Presence or Lack Thereof

I was only half tuned into what went on at E3 last week. The half of me that was paying attention did check out the 40k trailer and watched a few of the SWTOR videos. Good stuff. Much of the rest I only took casual notice.

Spider Love made one of his usually funny posts late last week showing who in the MMO genre was at E3. So look at who represented and released news compared to the news released about WAR. I guess I can look at it in two different ways … so let me play devil’s advocate with myself.

Optimistic Kro says …
Mythic didn’t attend E3 knowing there are still some remaining bigtime fixes needed to fully solidify the game. Knowing how close-to-the-vest Mythic can be, it would have been a constant “no comment” kind of week as people asked questions about what’s on the horizon for the game. With so many gaming announcements being made, discussed, and soon forgotten, why be lost in the crowd. Josh’s being let go is unfortunate, but decisions like that are made all the time in companies everywhere.

As active players, we know that RvR is the next major focus and with that will be a potential repurposing of Fortresses to manage the new city siege. As we approach the game’s 2-year anniversary it will take the shape of an entirely different game than it was at launch.

Flying under the radar was prudent as work continues to make WAR all it can be. With the hoopla of E3 passed … any announcement if well timed, could be the center of attention.

Pessimistic Kro says …
How, exactly, can you not have someone — ANYONE — at the biggest gaming conference to represent your game? Mythic has made tremendous strides the past year to greatly improve WAR … why wouldn’t you want to be there boasting it up?

Rather than some sort of announcement like all those other companies, the big news last week was the layoff of a long-time employee known to your game’s player community. We don’t know the why’s for this move but in the end, bad news is bad news and it’s all too easy to read the ugly in there and think bad things. And unlike the players of other MMOs who can at least come away with some goodness … we’re left with zip about our game and a pondering if Josh will be the only casualty.

Maybe so many doomsayers are right … our beloved game is in maintenance mode with the smallest of carrots to hope for until The Old Republic release and BioWare absorbs what’s left of the Mythic we know like some gelatinous cube.

Kro’s Decision
I’m feeling a little bit of both. I can blame that on my birth sign (Gemini) or that I’m a middle-of-the-road kind of person when it comes to politics. I’m overall patient and despite all the rage quitting, complaining, and other things we’ve experienced as a gaming community, I still hold an overall optimistic view of WAR’s future. It will not be the most popular MMO out there but it can surely garner many more subs making it more reputable. It’s a good game when you actually get in there and play.

But I see the remaining faults. There are times I simply say, I’m not interested in taking that Keep. For what, a morsel of renown? And as we guessed the new city siege is constant and as fun as it is, that new car smell will fade sooner than later.

As big a deal as 1.3.5 was … 1.3.6 will need to be bigger and more definingly final. RvR is the last major item for revamp and the main focus of this game. In many ways I see it as a make-or-break patch.

Happy Kro will return next post.

CORRECTION: Aeo informed me that the big RvR revamp would most likely not be in 1.3.6 … so I stand corrected. But 1.3.6 better have more than the armor updates … we need more stuff! Whenever the RvR redo does come … that will be WAR’s make-or-break moment.

3 Responses to “Presence or Lack Thereof”

  1. Aw, man, the latest talk on the blogs is getting me down. I am hearing Pessimistic Kro loudest. Why isn’t anyone representin’? From the snippets so far 1.3.6. is not going to be “The RvR Patch”. So, it’s the one after, or maybe 1.4 even later. I won’t keep playing over 3 months without something tastey on the menu. I’m usually as super-optimistic as you but I gotta say I am starting to feel a bit of a death rattle.

    • Perhaps it is my mistake thinking 1.3.6 would also contain the RvR overhaul. I could definitely be wrong.

      What we know so far is 1.3.6 will have the new armor system … which is definitely cool. I predict we’ll see that patch around the 2-year anniversary. Then again, maybe the recent Warfront repeat is them working on 1.3.6. We have the June Producer’s letter coming soon which we can assume will mention more of what we will be getting.

      Since we haven’t seen any Dev posts on RvR or Forts yet it would be a lot to assume they could revamp them by 1.3.6. 1.4 maybe … but when will that land? I’m not jonesing for another MMO to play but some new goodies need to be mentioned soon to really get me and many other players stoked.

      I don’t know about death … if DAOC is still kicking I don’t see them shutting our servers down. I just feel for the wait … there better be something up their sleeves.

      And Happy Kro will return in the next post. Promise.

      • Agreed. The bummer is an expansion may never happen. But in reality, if DAoC isn’t dead after a decade, WAR isn’t going to die overnight either seeing that it actually has outside fans of the IP.

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