Why the Hate?

This weekend’s Warfront was a return to Khaine’s Embrace. Why exactly did folks hate this scenario? I recall the forum post when Mythic was trying to select the popular scenarios to keep in the regular campaign. And those without the votes would be removed for rotation into the Weekend Warfronts. Khaine’s got minimal votes and some especially nasty words in more than a few posts.

Back in my wee-tot days when WAR first launched this scenario rarely popped. (Then again, neither did Gates of Ekrund … at least on my old server, Ungrim.) And before I knew it I was out of Tier 1 and onto bigger and better things. Even running a slew of ALTs this one scenario rarely ever popped. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! More Elf-hating!

Running it again after so long … I had a blast! Maybe it’s the expanded abilities of Tier 4 toons that added flavor but there was plenty of fighting, Khaine’s Wrath exploding, players running for cover, and a lot of capture point swapping. The best moment for me was standing in the tunnel facing Destro’s flag. As the blast wave approached I popped Backdraft and shot a slew of Destro right into its wake. Six instakills at once! GAZOWEY SUCKAS!

The scenario popped like crazy most of the weekend (those hours I played). The Warfront to-do list was extremely manageable taking me fewer than 10 scenarios to complete the event. There was tons of fighting and as usual, balance in wins/losses. What’s there to hate?

2 Responses to “Why the Hate?”

  1. This was the first weekend I completed everyting, almost on 2 toons. My biggest problem was finding a DOK dead, it took about 10 sc’s to get one.

    • Yes, getting those pesky healers are the tough ones. Plus, from what I saw you had to be a part of their demise to get credit for the gloat.

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