Vanity … the Seventh Deadly Sin

Happy Kro is back and I have Werit to thank! His post on possible vanity pets coming to WAR gets me believing there are some interesting things on the horizon.

I am not gorked out about the thought of vanity pets themselves … I am thinking more along the lines of potential other goodies being added. I know Werit is hedging a bit on the validity of this, but as it’s in print within White Dwarf magazine leads me to believe it’s a pretty good bet these are coming. I only wish my subscription to the magazine hadn’t lapsed so long ago. I’ll have to pick me up a copy somewhere. So if Games Workshop is going to take up page space in their magazine, I’ll take it as fact these are coming.

What are your thoughts on vanity pets, fluff, right? I’ve recruited two friends to WAR so I have the Mastiff. He’s pretty cool and for me, like pocket items, I like adding these sorts of things to my collection. I am a collector and can get easily obsessed with collecting things. My Bowen Marvel Comics statues are one example … or the 70+ boxes of comics in my basement … and my youthful enjoyment of Legos. In WAR, I collect titles and am trying to collect as many pocket items and fluff pieces I can.

Werit listed a few of the possible pets and what Dwarf wouldn’t want a Pitbull? I wonder what kind of pet a Bright Wizard would get? Some sort of fire sprite of Aqshy, perhaps. I never got one of those stupid Dwarf Keg Handlers. And during the Wild Hunt last year I didn’t win that Wolf pet. So you can see I’m bitter. I’m wondering how these “pets” will be gettable. Will it be via a race/class specific quest chain? Will they be random drops in RvR or scenarios? This could lend to some interesting Auction House items and economy boosters if they aren’t BOP. Could they be something we can purchase with all those crests many of us have burning a hole in our wallets? Or dare I say a Microtransaction Store thingie? Could sparkle ponies be that far off? I don’t know about that but I’d love a fiery pegasus or some other kickass mount.

Again, when these are added I think it’s a cool thing, but am hopeful this doesn’t open up WAR to more and more fluff. Another MMO that starts with “W” can fulfill those desires. We don’t want WAR to become this:

I mean … who doesn’t want a hot little gnome in a Santa-style bikini? But seriously, these sorts of things could have a place in WAR if they are achievable via RvR or scenarios. The occasional quest might be fine but unlike WoW … not via boss drops or other PvE dreck.

So here’s hoping these new additions are a part of something bigger and better.

P.S. A thank you to Mythic for running another repeat Weekend Warfront. I’m going on vaca this weekend and the thought of trying to grind that Talabec Slaughter task list again and in one day … it wouldn’t have happened.

2 Responses to “Vanity … the Seventh Deadly Sin”

  1. I want that Keg Handler! I’d really like to know how they will be introduced as well.

  2. I’ve never been a one for these kind of things, I always like something a bit more solid.

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