Teaser on 1.3.6

As promised, Carrie let loose the May Producer’s Letter. With all the good stuff in 1.3.5 … I’m not really expecting all that much from 1.3.6. Like past letters, there are some juicy tidbits but overall it eludes more info to come. Which I guess is all well and good.

Change Your Look
The armor redesigns finally showing on the horizon is a big item. Many people were salty about these first being discussed late last Summer only to fizzle out. But the fizzling only occurred after EA did another round of layoffs across all their studios. The work did not go to waste and Carrie said previously these would appear in 1.3.6.

I was kind of on the right track in a previous post for how this might be implemented. I like this delivery method and am sure there are many players who could give a hoot what their toon looks like, but I believe the majority do care. I’m one of those who do and have enjoyed my toon’s visual progression as he’s gained in rank, renown, and ability. Grinding for that new piece of gear shouldn’t just be about upping your stats rather than the next evolutionary visual pimpness you were hoping for. Speaking for my BW, it’s bad enough that the Conquerer chest piece design is lame … it’s worse that it’s the same design for Dark Promise and Invader. Triple whammy of crap you get to suffer through for 30 renown ranks. But there’s always Warlord … maybe by time I grind to RR70 I will … I can … it looks just like Sentinel.

I like that Mythic has taken player feedback into consideration. They received mixed thoughts on the new designs from people who loved them to those that wanted them unchanged (because having the same crap BW chest is awesome). This solution sounds like the best of both worlds — change if you want or stay the same. I’m interested to hear more and can only hope that many of the Warlord sets have been updated.

And to me … maybe this is the first step towards an actual armorsmith vendor. If we can change the look of our gear how about the ability to change some stats? I hear many players complain about their gearline and how it doesn’t suit the way they want to play. Warrior Priests often say their high-end gear is not conducive for true healing. A solution like this might allow players to “fix” their gear to better suit their style of play. Also along these lines maybe we’ll get a few more classes with the spiffy new dye makeover.

One Server/One Realm
Another area Mythic listened to us on was the proposal to allow players to create characters of both realms on the same server. Personally, if the lockout was significant enough, I wouldn’t have cared a whole lot. But many players voiced their displeasure and again, they listened. Surely, they can’t do everything we ask for, but it’s nice to know they pay attention to the forums and in some cases, are willing to go the route player consensus wants.

Dual Spec?
I am intrigued by this “dual-build” thing mentioned by Steven Engle. In his example, a Zealot could go from casting magic to healing with the flip of a “toggle” ability. I assume this would work in reverse as soon as the Zealot uses a healing ability. Being able to switch from heal spec to DPS spec? Did I read that right? And more importantly, will all classes have the ability to dual spec their toon and change on the fly? We’ll have to wait and see on the details … this could be good and bad.

And lastly before I forget, the Mythic sponsored Bloggers’ Video is up … I won’t steal their thunder, simply give it a watch and put on your thinking caps!

3 Responses to “Teaser on 1.3.6”

  1. I don’t think that this is a dual-spec for Zelots/Runepriests.
    It is a toggle for dps-mode and healing-mode as you have both types of spells in every mastery-tree. So you can use both of them and don’t try to dps in healing gear (with the toggle the stats from gear change afaik).

    • Interesting … but on the whole, healers are tough enough to burn down, now they will get the best of both worlds? A stat boost to make their DPS output higher and then a switch back to boost healing stats to make their heals more potent.

      It will be interesting to hear how exactly they plan to do this and how many classes would be affected. I know the Zealot and Runepriest need some love but would this also affect the other healing classes?

  2. theerivs Says:

    I am excited over the changes, and I think for Chosen a duel spec option will be AWESOME!

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