Life After 80

I’m in no hurry to hit RR80. It’s my fear that they’ll retire me to the old folks guild community south of Felde Castle. Despite the pool and rec center, it’s not an overly safe part of Troll Country.

Hitting Rank 40 is merely the beginning of a long climb to one’s ultimate goal of Renown Rank 80 (that is the goal, right?). I’ve heard it said that once you hit RR69.5 you are halfway there. Having not done the math I’ll assume that’s correct. Once you’re into the 70’s … the crawl really begins. I raced from RR61 to RR70 in a little over three weeks playing my ass off. Surely not record time but not bad for a 9-5 business suit with a wife and kid. I’m currently RR73 and 80 seems so far, far away.

The great fear is once you reach the cap, that’s it. The end. Go outside and play, there’s nothing left to see here. We’re so used to playing games that when we reach the “end” … it’s time to find a new game. Most RPGs and console games are like this and very few do we find ourselves replaying. MMOs are a totally different animal. They are a slower progression and your character’s progress is not always tied to a story narrative. And in the end, the developer’s hope is you will play it over and over and over again.

So what’s a player to do in WAR when they reach RR80? Does one simply walk away or is there more to see?

ALT it Up! If you’ve been loyal to your main getting him/her to the RR80 cap while not straying to spend time on other toons, perhaps now it’s time to seek the affections of that class you’ve been eyeing up. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least one ALT. Rolling ALTs is a fun way to view a game from a different angle. Sick of being the tank and jealous of those massive DPS numbers that stupid Bright Wizard is getting, roll one yourself. Tired of dying in scenarios and think you can do better, roll that Archmage and show them how to heal. Tier 4 a drag tonight, not much action, Order is dominating, roll a new toon and enjoy the unbridled fury of Tier 1 and fight it up in New Emskrank.

I have 5 somewhat active ALTs. I blame them for my main not being 80 yet.

RvR Weapon Grind. You’re not going to get that Royal weapon sitting on your butt. Renown may not mean anything anymore, but scenarios are your gateway to a kick-ass weapon. WAR is a PvP game so you should be mixing it up with the enemy and the multiple scenarios and Weekend Warfronts afford you ample opportunity to kill (and be killed). They also grant you the emblems and insignias you’ll need to buy one of those new shiny weapons.

Dungeon Crawl, Anyone? Maybe you’ve been solely focused on the PvP in WAR. You’ve levelled your way through the game via RvR and acquired all the gear you need via vendors. There’s several challenging dungeons out there for you to try out. Ask three of your guildmates to come along and roll through Mount Gunbad. Or take a party of six and clear our Bastion Stair. There’s always the respective city dungeons to explore but if you want a real challenge, Lost Vale and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord are calling. You can get some nice loot in these instances as well as many other items.

Master of All! Speaking of dungeons … there’s an interesting title I’ve got my eye on: “Master of All”. How do you get it? Simply complete every armor set in the game. That’s all. So if you’ve skipped those pesky PvE dungeons and this worldly title sounds up your alley, you’ll need to give ’em a go and complete the respective sets they offer. There are currently 20 different armor sets available in the game from Hard PQ gold bags, RvR, and dungeons. Good luck!

Be A Tome Titan. If you fancy yourself an explorer, set out across the Warhammer world searching every nook and cranny you can find. There’s many secrets just waiting for you as well as cool hidden items, creatures, and lairs. As you travel you’ll unlock these in your Tome. In addition, you may unlock various Tome Tactics that can be purchased to add further abilities to your character.

Pad Your Stats. Even though you’re capped, you can still acrue kills. By now you’ve probably killed every class in the game well over the 1,000 mark, but who says you need to stop there? And perhaps you’ve set personal goals of wanting to kill 10,000 gnoblars (there’s a title for that).

Build Some Grudges. You probably already have more than a few enemy players who can’t stand you. And there’s probably a few you don’t care for much, either. With no other task to achieve you can simply look for your enemies by name. If you have the mod Dammaz Kron installed, you know who to gun for and who to keep an eye on.

