Well … things didn’t go quite as well as planned this evening. For those just checking in, all U.S. servers have been down since around 6:30 p.m. EST (not sure if they came back up at all but as of this post … still down). Working in software myself, I know that despite the best laid plans, the hours and hours of testing, the checks and double-checks … things can still go wrong. So, with my glass-half-full hat on, I’ll just take it as a night where I got some quality time with the wife. So the night wasn’t all bad.

I did at least get to login, respec my renown and mastery abilities … and most importantly I bought more bank space. (Don’t like the new bank location which is now co-located with the guild vault.) I just hope that all that stuff sticks and doesn’t get whacked making me have to redo it all tomorrow. I don’t envy the devs at Mythic … gonna be a late night for them. I’m sure there’s plenty of pee-oed players out there but hey, we’ll get over it. Perchance we’ll all get griffon mounts out of the deal. (hint-hint) There’s always tomorrow.

Wonder what the problem was? Maybe it was the Red Plague.

3 Responses to “Bummer”

  1. I wonder if there was just too much Sov flying around… lol

  2. There are still bankers by emperors circle I noticed.

    I am praying for another week of 100% renown.

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