Warfront Repeats … Hidden Meaning?

How do you feel the Weekend Warfronts have been going? Overall, they’ve been fun. I’m a task-completion OCDer so give me a task list and I want to complete it … even if all I get is a nifty title (or not so nifty title). I’m easy to please. The actual rewards we’ve been receiving are lacking and uninspired. Despite the weaksauce rewards, they’ve given me something to look forward to at the end of a long work week.

The last time this occurred we received back-to-back rehashes of Blood Basin (Black Fire Basin) and Days of Doom (Doomfist Crater) in April. The new Black Fire Basin mechanic made it a whole lot better. And despite complaints about Doomfist … I’ve always enjoyed it. So after another uninterrupted run of 5 weeks we found ourselves with another redux — Battle at the Gate (Phoenix Gate).

The first time this one came through, nearly everyone raged about not getting credit for player kills. “What?!?!? We got to run the stupid flag?!?!?” Yeah, it’s a flag-capture mechanic scenario. On the positive side, during that event I never saw so many people actively trying to run the flag. This time around we received a new task list sans flag captures but added in killing enemies and those who try to run the flag. So I suppose many were happy and the fighting was pretty good with much renown for all.

This post isn’t about Phoenix Gate, nor it’s broken “kill flag runners” mechanic, nor that despite a new task list we got the same title as before. This post is about a repeat being slipped in again so soon. The last time I had a feeling it was due to resources being allocated to the big 1.3.5 patch. During the 1.3.5 PTS Post-Event Q&A, Carrie did confirm that they were heads-down focused on the new patch, so the Weekend Warfronts were backburnered. She stated that there would be times when something more pressing was on the slate so the Warfronts could be impacted. Fair enough.

Where am I going with this? That same 1.3.5 Post-Event Q&A also had another little tidbit that might have been overlooked. During the session, someone asked when we could expect the next Live Event. A valid question considering our Event Item slot has been empty for quite a long time, despite being told we’d always have an event to garner a new one. I’m unsure who the person was who answered this question, but he said July.

There was a strange, longer than usual awkward silence.

Then Carrie quickly interjected with a “you’re mistaken so shut up you’ve just given away a secret” tone saying The Wild Hunt in September … yeah September.

So … is this latest repeat simply a fill-in Warfront while some much needed vacation time is taken by the hard-working devs at Mythic? Or … was that male voice who blurted out “July” stating the truth that was quickly covered up by Carrie? After all the hard work I feel Mythic does deserve some R&R … but not everyone takes a vaca at the same time. This isn’t Spain in August. Could the current effort be working on a new Live Event we’ll see in a few weeks? Um, we’re due.

That leads me to this hypothesis … this Live Event will be focused on the Red Plague we first read cryptically in the 1.3.5 patch notes and has since be blogged about to high heaven. Plausible?

What I’d like to see would be another Live Expansion of sorts starting with an event now to formally introduce the Red Plague. We would then see later events — a la Call to Arms — that would build to the introduction of the Skaven as a playable race. Players could have a chance to unlock the new race early and get a head start on filling out their flea-ridden numbers early next year with patch 1.4 (the one Carrie is excited about).

Wishful thinking? Probably … but until I hear something concrete and official, I’ll keep throwing darts until one hits the mark. So you heard it here first: Red Plague Live Event in July that will lead us through a series of events that will give us the Skaven.

2 Responses to “Warfront Repeats … Hidden Meaning?”

  1. Got to dig your optimism, Krossus! Something’s in the mix, it has to be, and you may be on to something with the connection between repeating Warfronts and the folks being busy working on secret stuff. Next producer’s letter not too far away now. Fingers crossed…

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