PvE … Yeah, I said PvE. Did you know that each racial pairing has a series of quests that build and tell a story? Yeah, they do. If one stops to read the quest text there is a progression and story being told as your character levels through the game from the starting area in Tier 1 to the gates of the enemy city. So if you feel like living a story, go back and give it a go. At the end you wind up with a nice blue weapon for your troubles.

Mentor. With nothing left to accomplish, you can take some lower-ranked players under your wing. Your time in game has taught you much and you can help them not make the mistakes you once did. So take them around, show them the ropes, help them learn how to be a master like you.

Terrorize. You are RR80 after all … go whoop up on some lowbies by abusing your power. There’s no greater feeling than beating up on a weaker opponent, is there? Okay, perhaps that’s bullying, but you put in the time, worked hard, and reached the pinnacle of WAR achievement. There’s nothing wrong with you laying a smack down on lesser foes. You’re the top of the food chain, so enjoy it!

Into the Sunset. Or … alas … perhaps there is nothing for you to do that you haven’t done. If none of the above options sound appealing , and if you feel content, maybe you did beat the game. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

So life doesn’t end at 80 … it could just be the beginning. So while you wait for some sort of expansion announcement there are plenty of things to do. I’d expect some sort of renown rank cap increase or some other form of progression no matter what comes down the pike. Till then, there’s ample reasons to keep playing.

9 Responses to “Life After 80”

  1. theerivs Says:

    God I may never see RR80…still just 47. I spent most of my career tanking in dungeons for the lowbies. I seen Bilerot more times then I care to mention.

  2. TzuDevil Says:

    I would definitely recommend the Alt route.

    My main is RR74, but I have 8 level 40’s now. It never stops impressing me how different they feel. My IB is not even in the same world as my SM. My AM, RP and DoK are completely different healing experiences… my BW is just wrong in so many ways. My WL is my “love to hate, and hate to love” toon, and my WH is such a different gaming experience from the rest, it is truly like playing a different game.

    Still want a Chosen, SH, and Choppa, but have not been able to get around to the dark side for a while.

    The point is, this game is VERY deep WRT game play experience, without even getting to the PVE vs oRvR vs Scenario play. Despite the constant forum rage you see, Mythic really has done an excellent job with how the classes feel.


    • I have my fair share of active ALTs and those that are only touched on rare occasions. I only have two 40s, my BW and a WP. My BW is RR73 and my WP is RR55. The only toon close is an IB who has been parked at R33 for quite a while. I am slowly coasting my BW to RR80 … no rush.

      With my toons I do like to take my time, learn how to play them, and soak up the experience. But I find I prefer to level via RvR as the lower tier RvR Influence items are pretty nice.

  3. If I ever hit 80 my aim will to be a PvP beast. Like you said, all that effort deserves rewards and mine will be access to all the best gear and putting my fighting skills to the test without having the poor gear/lowbie get-out clause.

  4. Best to take it (very) easy on getting 80, as 80 is the point you no longer proceed anywhere in this game, period. It’s also quite unrewarding, in fact you don’t get anything out of being 80 but that you can dump the Renown Tactics and pick +2% damage increase tactics instead.

    The only thing left to do at 80 is pretty much to keep on killing people as if they were NPCs and feel good about it, for me however that’s quite troublesome, as I start to feel bad for the other people by repeatedly getting their teeth kicked in by me. I’m no one to draw any joy out of superiority or newbie slaying is it were.

    Even with alts it’s getting tricky, as one question arises at all times, echoing through your head repeatedly, what for? I already got an 80. Plus there’s nothing that’d make leveling a new character any easier on you by hitting 80, same old procedure, start a toon, summon him to LotD and remain there till R40. Then go grind to 80. Hooray.


  5. […] there for players to continue playing their RR80 toons? Despite all the things I’ve mentioned before that one can do, we’ve seen what it’s like the past six plus months. They roll ALTs, […]

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