The Forces of Disease

I swear Bootae and I did not conspire on this post …

A retro reference goes out to Bootae for this awesome post from way back in July 2009! He outlined a pretty interesting way of adding a third faction. His third faction will surprise you: Lizardmen, Wood Elves, and Bretonnia. Dubbed the Forces of Nature the post goes through the mechanics of how Tier 4 might work and how three opposing forces would battle it out. It’s worth the read (plus a comprehensive comment by Skar in the talkback). Bootae’s post inspired me at the time and I left him my own comment about an idea I called the Forces of Disease. From there I’ve seen many a fan chatting it up about the Skaven in this alignment. As if reading my mind, Bootae just posted his final installment comparing WAR to DAOC and he specifically talks about this third realm dynamic. (Go and check out all three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.)

Even though I devoted a post to this a week or so ago, I’m not sold on the Skaven being the lone race of a new third faction. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea, but the greedy bastard in me wants more. I’m sure there are plenty of players who feel the same. As we’ve learned, lore must be bent a little to make armies align. The same would hold true in any race choosing sides with the Skaven.

My idea centers around the disgusting, disease-ridden filth that rats typically carry … or in this case ratmen. Who in the Warhammer world would side with these disgustingly gross wretches of bad hygiene and hepatitis-b? If anyone can out-gross rats, it’s Nurgle. With adjectives like bubonic and the unlcean … this is an easy selection. Those visiting the Inevitable City know of Bilerot … Nurgle’s no friend to Destro.

That leaves one more slot and finding a second realm mate for the rats is no easy task. Who would dare be seen next to these two putrid forces? (Curveball) Yeah, I’m going there … the Undead. Truly a slippery slope since Nagash and the Skaven would never be bunkmates again. Or would they? A debate for another time … my forces of the Undead would be lead by Heinrich Kemmler the Lichmaster. Those that know this dude know he’s pretty nasty and quite powerful. He has his own agenda and is not aligned with the Vampire Counts or Nagash. Why would he side with the Skaven? For his own devious purposes, that’s why.

These three would all have the tinge of disease, death, and pestilence. The popularity of the Skaven goes without question, Nurgle could prove quite interesting, and the Undead … would be immensely popular. And in similar fashion to their rat counterparts, they can already be found here, there, and just shy of everywhere in WAR already.

I won’t rehash the Skaven, opting to cherry-pick the classes from my last post of those that would probably make the four-class cut. In my opinion those would be:

(Tank – mirror for Ironbreaker/Blackguard). This tank would utilize a similar mechanic to Oathfriend/Dark Protector called Pack Brother. The tank feels a bond to its friendly target as if they came from the same ratling brood. As depicted on the tabletop miniatures, I see this tank wielding two-handed warpstone weapons that resemble a glaive.

Eshin Assassin (MDPS – mirror for Witch Hunter/Witch Elf). This would be a stealth class. Pretty straightforward: stealth, unstealth, kills target with dual-wielded poison daggers. Let’s innovate and have this toon granted an ability that would allow it to climb vertical surfaces for short periods of time (and limited heights).

Skryre Warplock Engineer (RDPS – mirror to Engineer/Magus). The Skaven gadgeteer unleashes a variety of immobile turrets from warpfire throwers to ratling guns to mini warp-lightning cannons. Up close they wield a close-combat claw and a warpstone pistol.

Plague Censer Bearers (Healer – mirror for Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine). More a melee-healer, these would carry two-handed plague censers like flails to build warpstone force to provide healing ability. The tabletop miniatures seem to always carry two-handers so sorry, no dual-wielding.

Now that the rehash is over, let’s take a look at what classes we might get to enjoy from the newbies:

Plague Chosen
(Tank – mirror to Knight of the Blazing Sun/Chosen). This tank has to ooze auras — literally — these could be anything from a swarm of flies to a rank odor of filth to a constant spewing of puss and juice from open wounds and sores. Their bloated, diseased bodies will make them ultra tough even though their heavy armor appears rusted, cracked, and porous. Their weapons would drip of Nurgles Rot and other foulness.

Diseased Fanatic (MDPS – mirror to White Lion/ Squig Herder). A ruthless, almost mindless follower of the bloated one. This class is a wretched creature with tentacles, claws, and other mutations that would flail and flagellate in every which direction using sputum, slime, and mucous to slow enemies and corrode their armor. Just thinking about this class makes me want to vomit. The class will not utilize a pet (despite the mirror I’ve selected). The pet will go to one below …

Nurgle Caster (RDPS – mirror to Shadow Warrior/Marauder). A specialist in the spreading of pestilence, plague, and disease from afar. This would be the first magic-user to utilize the stance mechanic. The Caster belches forth vomit and bile to weaken and sicken his foes. Unleashing mosquito and blackfly swarms that eat away at skin of the enemy. This would be a mid-range class that has some up-close abilities and some from afar.

Plague Priest (Healer – mirror to Rune Priest/Zealot). In my other Skaven post a reader named Castamere was looking for a healer that used a pet … the Plague Priest would always have a brood of nurglings lurking about to suck and slime the life out of victims to help fuel their master’s healing magics. A healer with a pet mechanic would surely be interesting. And how annoying would you find it to fight this guy with a bunch of those little sluggos running around?

