftops. So far, Carrie has met her promise of monthly updates and her honesty in communicating with the playerbase is appreciated. Coming off vacation I’m feeling fairly refreshed so I’ll be waxing optimistic on what this “news” at summer’s close will be.

I assume we’ll see 1.3.6 in less than a month … I have zero insider knowledge but feel this will be coming soon. 1.3.7 seems to be the RvR capper that will fully realize the remaining updates to the campaign (and most likely the reintroduction of Forts). This will put the cherry on top of the sundae for the full rebirth of WAR. Timing for this and the big end of summer announcement will probably coincide with the 2-Year Anniversary in September.

Here’s hoping the Wild Hunt 2 has some Wild Announcements!

2 Responses to “About that Producer’s Letter”

  1. Glad you had a good vacation dude! Regarding the Armour Announcement maybe they’ll plump for something like Hellgate London’s armour skin system (Think it was Hellgate anyway) when you could where what ever items you wanted but would make all the items display the skin for a particular item your wearing. As in if your wearing 3 Anni and 3 Conq you can all 6 to display just Annilator or Conq.

    If not they’ve already got a unlock system in the Armoury section of the Tome so I’m guessing they’ll run the new system from that?

    • Thanks. Vaca was relaxing.

      I’m hoping the armor slots will be more versatile … for example, I’d like Annihilator Boots, Bloodlord Gloves, Tyrant Chest, Tellurian Shoulders, Invader Helm, and Dark Promise Belt. If the system doesn’t have that kind of flexibility then players really can’t customize their toon like I know they’d want to.

      We’ll have to wait for the Dev post to see.

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