Or not (read on for the ugly explanation)

After weeks and weeks of TOVL/LV/Crypts/Name your dungeon, my guild finally got back onto the RvR horse. We used to run regular RvR nights all the time. These would typically coincide with a planned King push … but many a night we’d be focused on RvR. For many of us with the completion of our Sovereign gear plus the introduction of RvR weapons, the focus shifted many to run scenarios. When not doing that there’d be PvE dungeon runs.

The new patch presented itself with an opportunity and renewed vigor for us to mix it up. I logged on later than usual and my guild was already duking it out in Altdorf as Destro pushed full bore to our city. I opted to get into the thick and decided to PUG an instance. What could go wrong?

I stumbled into an instance with 24 Destro and roughly the same number of Order. I only recognized a few names on my side but unfortunately recognized a lot of names on the other which spelled trouble. As we started to get rolled over and over, players fled the instance like rats from a sinking ship. COWARDS! So we wound up with half a warband and it was just a matter of time before we’d be defending Karl Franz in his throneroom.

Fastforward and the time came when Karl needed us most, and lo and behold I’m annointed as one of his Champions. HURRAY! There really wasn’t any pressure since we had half the manpower and were facing a slew of RR80’s on the other side. My optimism was replaced with a realist attitude that this was going to hurt.

As I gain in stature and hit points I follow Karl into the final battle. He walks through this door, as do the other champs, but for some reason I get stuck (maybe my big BW head got lodged in the door jam). No matter what, I was stuck there like some 9-ft-tall dork. Maybe it was lag or somesuch but before I knew it half my HPs were gone and out of nowhere all the Destro invaders are all over the place. Gggaaakkk! I quickly repawned but it didn’t matter. 12 vs 24 is what it is and my time as a Champion of Franz was a pathetic exhibition of lame.

Overall I did enjoy myself (despite the ass-whooping). Many initially complained at reducing the instance cap from 48 to 24 players per side. I think that’s a nice number (for now). It provides a better chance at getting loot and with so many objectives to worry about, splitting up your forces could lead to those small-scale fights so many players are looking for. Joining it solo was fun, but I look forward to running this with my guild where we’re all on the same page.

S T A G E  1 — I N V A D E R
During the first stage those sappers are fast little buggers. I opted to try and slow down their sapper while they were kicking us in the taint at the Docks … that stupid little gobbo hauls ass with that keg on his shoulder. Just as I reach my 3-second cast time for a nifty fireball he’s around the corner. I found it comical.

S T A G E  2 — W A R L O R D
The Warlord Stage was fine but of course dummy me opts to follow the Grand Theogonist who got gang raped. As did the rest of us trying to defend him. This new stage was interesting (for as quick as it went) and I can see a lot of possibilities and different strategies for both attackers and defenders. Having done but one Warlord PQ under the old system … this was light years better.

S T A G E  3 — R O Y A L
Yes, my first go as a Champion didn’t go quite so well … but now that I know what to expect I look forward to my next opportunity (to suck). The King instance before was a buggy PvE jaunt that was like any other dungeon raid. There were parts of it that were cool and fighting the King of the opposing realm was an epic fight (I can only speak to the fight against Tchar’zanek). But like all other PvE … once you figure the fight out, it’s easy to rinse and repeat — or farm, as they say.

The new battle objective capture is improved! Fighting alongside the Warlords is cool! Being a champion of your King is sweet! Having one big massive brawl for all the marbles is awesome! Bigtime kudos to Mythic for quite a comeback. They made a lot of tweaks to the endgame since launch and finally nailed it.


2 Responses to “I’M A CHAMPION!”

  1. Gottfreyd Says:

    Hey Krossus! I was in that same instance with you, on my White Lion Brighthame. I knew we were in trouble long before, when half our WB ditched or scrolled out in front of my eyes, but this was confirmed when my level 37 white lion was apparently the highest warded melee dps in that match. My experience as a Champion was short lived.

    The new city is a blast though. That was the first time I had experienced one so lopsided. The first one I did was with my Knight Gottfreyd, and it was with guild mates in a group. The overall feeling was very much in keeping with the epic battle Mythic wanted the city siege to be.

    The second stage is the one that kills me though. It seems people still dont quite grasp the strategy on it. The second one I did, everyone decided to go with one Warlord, and destro did the same. I followed the other one, and if we had only had a couple more dps with us, we would have chucked along uncontested all the way to destructions spawn while everyone else duked it out on the other side of the map. We were the attackers in that one. The other issue is, the attacking warlords dont have stop to cap BOs, while the defending ones do, so you really have to stop both of those attacking warlords or one of them will just sprint right to our gate if you are defending. The first defense I did, people just said that destro must have bugged out, but looking at the rules closer revealed that the attacking warlords will skip right thrhough the objectives. If you are attacking it is in your best interest to just keep one alive and focus your efforts there. I noticed that defenders are treating this phase the same as the attackers, and you cant really do that. It provides for a lot of strategy, but the pug teams are going to take a while to figure it out.

    All in all, they really have made a huge improvement, and I can say, now that I have done it about 4 times, that these things seems to go about the same as any scenario, if you are pugging it. Sometimes they are great, sometimes they are terrible. Still, even if they are terrible, you get some badges which is why I didn’t get all those people giving up at the first sign of resistance.

    • Hey, I remember you in there. Those stooges left us with a wrecking crew of RR80 Destro toons. Even had we been at full force it would’ve been a rough one. Still … like you said, the new city is world’s better. I do enjoy it a whole lot more.

      I’ll add your toons to my friends list and look for you in game.

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