Or one could totally take the easy route and simply mirror Chaos from Destro: Chosen, Marauder, Magus, Zealot with “Nurgle” slapped in front of the names. That would be boring but it would work.

(Tank – mirror for Swordmaster/Black Orc). Using the same mechanics as their mirror to build up powerful attacks, the Wight would cause devastating damage and can bear the brunt of any attack. The reanimated remains of a once great warrior, the Wight would still possess tremendous armor and weapons infused with the necrotic energy of the Undead.

Banshee (MDPS – mirror for Slayer/Choppa). As if this third realm won’t be OP enough, this will be Disease’s second stealth class. The Banshee would be a fearsome close-combatant whose wails and screams could shake the stoutest of heroes. As her wails grow louder and louder so does her damage.

Skeletal Archer (RDPS – mirror to Bright Wizard/Sorcerer). What Undead army would this be without a Skeleton class? What about a Ghoul or a Zombie? Nah. And to boot, I am mirroring this guy with the BW/Sorc so complain away. This archer will be what Shadow Warriors wish they were (sorry SW’s). Reigning dark arrows upon its foes the Archer would be lethal at range as it builds more powerful magics to embue its arrows with death.

Necromancer (Healer – mirror to Archmage/Shaman). Having the power to raise the dead and bend them to his/her will, the Necromancer will surely wield powerful magics. Was a tough call whether I’d opt for this to be the RDPS class but “raising the dead” … sounds like a healer to me. (Although watch out for this class’s DPS tree.) Imagine a defensive root where the Necromancer summons a horde of skeletons to grasp and hold enemies in place. Pure cool! A thought could be to give the Undead in general a regeneration ability … like in the movies where you can shoot them and shoot them but they just keep coming.

I’ve stacked the deck. This realm would soak up players like bread does gravy. If player’s wouldn’t flock to the Skaven alone, the Undead would surely be alluring. Nurgle … would catch the overflow. Having the ability to roll a different realm on the same server sounds nice now, eh? Especially after hearing Carrie say the lockout timer will be at least a day (maybe more). The trouble with introducing a new realm now is the catchup. Surely this faction would be at a disadvantage as their forces wouldn’t hit Tier 4 with serious numbers for quite some time. Roll out that 100% XP/Renown buff and you’ll catch up pretty quick.

The more I think about a third realm and all the excitement it would bring … the more I ponder what exactly Order and Destruction would get to make them as equally excited.

8 Responses to “The Forces of Disease”

  1. Hey Krossus, great post! And you beat me to it!!! I am too thinking if there is a 3rd faction then it’d have to be disease, and it ties in with the Red Plague very nicely. Although I would’ve plumped for beastmen over the undead. I think the undead could be saved for a future release 😉

    • Oh, I have other plans for the Undead beyond this … there are other Undead factions to consider. Beastmen were in my original comment to Bootae over a year ago but the more I thought about them I felt they would work nicely with someone else. That’s for another future post.

      Post your ideas … let’s get the community excited and hopefully Mythic is reading our blogs. I was going to post this last week but waited … then Bootae let the proverbial cat out of the bag so I couldn’t wait any longer.

      Great minds all think alike. LOL

  2. Castamere Says:

    Great ideas, although the pet lover in me would prefer the Skaven get the pet/healing class… But I admittedly know little of Skaven and cannot say if they have anything in their existing framework that’d fit the bill.

    But if your other races came to light, I’d likely end up playing them instead! Great ideas, I’m just concerned that Mythic does not have the staff/power right now to do this. I think, if nothing else, we’ll get one new race for Destro and Order. But that won’t stop me dreaming from a complete third faction – and yours sounds the most fleshed out so far!

    • I’m actually not a fan of any of these … but it’s fun to postulate how they could be mixed into the game. Skaven + Undead would draw a ton of people to play.

      In any expansion, Order and Destro would need to be tossed a bone or two … otherwise the expansion wouldn’t be that big a deal for those players.

  3. I posted on Bootae’s on why I would go underground 😉

    However with us blog writters getting into a heaving mass of testosterone about a 3rd realm, I just hope we’re not disappointed by what Mythic roll out.

    If they do come out with something that aggressive (3rd Realm), it could well rate no.1 addon pack, for the shear balls of their statement of intent.

    • Yep, that’s why I called you out in my first paragraph. So hopefully if people follow the link to Bootae’s they’ll also read the comment string. I’m just an ideas guy, you and Bootae are the analyticals who can explain the technical things to make it happen. 🙂

      I’m just having fun thinking up possibilities. Any of us who’ve played since the start know the difficulties adding a third realm would cause … but the game needs something dramatic. It seems they’ve put so much into making the game better and how it should’ve been from the start … and we know much of it is in anticipation of the launch in Korea (does anyone know when it’s slated to launch there?).

      I have zero inside info but if they were going to announce any sort of expansion — downloadable or box — it would be after that launch. I have to imagine they would announce something prior to the 2-year anniversary this September. Right?

      • Some people think E3 would be a good time. The problem with E3 is that announcements can be swallowed up in the general outpouring of PR.

        I just hope the addon leaves up to my imagination 🙂

  4. bah, leaves = lives.

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