40k? Yes, Please!

This will be the next MMO I play devoutly. I am calling it right now and odds are … it will be the MMO that makes me leave WAR. At E3 today, Vigil released a trailer for the game and in trying to keep things cool and collected, it looks promising. Will we have vehicles at our disposal to fly around in? Will the PvP and gameplay be twitchtastic?

The trailer opens with what appears to be a Tech Adept going through tomes of some sort. We then see a bloated Nurgle Daemon wielding a massive clublike weapon. It then cuts to an overly exhuberant Space Ork obviously ready for a throwdown. Next is a Chaos Cultist. The trailer then kicks in and we’re treated to some sweet action as a Warhound Titan stomps forward.

Then come various Space Marines — those of the Imperium, those that appear to be followers of Khorne, and lastly I would venture a guess they are Grey Knights. Will the game be focused on select SM Chapters or will players get to choose from a lengthy list. Or … will we get to create our own? How cool would that be?

Vehicle images ensue which make me ponder the possibilities of vehicle “mounts” and maybe vehicle combat. And unlike so many games, it should be mandatory in an MMO for 40k that vehicles be as customizable as your main character. Who wouldn’t want to be an Ork Biker Boy with the option of adding some huge, fire-spewing exhaust pipes, blades off the wheel axles, and big dakka-dakka shootas on the handlebars?

We get a glimpse of the Imperial Guard … more vehicles … more titans … and a cool looking Chaos Dreadnought. There’s other coolness flashing in the trailer and an image of a man in white robes I can only assume is an Inquisitor? He’s projecting a psychic shield as protection from purple energy. Purely a guess.

I’ve watched the trailer many times and it leaves me wanting more. I played the tabletop game and am still enthralled with its story and lore. There’s so much potential I hope Vigil can come close. I don’t expect perfection, but please come close. I expect massive amounts of customization options on both characters, trophies, weapons, vehicles, etc. Learn from other games and give us these choices.

I couldn’t resist checking out the announcement article over at Massively and especially the comments. Overall lots of excitement but the usual naysayers were present. And I can’t resist … for any Blizzard lovers reading … 40k came first, not Starcraft. The humans in SC are rip-offs of Space Marines. The Protoss? Eldar. The Zerg? Tyranids. So between now and the 40k launch I can’t wait to read all the ill-informed claiming 40k is a rip-off of Starcraft. I love Starcraft too, so no hate intended just the facts.

I’ve given it some thought and feel this game should be totally different than WAR. No alliances. Period. I’d expect to see the Imperium, Chaos, Space Orks, and Eldar. Sure, the Eldar don’t appear in the trailer but every MMO needs elves of some sort, right? The Eldar are simply space elves. The Imperium would be the most versatile … there’s so much to choose from: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Adeptus Mechanicus. Chaos is also a conundrum as the four Chaos Gods (Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch) all hate each other and never ally. Orks would be quite versatile as the different clans all exhibit different characterisitcs. One could be a Bad Moons (wealthy), Blood Axe (use human tech), Deathskullz (looters) Goff (toughest), and Snakebite (feral). Why have Eldar? Think of the different classes we could have to choose from … Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees, Shining Spears, Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders. And those are just the Aspect Warriors. Can you say ALTitis?

Before anyone flames me, we can’t get everything at once and sadly, I’d say there are some races that simply are not a good fit for playing (in my opinion). Tyranids and Necrons cry out as good candidates for NPC only. Both are mindless drone armies led by single minds of some sort. But who am I? Dark Eldar, Tau, Eldar Exodites, Eldar Harlequins … think expansion. And what about one of the best possible re-introductions in tabletop gaming history? Bring back the Squats!

As I said, this game will become my MMO of choice but alas, we’re probably staring at a 2013 release for it. Initially there was word it would be 2012 but how often do these games ever release when they say they will? Yeah, never. So for the foreseeable future, WAR is stuck with me.

7 Responses to “40k? Yes, Please!”

  1. Fething trailer was jaw dropping! Definitely looking forward to this one. I just hope they don’t make the same mistake as WAR did… this is the perfect game for multiple factions, there is no other way!

  2. I’m looking forward to actual game footage of any sort. The WAR trailer was great, but the game does not match the same feel that the trailer gave.

    The trailer does look cool.

  3. The Tyranids ate the Squats 😛 And thou art blogrolled.

    Even though I’ve been a Necron boy at heart ever since the first blister came free with my copy of White Dwarf.. I agree. Necrons and Tyranids don’t lend themselves to individuality and thus are better as NPC hordes (extra horde on the side please with horde ketchup) for us to deal with.

    Tau and Eldar? I’d love to see them in.

    1d4chan.org sums 40k up best.

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only awesome.

  4. I would say, what promising about the trailer, is it wasn’t a movie. It looked to be a compilation of storyline graphic and yes. … game play.

    When you show gameplay in your trailer, that’s a damn good sign. You can see the Action Bar, and all the GUI in action. Only for seconds, but it was there. I wouldn’t say we are far from a 2012 release. Looks like THQ/Vigil have been harder at work then they have revealed.

    But I guess previous experience with Dawn of War and the upcoming Space Marine engines probably help them quite a bit in getting this out the door. All they have to really worry about is MMO content (being their first time), all the engines and graphic models were basically ready to go.

    As for races, it looks as though though they have Space Marines, Chaos, and definately Orks. I think starting with a 3 way battle is a good idea. That’s what I wanted to see. If I were to guess on the next races to be either revealed or in expansion, yeah, you have to assume the Eldar. Next would be Tau. Followed by Imperial Guard, then Necrons, and then Tyranids. I would not expect to see Sisters or Dark Eldar unless they completely ran out of expansion ideas some time in 2015.

    Yeah, I hope to be playing this beast for a long time. So excited.

  5. theerivs Says:

    I am excited about this game, big time.

  6. Gottfreyd Says:

    I am also pretty excited about this game. I have been devouring Horus Heresy books whenever they come out so I am pretty pumped for something in the 40k world.

    I will add that my sincere hope is that they do away with the MMO trinity. No healers, please. Lets get away from tank, DPS, healer combos and see something closer to what the tabletop game has to offer. The trailer didnt indicate anything that stood out as “ah, that’s the healer” but I am still skeptical. The Star Wars game blew my hopes when they began talking about healing trees…

    • I read the Eisenhorn Trilogy … which was awesome. I need to get out there and buy up those Heresy books.

      It would be interesting to see if they could get away from the sacred cow of Tank-DPS-Healer … can it be done? I’d like to see a mechanic where players have options and can pick and choose what they want to specialize in or spread points across multiple disciplines.

      In the end … I have a feeling many with gravitate towards what they know … Tank-DPS-Healer.

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