WAR Blogger Awards, Kudos, Props!

Following Bootae’s lead I’m going to recognize some of the mad-typing WAR bloggers out there giving us some WAR-goodness to read each day. I’ve only been blogging about a month myself, and in that short time my blogroll has grown adding new bloggers each week. (And if I haven’t found your blog yet, let me know you exist and I’ll be sure to add you.) It’s amazing at the number of bloggers now blogging about WAR these days. But who to give awards to? Really a tough call as there’s some good stuff out there. I like Bootae’s angle and since I’m feeling lazy today … I’ll give one award to a WAR blogging veteran and one to a newbie WAR blogger.

The King of Guides Award
This goes to Gaarawarr for his recently posted and stupendously comprehensive guide to the new city siege. This is truly worth the read if you want all the ins and outs of the new RvR city fight. Having yet to be online when one occurs, I’ll be reading this over a few times so I know what to expect. Gaar is the King of Guides as he is always good for posting the details about Weekend Warfronts and Live Events (not to mention his armor and Land of the Dead guides). I think Gaar should moonlight for Prima Game Guides.

The Grand Storyteller Award
This is a tough one as there are so many of us newbie bloggers … but I’m giving this to Thrangis for his creative blog documenting his journeys through WAR as a dwarf. If you’re looking for a different WAR blog … give this one a look. It’s quite entertaining. There are some regular posts mixed in there but the creativity and storytelling has been a nice change of pace to the normal blog posts.

If you get the chance, be sure to stop by as many of the bloggers in my blogroll as you can. There’s a good number of them and a majority post quite frequently.

What do you other bloggers think? Any special awards or kudos to share with your brothers and sisters in WAR? I know there’s a few of you out there doing this … check out Brian’s weekly “High Fives” over at his Wasdstomp blog.  Readers are welcome to leave a comment about a blogger or article you want to give some props to as well!

3 Responses to “WAR Blogger Awards, Kudos, Props!”

  1. gaarawarr Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Thrangis’ blog since I first discovered it. What’s not to love about the documented adventures of a Dwarf in WAR? ~mumgles~ wish I’d thought of it… hehe

    Thanks for the love!

  2. theerivs Says:

    I think being a Chosen, I should have “Sacrificial Blogs Award”…Blogs so good I would sacrifice to the Raven God in his honor. LOL!

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